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Donald, George B., gardener, 7 Grindlay street
Donald, H. Dowuie {manager for Younger <fe
Younger), 57 York place ; house, 11 Holly-
bank terrace
Donald, I. (Scotsman), 13 Leamington teiTace
Donald, James, solicitor (G. B. Smith <& D,), 4
Stirling road, Trinity
Donald, James, 15 Sliandon street
Donald, James, 18 Tay street
Donald, James, stationer, tobacconist, and news-
agent, 272 Leith walk ; ho. 15 Crighton place
Donald, J. Q. , 3 Lauder road
Donald, John L., librarian, 34 Marchmont road
Donald, Matthew, dairyman, 174 Lauriston
Donald, Samuel, shipmaster, 13 Cornhill terrace
Donald, Eobert, 13 St James' square
Donald, Thomas, joiner, 4 York buildings
Donald, William, plumber and gastitter ; house,
66 High Riggs
Donald, Mrs L T., 11 Braid road
Donald, Mrs Susan, ladies' nurse, 2 Bridge st.
Donald, Mrs, 3 Lauder road
Donald, Mrs, 22 Cluny gardens
Donald, Mrs, apartments, 1 1 Murieston ores.
Donald, Miss, 9 Whitehouse terrace
Donald, Miss, nurse, 33 Manor place
Donaldson & Henry, sugar refiners, merchants,
and agents, Coatfield lane. Constitution st. ;
Telegraph, ' Crystals ' ; Telephone, 4101
Donaldson & Nisbet, S.S.C, 33 Castle street
Donaldson & Skene, horticultural builders and
heating engineers, Bryson road ; house, 86
Temple Park crescent
DONALDSON & CO., sculptors, 29 Rankeillor
DONALDSON, GEORGE, & SONS, grocers and
wine merchants, 26 West Maitland street and
113 and 115 Newington road. Jj^See Adv.
Donaldson, James, & Co., builders, 5 Jordan
Donaldson, John, & Co., wholesale seed
merchants, 24 St Giles street and West
Bowling-green street ; Telegraph, ' Clover ' ;
Telephone, 810 ; house, 10 Rothesay place
Donaldson, Alexander, city missionary, 21
Braughton street
Donaldson, Alexander (Oeorge D. & Sons), 12
Osborne terrace
Donaldson, A., 2 Blackwood crescent
Donaldson, Andrew, 9 York road
Donaldson, Andrew, 33 Rosslyn crescent
Donaldson, Andrew, 25 Bryson road
Donaldson, Charles, 13 Viewforth
Donaldson, Duncan, spirit merchant, 6 John-
stone terrace ; house, 4 Leven terrace
Donaldson, Francis, 4 Dalziel place
Donaldson, Gavin, writer, 5 Bruntsfield gardens
Donaldson, George, jun., 10 Grange loan
Donaldson, George {O. D. <Si Sons), 5 Dick
Donaldson, George, inspector of works, 7 Glad-
stone terrace
Donaldson, George S., S.S.C. {Jamieson dk D.),
clerk to the Board of Law Examiners, 15
Hanover street ; house, 12 Black et place
Donaldson, James, warder. University New
buildings, Teviot row ,
Donaldson, James, commercial traveller, 61
Warrender Park road
Donaldson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, etc.,
13 Trafalgar lane
Donaldson, James, timber merchant, 45 Lochend
road, Leith
Donaldson, James (D. <Sc Henry), 61 Warrender
Park road
Donaldson, James, 7 Hamilton place
Donaldson, James M., commercial traveller, 106
Polwarth gardens
Donaldson, James P. R., 41 Rosslyn crescent
Donaldson, James T., solicitor, 33 Castle st. ;
house, 69 Merchiston crescent
Donaldson, J. T., bookseller, stationer, and
librarian, 134 Ferry road
Donaldson, John, printing material valuator,
22 Findhorn place
Donaldson, John, 38 Lady Menzies place
Donaldson, John E., dairy, 14 Montgomery st.
DONALDSON, JOHN F. B., clock and watch
maker, goldsmith and jeweller, manufacturer
of Scottish jewellery. Highland ornaments,
19 So. St Andrew st. ; house, 17 Archibald pi.
Donaldson, John, house painter and decorator,
8 Forrest road ; house, 136 Gilmoie place
Donaldson, Peter, 18 W. Claremont sti'eet
Donaldson, Robert (-D. <fc Skene), 86 Temple
Park crescent
Donaldson, Robert, M. A., headmaster, Lochend
Road public school ; house, 22 Fettes row
Donaldson, Robert, music teacher (piano and
organ), 18 Meadowbank terrace
Donaldson, Thomas, 233 Leith walk
Donaldson, Thomas C. , 1 Stanley road
Donaldson, T. C, 11 Argyle terrace
Donaldson, Thomas F. S. {BelldhD.), 12 Osborne
Donaldson, T. L., commercial traveller, 1
Stanley road
Donaldson, Thomas Menzies, cabinetmaker,
Belford bridge ; house, 61 Dairy road
Donaldson, William, 4 Ravelston park
Donaldson, William, 18 Grange road
Donaldson, William, M.A., F.R.S.E., head-
master, Viewpark school ; house, Viewpark
house, Spylaw road, Merchiston
Donaldson, William, builder, 77 Leamington
Donaldson, William, 27 Colville place
Donaldson, Rev. Wm. Galloway (St Paul's,
Leith) ; house, 11 Claremont crescent
Donaldson, Mrs Andrew, 8 Bonnington terrace
Donaldson, Mrs Charles, 4 Leven terrace
Donaldson, Mrs George, 36 Madeira street
Donaldson, Mrs James, ladies' nurse, 40 Shand-
wick place
Donaldson, Mrs, 17 Buccleuch street
Donaldson, Mrs, 88 Thirlestane road
Donaldson, Mrs, apartments, 77 Leamington
Donaldson, Misses, 5 Ethel terrace
Donaldson, Miss Constance, boarding establish-
ment, Kellyden, 104 Viewforth
Donaldson, Miss E. M., teacher of pianoforte,
7 Gladstone terrace
Donaldson, Miss J., confectioner, 42 Chambers,
Donaldson Miss J., 22 Damxbe street

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