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Dobson, Mrs, 76 Inverleitli place
Dobson, Miss, draper, 13a Bristo place
Docharty, P., 4 Glen street
Docliarty, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Glen street
Docherty, Hugh, 3 Shaw square
Docherty, Hugh, shooting saloon, 14a and 15a
Greenside place
Docherty, John, com. trav., 60 Raeburn place
Docherty, Thomas, 7 South Elgin street
Doctor, jGeorge, bookbinder, 12 Victoria terrace ;
house, 77 Angle Park terrace
Doctor, John, 52 Dairy road
D-odds & Watt, painters, 72 Henderson street
Dodds, Adam, spirit dealer, 521 and 523 Lawn-
. market ; house, 66 Brunswick street
Dodds, Alex., shoemaker, & Milton street
Dodds, Alexander, 21 Maryfield place
Dodds, Alexander R., 7 Elmwood terrace
Dodds, A., 18 Livingstone place
Dodds, Charles H., C A... [oi Brewis d; Eainie),
4 Inverleith terrace
Dodds, Edward, 1 Charlotte place
Dodds, James,. 105 St Leonard's street
Dodds, John, 11 Blackwood crescent
Dodds, Marshall, dairyman, 14 Church Hill
place and 10 Alvanley terrace ; house, 32
Merchiston avenue
Dodds, Nicholas, 83 Easter road
Dodds, Peter, 13 Gayfield square
Dodds, Robert, 2 Elgin terrace
DODDS, ROBERT, joiner, cabinetmaker, and
upholsterer, 4 West Claremont street and 63
North-West Thistle Street lane
Dodds, Thomas, 90 Easter road
Dodds, Thomas Dickson, traveller, 101 Gornhill
terrace, Leith
Dodds, T., 13 Caledonian road
Dodds, Walter, grocer and wine merchant, 1
Helen street ; house, 70 Easter road, Leith
Dodds, W. F., C.A., 4 Inverleith terrace
Dodds, W. R., teacher of violin, 13 Gaj field sq.
Dodds, William, joiner, 6a Gilmore place ;
house, 22 Lochrin buildings
Dodds, WiUiam S., 3 Ashville terrace
Dodds, Mrs James, 2 St Peter's place
Dodds, Mrs Theophilus, 20 Braidburn terrace
Dodds, Mrs, staymaker, 65 Great Junction st.
DODDS, MRS, Governess Institution and Select
Register Office for Male and Female Servants,
1 Charlotte place. ^i^See Adv. index
Dodds, Mrs, saleroom, 46 Tenuant street
Dodds, Mrs, 28 Chalmers street
Dods, George, 37 Comely Bank street
Dods, I. , spirit merchant, Restalrig, Jock's lodge
Dods, Jn., quartermaster, 65 West Lochendrd.
Dods, John A., 67 Great King street
Dods, J. Erskine, solicitor {Robertson, D., d-
Jxhind, W.S.), 12 St Andrew square ; house, 1
London street
Dods, Prof. Marcus, D.D., 23 Great King st.
Dods, Thomas Wilson, 37 Montgomery street
Dods, Mrs, smallware merchant, 164 Albert st.
Dods, Mrs, 13 Gillespie crescent
Dods, Miss, 28 Greenhill gardens
Dods, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 56 George
Dodson, R. C, & Co., steamship brokers, etc.,
8 Commercial street ; Telegraph, ' Dodson ' ;
Telephone. 4201. . -_ .
Dodson, Robert C. {B. C. Dodson <& Co.), 5
Gladstone place, Leith
Doherty, Fergus F., tobacconist and newsagent,
326 Lawnmarket ; house, 35 Jeffiey street
Doherty, William, 35 Jeffrey street
PHONE, 247
Doig, David, 8 Crichton street
Doig, Henry, J. P., 90 George street; house.
Rose cottage, Joppa
Doig, Hercules, ironmonger, smith, tinsmith,
and smoke-curing machine manufacturer, 44
Clerk street ; house, 7 East Preston street
Doig, James, fruiterer and greengrocer, 8 St
Stephen place and 6 India place; house, 13
Brandon street
Doig, James, linen merchant, 30 St Andrew
Doig, John, spirit merchant. Central Bar, 7
and 9 Leith walk ; house, 36 Albany street,
DOIG, THOMAS B. , smoke cowl manufacturer,
smith, tinsmith, and ironmonger, 3 St Patrick
square ; works, 48 Buccleuch street ; house, 13
East Preston street
Doig, Mrs David, wine and spirit merchant, 58
Constitution street ; house, 124
Doig, Misses, 1 4 West Mayfield
Doig, Miss Sophia B., 34 Henderson row
Doig, Elizabeth, 1 London row
Dolan, Patrick John, fancy soap maker, 17
Lindsay place, Leith
Doleman, F., golf -club and ball maker, 36
Wright's houses ; house, 12 Viewforth _
Domestic Economy Classes, 1 India buildings
Domestic Servants' Registry Association, 60
George street
Domestic Servants' Registry, 54 Shandwick pi.
Dominion Savings and Investment Society,
The London, Ontario, Canada ; Macandrew,
Wright, & Murray, W.S., 9 Albjm place, and
R. R. Simpson & Lawson, W.S., 10 Albyn
place, agents
Don, Alexander {Boyal Bank), 26 Polwarth
Don, Duncan {Reg. Mouse), 12 Rodney street
Don, Duncan, 2 Mansfield place
Don, William, blacksmith, N. -W. Cumberland
Street lane ; house, 5 Perth street
Don, Mrs Joseph, Rosebank road, Wardie
Don, Mrs, 1 Rothesay terrace
Donachie, Mrs. Agnes, laundress, 160 Gorgie rd.
Donald, John, & Co., china merchants, Bristo
Port lane and 8 and 10 Bristo place
Donald, Alexander, 139 Great Junction street
Donald, Alexander, 11 South Norton place
Donald, Andrew F., commercial traveller, ,7
Alvanley terrace
Donald, Chas. W., M.B., F.R.C.S.E., physician
and surgeon, 11 Braid road
Donald, E. B., 22 Oxford street
Donald, George, architect, 46 Polwarth gardens
Donald, George, M.D., 46 Ferry ro^d

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