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Cousland, Mrs James, 7 Priestfield road
Cousland, Mrs, 17 Jordan Jane
COUSTON, JOHN, law, manufacturing, and
wholesale stationer, 11 to 15 Waterloo place ;
house, 10 Moston terrace
Coustou, Miss, 15 Thirlestane road
Coutie, A., & Son, joiners, cabinetmakers, and
showcase makers, 42 Pleasance
Coutie, A. {M'Gilvray <& C), 11 Roxburgh street
Coutie, James {A. G. <& Son), 17 W. Preston st.
Coutts & Cameron, glass merchants and glaziers,
48 and 52 Lady Lawson street
Coutts & Palfrey, S.S.C. and N.P., 118 Princes
street ; Telephone, 2088
Coutts, Rev. Alfred, B.D. {South Leith Free
Church), 8 John's place
Coutts, Andrew {G.P.O.), 111 Mofttgomery
Coutts, Andrew M. , 3 Hope Park square
Coutts, Charles, blacksmith, 16 Coniiston road
Coutts, C. S., confectioner, 39 Grindlay street
Coutts, D. K., 31 Restalrig terrace
Coutts, James, J. P. officer, 9 Crichton street
Coutts, James, S.S.C. and N.P., 118 Princes
street ; house, 11 John street, Portobello
Coutts, James, teacher of drawing, 21 Moat place
Coutts, James W., tailor and clothier, 4 Dowufield
Coutts, John, dairyman, 3 Bonaly road
Coutts, John, 53 Viewforth
Coutts, John, 68 Montpelier park
Coutts, Robert, 5 Almondbank terrace
Coutts, Thomas, 12 Royal Park terrace
Coutts, Thomas A., 12 Royal Park terrace
Coutts, Wm. {senior classical master, Watson's
College), 41 Braid road
Coutts, William, 74 Craiglea drive
Coutts, William, coal merchant, 19 Buccleuch
Coutts, Wm. A., teacher, 12 Royal Park terraoe
Coutts, W. K., accountant, 102 Coniiston road
Coutts, Miss J., laundress, 37a London street
Coutts, Miss M. E., teacher, Victoria school,
Coutts, Miss, 52 Albany street, Leith
Coventry, Andrew A. R., commission agent, 4
Brunswick road
Coventry, D., 69 Broughton street
Coventry, James T., 25 Springwell place
Coventry New Cross Cj'cle Co. Ltd. ; manager,
Percival R. B. Jones, 54 Raeburu place;
house, 22 Comely Bank place
Coventry, William, writer, 85 Dudley avenue-
Coventry, William, 25 Springwell place
Cowan & Co., general carriers and contractors,
8 North Bridge and 2 Port Hopetoun ; agents
for North British Railway Co. and London
and Edinburgh Shipping Co. ; receiving offices
at Edinburgh, Leith, and Granton railway
stations, and 36 Constitution street ; Tele-
graph, ' Carriers ' ; Telephones, Edinburgh
34, Leith 442
Cowan & Dalmahoy, W.S., 31 Charlotte square;
Telephone, 297
Cowan & Strachan, silk mercers, etc., 15 Princes
street ; Telegraph, ' Cowan Strachan '
Cowan Bros., china, glass, and hardware mer-
chants, 70a Dairy road and 307 Leith walk ;
house, 17 Murieston crescent
Cowan, Alex., & Sons Limited, papermakers,
manufacturing stationers, and envelope
makers, 38 West Register street ; Telegraph,
' Cowan ' ; Telephone, 35
Cowan, Arcliibald, Mason, & Coi, wholesale wine
merchants and agents, 173 Constitution street;
Telegraph ' California, Leith '
Cowan, R. Cameron, & Watson, C.A., 11 North
St Andrew street
COWAN, W. & B., LTD., wet and dry gas-meter
manufacturers, brassfounders, etc. ; works, 79,
81, and 83 Buccleuch street ; also, factories and
warehouses. Smith Square works, Westminster,
London, S.W., and Dalton Street works, New-
town, Manchester ; Telegraph, ' Disc ' ; Tele-
phone, 753
Cowan, W. & B., Limited, curriers, morocco
shavers, and meter skin manufacturers, 4, 5,
and 6 Cowan's close ; Telegraph, ' Persian ' ;
Telephone, 753
Cowan, Alexander, 6 Mayville gardens
Cowan, Alexander, 17 Eyre crescent
Cowan, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant,
108 and 110 Bonnington road ; house, 30
Newhaven road
Cowan, A. Campbell, 2 Lindsay place, Leith
Cowan, Andrew, 30 Hugh Miller place
Cowan, Archibald, M.A., 34 Thirlestane road
Cowan, Archibald {A. C. Mason d; Co., Leith),
50 Albany street
Cowan, C. J., boot and shoe maker, 21 and 22
Albert place, Leith walk ; ho. 8 Mulberry pi.
Cowan, David, C.A. and stockbroker {Bell, C,,
& Co.), 22 St Andrew square
Cowan, Dugald, 80 Comely Bank avenue
Cowan, George, coal agent, 9 Argyle terrace
Cowan, George, S.S.C, 3 Albany street ; house,
91 Morningside drive
Cowan, George, 35 E. London street
Cowan, George, cab-hirer, 1 Dunedin street
Cowan, George, Tornaveen house, 1 Gillsland
Cowan, James, 14 Gladstone terrace
Cowan, James {fire manager, Caledonian
Insurance Co.), 13 Mayfield road
Cowan, James A., 1 Comely Bank row
Cowan, James M., debts recovery and property
agent, 53 George iv. Bridge; house, 13 Glad-
stone terrace
Cowan, James T., printer {J. Turner <fc Co.), 39
Warrender Park terrace
Cowan, John, 15 Hope Park terrace
Cowan, John, advocate, 4 Gloucester place
Cowan, John {Redpath, Brown, <fc Co.), 6
Salisbury road
Cowan, John, W. S. , St Roque, Grange loan
Cowan, John, 7 Hope Park crescent
Cowan, John, 148 Dundee street
Cowan, John James, Wester Lea, Murrayfield
Cowan, Joseph, laundry, 306 Leith walk
Cowan, P., 7 E. Fettes avenue
Cowan, Robert A., 16 Hart street
Cowan, R. Bruce, W.S., 34 Castle street
Cowan, Colonel S. H., Dukewood, Mortonhall rd.
Cowan, Thomas, 119 Trinity road
Cowan, Thomas, 14 Ashley terrace
Cowan, Thos., shipowner, 34 Leith walk, Leith ;
Telephone, 4255 ; Telegraph, ' Narova '
Cowan, T. F., reporter, 8 Almondbank terrace

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