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Cockburn, Robert, 52 Marchmont crescent
Cockburn, Robert {collector, Edinburgh & Leith
Corporations Gas Commrs.), 17 Great King
Cockburn, Robert ((7. cfc Turnbuli), 30 Rosslyn
Cockburn, R. R. {Menzies & Co.), 7 Stanley
road, Trinity
Cockburn, Thomas Stark, butcher, 27 Abbey-
hill ; house, 23
Cockburn, Thomas W., traveller, 11 Coltbridge
Cockburn, William, 12 Upper Grove place
Cockburn, Wm., contractor and coal merchant,
10 East London street
Cockburn, William, fruiterer and greengrocer,
66 Dumbiedykes road ; house, 4 Waverleypl.
Cockburn, W. H. (C. <fc Son), 195 Ferry road
Cockburn, W. R. {Coltness Iron Co. Limited),
22 Bernard street ; ho. 12 James place, Leith
Cockburn, Mrs A., 22 Panmure place
Cockburn, Mrs Margaret, club mistress, Morton-
hall Golf Club
Cockburn, Miss E. J., 11 Coates crescent
Cockburn, Miss, 1 Melgund terrace
Cockburn, Miss, 1 AthoU place
Coghill, Donald A. T., 26 Forbes road
Coghill, John, 47 James street
Coghill, William, 41 Clerk street
Coghill, Mrs Margaret, 162 Leith walk
Coghill, Mrs, 6 Salisbury street
Coglan, John, fishmonger and poulterer, 82
Newington road
Cogman. Arthur George {In. Rev. ), 15 Merchiston
Cohen, A., wholesale picture-frame manufac-
turer, 20 Bristo street
Cohen, L., watchmaker and jeweller, 24 South
Richmond street
Colam, S. A., civil engineer, 85 Comely Bank
Colam, W. N., civil engineer, Wareika, Prim-
rosebank road
Colclough, Rev. Howard J., M.A. {Incu7nbent of
St Thomas' Church), 8 Coates gardens
Coldstream, George E. R., W.S., 7 Cluny terrace
Coleman, John, violinist, 23 Brunswick street
Coleman, Mrs C., general dealer, 144 Cowgate
Colenutt, Mrs George, Fendoch, 6 Dairy m pie
Cole, Miss Lily, vocalist and teacher of singing,
34 Home street
Cole's Musical and Concert Agency, 34 Home st.
Coles, Frederick R., 26 Gillespie crescent
Colhar, Miss, 8 Mayfield road
Collector's Office, City Assessments and
Electric Lighting Revenues, 329 High st.
Collector's Office, Excise Duties, Licences,
Land, Property, & Income Tax, 12 and 14
Waterloo place ; Stamps, 10
Collector's Office, Police, 31 Charlotte
street, Leith
College for Daughters of Ministers of Church of
Scotland and Professors in Scottish Univer
sities, 11 Kilgraston road ; Miss A. P. Robert
son, lady principal ; Arch. Langwill, C.A., 88
George street, treasurer
Collet, Allan, commercial traveller, 158 Mont
gomery street
Collet, Thomas, 36Maryfield
CoUey, George, 21 St John's hill
Colley, John, 15 Cumberland street
Colley, J. A., 30 Hillside crescent
Collie, David Robertson, 16 Dean Park street
Collie, James, 156 Lauriston place
Collie, James, 68 Great Junction street
Collie, Reginald, C.A., 34 York place ; house,
Bonnington house, Kirknewton, Midlothian
Collie, William, com. traveller, 1 Elm row
Collie, William, 3 Willowbrae avenue
Collie, William, 13 Mun-ayfield avenue
Collie, Mrs, 25 Ashley terrace
Collie, Miss, apartments, 20 Stafford street
Collier, John C. {Sasine Office, Register House),
10 St Ninian's terrace
Collier, W. A. , caretaker, Public Library ;
house, 14 George iv. Bridge
Collier, Catherine, draper. 18 Roxburgh place
Collins, Andrew, bird dealer, 63a Cockburn st.
and 16 Fleshmarket close
Collins, Anthony, confectioner and dairy, 37
Admiralty street
Collins, James, 4 and 5 North Bank st. ; house,
20 Spottiswoode street
Collins, John, Aitkenhill, Dalhaig, Gorgie
Collins, John, 21 St Andrew square
Collins, R. E., 7 Haddington place
Collins, Mrs L., masseuse, 5 Greenbank road
Collins, Misses, 38 Moray place
Collins, Miss Jermett, artist, 28 Forth street
Collins, Miss Mary, 28 Forth street
CoUinson, Thomas H. , Mus. Bac, organist and
choirmaster, Coates house. Manor place
CoUison, James, 39 Bangor road
Collison, William, apartments, 3 W§rrender
Park crescent
Colman, And. Robertson, 332 Morningside rd.
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltd.,
38 Frederick street
Colonial Real Property Co. Ltd.; MoncreifF &
Horsbrugh, C.A., secretaries; registered office,
46 Castle street
Colquhoun, Colonel Alan, C. B. (3rcZ Brigade
Scottish Division, Royal Artillery), 1 Royal
Colquhoun, Francis, pastry baker and confec-
tioner, 7 Keir street ; house, 5
Colquhoun, Mrs, confectioner, 1 Glanville place
Colquhoun, Sarah J., confectioner, 162 Gorgie
Colston & Co. Limited, printers, registered
office, 80 Rose street ; Arthur Drummond,
C.A., secretary
Coltart, James D., 92 Easter road, Leith
Coltart, John, agent, B. L. Co.'s Bank, 2 North
Junction street ; house, 8 Derby st., Trinity
Coltart, Mrs, 264 Leith walk
Coltart, Miss Georgiua D., apartments, 74
Blackfoi'd avenue
Colthart, Alexander, dairyman, 22 India place
Coltherd, James, 38 Cumberland street
Coltherd, James A., accountant, 38 Cumberland
Coltness Iron Co. Limited, iron and coal masters,
22 Bernard street
Colven, James, 45 West Preston street
ColviUe, Arthur, & Co., builders, 20 Mayfield
rd. ; stone yard, 201 Dairy rd. ; Telephone, 832

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