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Christie, Mrs, 24 Buccleucli place
Christie, Mrs, 28 High street
Christie, Mrs, 3 Mortonhall road
Christie, Mrs, 26 Ann street
Christie, Mrs, 6 Nelson street
Christie, Misses Stark, 10 Belford terrace
Christie, Misses, 16 Blackford road
Christie, Misses, 34 Leven street
Christine, Andrew, 22 Caledonian crescent
Christison, A., joiner and cabinetmaker, 26
Church lane ; house, 6 Spring gardens
Christison, Sir Alexander, Bart. , 40 Moray place
Christison, David, M.D., 20 Magdala crescent
Christison, James, painter and decorator, 34
Dundas street
Christison, William, 11 Merchiston grove
Christison, William, 36 Lome street
Christy, C. M., provision merchant, 57 East
Christy, Robert, hairdresser, 170 Leith walk ;
house, 3 Stead's place
Chrystal, George, Professor of Mathematics,
Edinburgh University; house, 5 Belgrave
Chrystal, John, 377 Leith walk
Chrystal, W., contractor, 83 Haymarket ter.
Geo. Stewart & Co., sole agents, 92 George
street. >}cSee Adv. index
Church, Henry Macdonald, B.Sc, M.D.,
F.R.C.P.E., 36 George square
Church, J., 17 Clarence street
Church, Lt.-Col. Robert, 25 Regent terrace
Church, Mrs, 27 Minto street
Church of Scotland Deaconess Institution and
Training Home, 27 George square ; Miss Max-
well, deaconess superintendent
Church of Scotland and Deaconess Mission, 140
Church of Scotland Foreign Missions ; Rev. J.
M 'Murtrie, D. D. , convener, 22 Queen st. ; Alex.
Molfatt, hon. treasurer, 22 Queen street
Church of Scotland Jewish Mission ; convener,
the Rev. Professor Nicol, D.D., Aberdeen;
.secretary and treasurer, John A. Trail, M.A.,
LL.B., AV.S., 28 Rutland square
Church of Scotland Normal Training College
Boarding House, 12 Picardy j)lace ; Miss
Walker, lady superintendent
Church of Scotland Offices, 22 Queen street
Church of Scotland Residence for Students of
Divinity and Probationers, 14 George square
Church of St John the Evangelist, Princes st. ;
Francis A. Bringloe, C.A., 123 George street,
secretary and treasurer
Church Women's Association Central Com-
mittee Rooms, 122 George street
CICERI & CO., licensed valuators and ap-
praisers, picture dealers, carvers, gilders,
mirror mani;facturers, plate-glass bevellers,
• glass cutters, and plate-glass merchants, 57
Frederick street ; works, Thistle Street lane ;
house, 59 Frederick street. Jj^See Adv. index
Ciceri's Art Gallery, 106 George street
FAIUBAIRN LTD., 10a George street,
liave unique facilities for the quick and care-
ful addressing of circulars and prospectuses;
- Telephone, 2231 ; Telegrams, ' Insert '
City Analyst's Laboratory, 20 Chambers st.
City Assessments and Electric Lighting Revenue
Office, George Gunn, collector, 329 High st.
City Bank of Sydney, 18 St Andrew square ;
Martin', Currie, & Co. , deposit agents
City Chambers, Royal Exchange, 291 High st.
City Clerk's Office, Royal Exchange, 291 High
City and District Coal Co. , 24 Howe street ;
James M'Donald, manager
City Dye Works a.nd Ijaundry Limited, Duff st. ;
registered office, 15 Queen street ; Arthur
Drummond, C.A., secretary
City of Edi)iburgh and Midlothian Rifle Associa-
tion, 2 St Andrew square ; Stanley Cathbeit,
secretary ; Telegraph, ' Investor ' ; Telephone,
City of Glasgow Friendly Society ; Thos. Black,
25 George street, district manager
21 St Andrew square ; H. N. Boyd, secretary.
JfiSee Adv. index
City Road Department, City Chambers, Royal
Exchange, 291 High street
City Sausage Company, 22 Upper Grove place
City Supply Stores, wholesale and retail grocers
and wine merchants, 30 High street ; Macnair
& Co., pi'oprietors
Civil Service Clothing Company, drapers, etc.,
50 South Bridge ; W. W. Morton, manager
Civil Service College, Skerry's, Literary
Institute, 26 South Clerk street ; George E.
Skerry, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.L., late of the
Depts. Civil Service Commission, Royal Mint
audG. P.O., principal ; William Watt, A.C.P.,
sec. ; ho. Haystone lodge, Sciennes gardens
facturers of cabinet furniture, carpets, etc.,
upholsterers, general furnishing warehousemen,
house agents and valuators, 59 and 60 Princes
street ; upholstery works. Rose Street lane ;
cabinet manufactory and furniture stores,
Greenside row
Clapperton, Alexander {Stewart, G. d; Co.), 25
Waverley park
Clapperton, David A., C.A., F.F.A., rejn-esenta-
tive for Acme Insurance Co. Ltd., 123 George
street; house, 10 Greenhill ter.
Clapperton, F., 10 Montpelier
Clapperton, George, commercial traveller, 22
Lady Menzies place
Clapperton, J. A., 7 Dalgety street
Clapperton, John, house agent, 25 Brunswick
road ; house, 11 Wellington street
Clapperton, John {J. P.), hat manufacturer, 10a
Spring gardens, Abbeyhill
Clapperton, Thomas, 13 Wellington street
Clapperton, Thomas, W.S., 2 George street
Clapperton, W. E., teacher of music, 265
Dalkeith road
Clapperton, Mrs George, 22 AVest Preston street
Clapperton, Mrs John, 10 Greenhill terrace
Clapperton, Mrs, 3 Brandon terrace
Clapperton, Mrs, 2 Sunnybank terrace
Clapperton, Miss Isabella, 11 South Castle st.
Clapperton, Miss, fruiterer and florist, 7 Summer
Qlapperton, Miss, Maviston, Granton road
Clapperton, Miss, 35 Drummond place

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