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CMsholm, Samuel, grocer, wine and spirit mer-i
chant, 3 Soiennes
Chisliolm, Walter, 3 Millar place
Chisholm, Mrs, 9 Rillbank terrace
Chisliolm, Mrs, 5 Upper Grove place
Chisholm, Mrs, 3 Kemp place
Chisholm, Mrs, 61 Comely Bank avenue
Chisholm, Mrs, dressmaker, 24 Mid. Arthur
Chisholm, Mrs J., 33 Dock street
Chisholm, Misses, 83 Dudley avenue
Chisholm, Miss E., dairy and greengrocer,
28 Ferrier street ; house, 26
Chisholm, Miss, 25 East Claremont street
Chisholm, Miss, 11 Lauriston place
Chisholm, May, 28 Forrest road
ChoUet, Cli., professor of violin, 83 Princes st. ;
house, Cremona villa, Duddingston
Chree, William, advocate, 22 Duke street
Christadelphian Meeting - house, Oddfellows'
hall, 14 Forrest road
Christian Literature Co., publishers and book-
sellers; H. E. Govan, manager, 3 Lochrin
Christian Science Church and Reading Rooms,
18 Duke street
Christiansen, Chas. A., flour and produce mer-
chant, 26 Bernard st., and 45 and 47 Timber
bush ; house, 3 Laverockbank road
Christiansen, TlieodorR. , 19 Summerside place
Christie & Kilpatrick, clothiers, hatters,
outfitters, and robemakers to the University,
104 and 105 South Bridge
Christie, C. J., & Son, grain, oilcake, and
manure merchants, 6 Glenorchy ter. ; stores,
Quarryholes, Easter road
Christie, Henry, & Son, tobacco and snuff manu-
facturers, 30 Nicolson square
Christie, J. , & SonLtd., clothiers, breeches makers,
hosiers and shirtmakers, 1 1 St Andrew square
Christie, W. & A., butchers, 59 Grassmarket
Christie, W. & S., slaters, 78 Constitution street
Christie, A. Craig, F. L.S., lecturer on botany,
40 Morningside drive
Christie, Alexander, slater and chimney sweeper,
59 Kirkgate
Christie, Alex., horse-collar maker, 5 King's
Stables road
Christie, Alex. K., surveyor, 155 Dalkeith rd.
Christie, A., ham and egg merchant, 10 East
Cromwell street
Christie, Andrew, 18 Meadowbank terrace
Christie, Captain, 30 Waterloo place
Christie, Charles Jameson (C J. C. tt Son),
6 Glenorchy terrace
Christie, D., 36 Hillside crescent
Christie, Rev. David, U.P. minister, 20 Minto
Christie, David, grain merchant, 6 Glenorchy
terrace ; house, 36 Hillside crescent
Christie, David, 29 Lauriston gardens
Christie, David, 21 Comely Bank avenue
Oliristie, David, 3 Comely Bank place
Christie, David, 52 Great Junction street
Christie, George, 15 Royston terrace
Christie, Henry, 3 Rodney street
Christie, Henry, 8 St Leonard's bank
Christie, H. Duncan {Henry Christie it Son),
Ordiquhill, Gordon terrace
Christie, James, 85 Marclimont road
Christie, James, stationer and tobacconist, 1
Rodney street
Christie, James, 6 St Fillans terrace
Christie, James, 21 Cambridge avenue
Christie, James, 15 Upper Grove place
Christie, James Roberton, advocate, 3 Gloucester
Christie, J., 1 Richmond terrace
Christie, John, 8 Bangholm terrace
Christie, John, agent. Prudential Assurance Co.
Ltd., 5 Henderson terrace
Christie, John (/. C. d; Son), 9 Ravelston park
Christie, John, Roxburglie hotel, 37, 38, and
39 Charlotte square
Christie, John, chimney sweeper, 86 Kirkgate
Christie, John, 9 Brougham street
Christie, John, of Cowden, 19 Buckingham ter.
Christie, John, fishmonger, 43 Comiston road ;
house, 39
Christie, John, gi'ocer and spirit merchant, 48
Christie, John, plumber, smith, and ironmonger,
28 Argyle place and 55 and 59 High Riggs ;
house, 36 Marclimont crescent
Christie, John Craig, 40 Morningside drive
Christie, John D., grocer, 6 Lower Granton road
Christie, John G., 3 Gloucester place
Christie, John G., 8 Inverleith terrace
Christie, Joseph, 45 Comely Bank avenue
Clii-istie, Leith. 1 Eyre terrace
CHRISTIE, R. L., jeweller and watchmaker,
18 and 20 Bank street
Christie, Robert C, commission agent and com-
mercial traveller, 133 Dalkeith road
Christie, Robert 11., S.S.C., 4 Castle terrace
Christie, S., slater, 26 Ferrier street
Christie, Scott, clerk, 8 Pitt street, Leith
Christie, Thomas, 1 5 Barclay place
Christie, Thomas, 27 Collins place
Christie, Walter C. B., W.S., 122 George st.
Christie, W., bookseller, 97 Nicolson st. ; house,
8 Buccleuch place
CHRISTIE, WILLIAM, tobacco pipe manu-
facturer, 2 St Anthony lane, Leith ; house,
3 Wellington place. Links, Leith. ^<Sce
Adv. index
CHRISTIE, W. L., ^Yine merchant and grocer,
34 Queensferiy st. ; Telephone, 2292 ; house,
28 Comely Bank place
Christie, AVilliam, provision merchant, 21
Buchanan street ; house, 17
Christie, William, butcher, poulterer, and game
dealer, 164 Bruntsfield place
Christie, William, 101 Craiglea drive
Christie, William (</. C. <& So7i), Braemar
house, 3 Whitehouse terrace
Christie, William, 13 Montpelier
Christie, William {W. & S. C), 55 Albany
street, Ijcith
Christie, Mrs E., 7 Union street
Christie, Mrs James, 65 York place
Christie, Mrs James, 3 Oxford street
Christie, Mrs John D., 67 Raeburn place
Christie, Mrs Thomas, teacher of music (singing),
2 Atholl place
Christie, Mrs Williamina, 181 Morningside rd.
Christie, Mrs W. H., tobacconist, 2 Leith

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