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Budge, Mrs A., 11 Hillside street
Budge, Mrs John, 25 Barony street
Budge, Mrs, 91 Marchniont road
Buglas, Mrs, 9 Murdoch terrace
Buglass, D., hardware merchant, 20 St Mary
street ; house, 42 Argyle place
Buie, J. {Bank of Scotland), 19 St Giles street
Buik & Henderson, W.S., 4 Charlotte place
Bulk, P. R., W.S. {B. cfc Henderson), 4 Char
lotte place
Building Trades Exchange, 34 Shand wick place ;
John Nicoll, solicitor, secretary
Buist, James, & Sons, opticians and spirit-level
makers, 67 South Bridge
Buist, George, provision merchant, 35 Comely
Bank avenue ; house, 2 Comely Bank place
Buist, John B., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 1 Clifton ter.
Buist, Thomas, 4 Dalgety road
Buist, William G., 9 Abbotsford crescent
Buist, Mrs W. F., 4 Dalrymple crescent
Buist, Mrs, 9 Abbotsford crescent
Buist, Miss E. B., 25 Gillespie crescent
Buist, Miss Margaret, fruiterer and florist, 17
Comely Bank road
Bulman, Mrs, 26 Newington road
Bulmer, John, 8 Ardmillan terrace
Bunch, Jas. A., bandmaster, 59 Viewforth
Buncle, Alex., fruiterer, 66 Clerk street ; house,
3 Montague street
Buncle, James, optician, 93 Shandwick place ;
house, 31 Gillespie crescent
Buncle, Mrs, 134 Trinity road
Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay ( The Highland
Distilleries Co. Ltd.); agents, Robertson &
Baxter Limited, 90 Constitution street ;
Telegraph, ' B.obax, Leith ' ; Telephone, 488
B'unuey, Malcolm, gas meter inspector, 23 Dean
Park street,
Buntine, Miss, 26 Glencairn crescent
Bunting, W. Hartley, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 74
Bruntsfield i^lace
Bunyan, John & Son, coal merchants, 1
Torphichen street and 189 Morrison street
Burchell, William, 195 Great Junction street
Burck, G. & J. , slaters and chimney sweepers,
79 a. Broughton street
Burck, J., slater & chimnej'' sweeper, 169 Leith
Burden, George, 10 Restalrig terrace
Burden, G., spirit merchant, 98 Kirkgate
Burden, J. E. ( William Sim tt Sons), 4 Dudley
Burden, Miss G., tobacconist, 1 Great Junction
Burgdorf, Fred., hotel proprietor, 82 Nicolson st.
Burge, J. B., hat and cap maker, 17 Crighton pi.
Burges, James, 13 Prince Regent street
Burgess, Black & Co., coopers and cask mer-
chants, 59 Duke street, Leith
Burgess, D., furniture dealer, 195 Dairy road
Burgess, George, 259 Leith walk
Burgess, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 1
Portland place
Burgess, James, CLE., LL. D., 22 Seton place
Buro-ess, John, tailor and clothier, 132 Nicolson
street ; house, 2 Roseneath terrace
Burgess, John A., com factor and commission
Burgess, John F., wine and spirit merchant, 31
William st. ; house, 34 Comely Bank avenue
Burgess J. R. , schoolmaster, 1 Abbotsford park
Burgess, Mrs Susan Robertson, dairykeeper, 9
Cathcart place ; house, 7
Burgh Assessor's Office, 29 Waterloo pi. ; hours,
10 to 4 and 6 to 8 ; Saturdays, 10 to 1
Burgh Court, Royal Exchange; David Lyon,
Burgh Engineer's Office, Police chambers.
Parliament square
Burgh Surveyor of Streets and Buildings Office,
etc., 31 Charlotte street, Leith
Burk, Alexander, 30 Thorntree street
Burke, David, 82 Findhoru place
Burke, Francis, 78 Pitt street
Burke, Robert, 68 Great Junction street
Burke, Robert, jun. {H.M. General Register
House), 26 BonaJy road
Burke, Thomas, 63 Bonnington road
Burke, William, 121 Dundee street
Burke, Mrs, 62 Hanover street
Burke, Miss, 62 Hanover street
Burkert, C. H., pork butcher and sausage maker,
20 St Patrick square
Barley, Mrs William, 33 Lauriston gardens
Burn & Baillie, plumbers, brassfounders, and
gasfitters, 63 and 65 Hanover street
Burn Brothers, plumbers, sanitary engineers,
brassfounders, gas and hot- water fitters, 71
Hanover street and 55 N.W. Thistle Street
lane; Telegraph, 'Warming, Edinburgh';
Telephone, 1041 ; house, 6 Nelson street ;
also 23 and 24 Charing cross, London, S.W.
Burn, George, & Son, wholesale provision mer-
chants, 5 India buildings
Burn, C. M. Pelham, Prestonfield House, Piiest-
lield road
Burn, George Wilson, clerk, 44 Queen street;
house, 11 Hazelbank terrace
Burn, Henry R. L., 60 Frederick street
Burn, John, commission merchant, 36 Quality
St. ; house, 62 Blacket pi. ; Telephone, 4066
Burn, John, coachman, 11 Downfield place
Burn, John C, smith, 10 West Preston street
Burn, John D. (B. Brothers), 6 Nelson street
Burn, Richd., blacksmith, 4 West Adam street
Burn, William, 16 Roseneath ^ilace
Burn, Mrs Jaup, 3 Summerhall square
Burn, Mrs, 60 Frederick street
Burn, Misses, 1 7 Torphichen street
Burn, Miss, 5 Fingal place
Burn, Amelia, 3 Denham Green terrace
Burness k Co., printers (ilfor/'isoJKfc Gihb Ltd.),
Tanfield and 11 Queen street
Burness, W. k J., W.S., 12 Hope street
Burness, James, W. S. , 2 Lennox street
Burness, James M., traveller, 27 E. Preston st.
Burness, John A., 32 Regent place
Bm-ness, William, inspector of lighthouse
apparatus, 4 Clerk street
Burnet, Alexander, 15 Millerfield place
Burnet, Alex., corn mei'chant and seedsman
8 BowhUl terrace
Burnet, Henry, accountant, 4 Afton terrace
Burnet, James, warehouseman, 50 South Bridge ;
house, St Margaret's, 14 Cumin place
agent, 17 Constitution street ; Telegraph, I Bm-net, James, japanuei-, 40 Niddry street ;
'Burgess' ; Telephone, 534 ; ho. 7 Wardie av. house, 19 Gilmore place

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