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Buehan, R., & Sons, contractors, 150 Dundee
Eaclian, W. & I., fislimongers, 37 Duke street,
Leith ; house, 1 Ferrier street
Buehan, Alexander, LL.D., secretary, Scottish
Meteorological Society, 122 George street ;
house, 42 Heriot row
Buehan, A., British Public House, 25 Dairy rd.
Buehan, A. Hill, M.B., CM., M.R.C.P.E., 42
Heriot row
Buehan, A. M., ointment maker (late St Patrick
square), 38 Albert street
Buehan, Andrew, dairy, Balcarres street
Buehan, Anthony, wine and spirit merchant, 15
Chapel lane, Leith
Buehan, D. D., M.A., LL.B., S.S.C. and N.P.
{Buehan <t Buehan), 61 Comely Bank road
Buehan, George, wine and spirit merchant, 8
Young street ; house, 26 Hillside street
Buehan, Mathew [M. B. & Hogarth), consulting
engineers, 36 Hanover st. ; house, 3 Victoria
terrace, Portobello
Buehan, T. H., School Board officer, 33
Montague street
Bachan, T. W., M.A., LL.B., S.S.C. {Buehan,
tO Buehan), 6 North-East Circus place
Buehan, Walter, plumber and gaslitter, 30
Easter road, Leith ; house, 72 |
Buehan, William, advocate, 6 Rothesay place j
Buehan, William, invalid attendant, 8 Maxwell
sti-eet I
Buehan, Mrs M. A., dairy, 54 Lady Lawsou st. ;
Buehan, Mrs Thomas, 4 Union street, Leith I
iJuchan, Mrs, 37 Gi-eat King street
Buehan, Mrs, 6 Rothesay place
liuchan, Mrs, midwife and certificated ladies'
nurse, 12 AthoU place
Buchanan & Bennett, civil engineers and sur-
veyors, 12 Hill street
Buchanan & Jardine, wine merchants and
grocers, 206 Dalkeith road
Buchanan, E. G., & Stevenson, Colonial and
Australian wine merchants; agents for James
Stark & Son Ltd., rope and twine manu-
facturers, Grangemouth ; 27 Quality street
Buchanan & Wilson, grocers and wine merchants,
2 Hillside street
BUCHANATT, JAMES, & CO., brassfounders,
Victoria Foundry, 236 Leith walk. ^See
Adv. index
Buchanan, James, & Co., whisky merchants,
201 Leith walk ; James Ainslie & Co., agents
Buchanan, Alexander, 2 Malta Green place
Buchanan, Alex., grocer and wine merchant, 1
Kerr street ; house, 20 Eyre crescent
Buchanan, Alex. J. W., M.B., CM., 2 Malta
Green place
Buchanan, Andrew (Cwj-ror, Coioper,d:B., IV. S.),
1 1 Cluny gardens
Buchanan, A. P., baker, 4 Northumberland
Buchanan, D. , house agent, 3 York place ; house,
37 Barony street
Buchanan, Edward G. (of B. <i- Stevenson), 33
Drummond place
Buchanan, George, 34 Henderson row
Buchanan, Rev. James, foreign mission sec. of
TJ. P. Church, Castle terrace ; house, Birchlea,
1 1 Cluny gardens
Buchanan, James, 213 Leith walk
Buchanan, James {Dunean, Floclchart, tfc Co.),
Oswald house, Oswald road
Buchanan, James, 35 Royal Park terrace
Buchanan, J., apartments, 22 E. Preston street
Buchanan, John {B. d: Bennett), CE. and
surveyor, 12 Hill st. ; house, 83 Gt. King st.
Buchanan, John F., 22 Braid crescent
Buchanan, John H., M.I.N. A., consulting
engineer, naval architect, and surveyor, 5
Oswald street, Glasgow
Buchanan, John Hamilton, C.A., 8 Y^ork place;
house, 4 Doune terrace
Buchanan, John Y., consulting chemist, 27
Nicolson square ; house, 10 Moray place
Buchanan, Peter, 20 Barony street
Buchanan, Rev. Robert, 28 Queen's crescent
Buchanan, R. F. {G.P.O.), 19 Rodney street
Buchanan, Robert, joiner, 9 Marchmont street
Buchanan, Robert, grocer and wine merchant,
3 St Leonard's hill ; house, 24 Findhorn pi.
Buchanan, Thomas, 9 Comely Bank place
Buchanan, Thomas, 33 Balfour street
Buchanan, Thomas, 4 Portland terrace, Leith
Buchanan, William, 28 Gardner's crescent
Buchanan, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 75
Pitt street, Bennington ; house, 7 Dudley
Buchanan, Mrs James {Principal of St Mar-
garet's Ladies' Colleges), Sherwood, South
Lauder road
Buchanan, Mrs, 39 Bruntsfield place
Buchanan, Mrs, Brooklyn house, Restalrig
Buchanan, Mrs, 10 Rosebery crescent
Buchanan, Misses, 11 Melville place
Buchanan, Miss, of Auchentorlie, 18 Lansdowne
Buchanan, Miss, dairy, 4 Forth street ; house, 8
Buchanan, Miss, 27 East Claremont street
High st. ; J. Nisbet, proprietor; house, 18
Forth street. Jj^See Adv. index
Bucher, F., & Co., whisky dealers, wine and
brandy merchants, Laurie street and Morton
street, head of Constitution street ; Telegraph,
'Bucher, Leith' ; Telephone, 580
Bucher, David Smith {F. B. cfc Co.), 16 Craig-
hall gardens
Bucher, Francis, 8 Suuimerside place
Bucher, Frank G. {Steiva7-t <t B. ), 8 Suuimerside
Bucherer, Dr C W., teacher of languages, 79
Lothian road
Buckle, John, 31 Cumberland street
Buckle, Joseph, 4 Grange loan
Buckle, WilHam, 24 Buccleuch place
Buckle, Mrs, 1 2 Duncan street
Buckner, B. {Harper ct B.), 23 St James square
Buckner, John, 74 Henderson- row
Buckner, Lewis, bootmaker, 154 Ferry rd., Leith
Buckner, William A., 71 M'Donald road
Buckner, Mrs Lewis, 2 Barony street
Budd, Mrs, fruiterer and greengrocer, 32 Bridge
Buddie, James, 61 Elm vow
Budge, James S., 25 South Clerk street
Budge, John, 77 Marchmont road
Budge, Waltr. G. {G.P.O.), 43 Marchmont cres.
Budge, William, 40 Carlyle place

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