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Bryce, R. , & Co., Scotch whisky merchants, .Bryden, John, 3 Sciennes Hill place
iiOl Leith walk ; James Ainslie k, Co., agents Br3'den, J. J., 1 Daisy terrace
Bryce, Adam Nicol(,7. 5. ffc/Sow-s), 44 Hanoverst. ; Bryden, liobert, Glenholm, Wester Coates
house, 6 Western terrace, Marraytield avenue
Bryce, A. Hamilton, LL.D., D.C.L., 12 Royal Bryden, Robert, 72 Cornhill terrace
circus ! Bryden, Mrs Mark J., 8 Bright crescent
Bryce, Andrew, Craigentinny, Jock's Lodge iBrj'den, Mrs M., waitress, 3 Montague street
Bryce, David, smallwares. 3 Dean street Bryden, Mrs, 16 Caledonian road
Bryce, E. H., 24 St Viucent street Bryden, Mrs, 2 Elm row
Bryce, George W., stationer and fancy goods i Bryden, Miss J., dressmaker, 3 Montague street
merchant, 125 Nicolson street I Bryden, Miss, 25 Nile grove
Bryce, George, grocer, 39 Dundas street; house, ' Brydie, James, mason, 5 Merchiston grove
19 Eyre crescent j Brydie, Mrs John, 15 Scotland street
Bryce, George F., hatter, hosier, and glover, 135,Brydon, Adam, 5 Merchiston place
Lothian road ; house, 3 Shandon crescent
Bryce, G. F., W.S., 2 Albyn place; house, 12
Royal circus
Bryce, George Wilson, stationer, 1 Spittal street
Bryce, James, 1 Drum terrace
Bryce, James, 20 Brunton place
Bryce, John, church officer, 8 Wardie square
Bryce, John, architect, 131 George street
Bryce, John, plan draughtsman and facsimiles,
29 Drummoud street «•'
Bryce, Lawrence, joiner, 149 Ferry road
Bryce, Peter Ross, searcher of records [Millar
tfc B.), 22 York place ; house, 2 Granby road
Bryce, Reghiald W., laundry, 3 Roseueatli place
Bryce, Thomas, 47 James street
Bryce, T. D. , wine and spirit merchant, 47 and
49 Deanhaugh street ; house, 30 Raeburn pi.
Bryce, T. Dundas [J. B. & Sons), 44 Hanover
street ; house, 74 Thirlestane road
BRYCE, WILLIAM, general and university
bookseller, 54 and 54a Lothian street ; house,
50 Regent street, Portobello
Bryce, William, M.D., physician, 34 Greenhill
Bryce, William Moir, searcher of records
[Millar d:B. ), 22 York place ; house, Dunediu,
11 Blackford road
Bryce, Mrs Ellen, 28 East Preston street
Bryce, Mrs, 36 Finilhorn place
Bryce, Mrs, 17 Lauder road
Bryce k Reid, Misses, baby linen, 91 Easter rd.
Bryce, Miss A., 65 Castle street
Bryce, Miss, waitress, 19 Soath St James' street
Bryce, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Atholl place
Bryde, Miss, teacher of violin, 10 Dryden st.
BRYDEN, JOHN, & SONS, manufacturers
of every description of inside and outside win-
dow blinds, bellhangers, electric lightengineers,
telephone titters, brassfounders, hoist makers,
etc. ; Telephone, 2264; 16 Frederick street;
60 Reufield street, Glasgow ; 17 Albert square,
Dundee ; and 90 Gloucester road, London,
S.W. Established 1809
BRYDEN, WILLIA.M,& SON, bellhangers,
Venetian roller blind manufacturers, and electric
Brydon, G. A., 16 Hillside crescent
Brydou, James, dairyman, 483 Lawumarket ;
house, 11 Johnston terrace
Brydon, J., 22 Oxford street
Brydon, John, 21 Dalmeny street
Brydon, Richard, 21 Brougham street
Brydon, Robert, live stock agent, 70 Blackford
Brydon, Robert, 11 Royston terrace
Brydon, Thomas, 86 Buccleuch street
Brydon, Thomas, smith and bellhanger, 24
Upper Grove place ; house, 15 Loclirin teirace
Brydon, Tliomas, 16 Dalziel place
Brydon, Thomas F., 9 Crichton street
Brydon, Mrs, 18 West Castle road
Brydone, James, 6 Mary's place
Brydone, James Smith, 17 Clarence street
Brydone' s Railway Time-Tabh Office, 4 George
Brymner, A., 3 Bernard terrace
Brymner, Mrs Graham, 8 Ann street
Bryson & Inglis, coal merchants, 12 Atholl
Bryson, Robert, & Sons, chronometer, watch
and clock makers, 88 Princes street
Bryson, Alfred, solicitor, 4 North St David st. ;
house, 17 Blautj-re terrace
Bryson, A. G., 35 Inverleith row
Bryson, David, 41 East London street
Bryson, George, 33 Tarvit street
Bryson, James G., solicitor, 50 George street ;
house, 12 Atholl ter. ; Telegraph, 'Scrivener'
Bryson, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 29 and
30 George iv. Bridge
Bryson, N., glass stainer, house painter, and
decorator, 8 Leith Street terrace ; house, 4
East Broughton place
Bryson, Robert, hshmonger, poulterer, and
game dealer, 6 St Patrick square and 6
Newington road ; Telephone, 733 ; house, 4
Millertield place
Bryson, Thomas, 39 Restalrig terrace
Bryson, William A., burgh electrical engineer,
89 Great Junction street, Leith ; house, St
Evox, Stanley road
light engineers, 55 George street, and 300 St I Bryson, Mrs J. M., 35 Inverleith row-
Vincent street, Glasgow ; house, 4 India st,
Bryden, Charles, 10 Levea street
Bryden, Frank, 16 'Frederick street ; house, 7
^lerchiston avenue
Bryden, George Hall, 25 Nile grove
Bryden, Harry B., 23 Stafford street
Bryden, James, 21 Marchmont road
Bryden, Jarae^ [Charles Ritchie A Go.), 32
Torphichen street ; house, 4 Gardner's ores.
I Bryson, Mrs, 66 Leamington terrace
Buchan& Buchan, 'S.S.C. and N.P., 37 Great
King street
Buchan & Johnston, merchants, 12 Tolbooth
wynd, Leith
Buchan, Mathew, & Hogarth, consulting;
electri-cal engineers, 36 Hanover street
Buchan k Meiklejohn, plumbers, etc., 24
Ferrier street

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