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Brownlie, Wm., hatter, hosier, and shirtmaker,
32 Morrison street
Brownlie, Mrs William, 17 Millerfield place
Brownlie, Mrs, 59 Forrest road
Bruce k, Son, jewel-case and plate-chest manu-
facturers, 61 Thistle street
Bruce, Boyd, k Co., merchants, 27 Constitutioij
St.; Telegraph, 'Bruce, Leith' ; Telephone, 419
Bruce, Kerr, & Burns, W.S., 16 Hill street
Bruce, llobert, & Son, masons, bricklayers,
furnace-builders, and contractors, 25 Greenside
merchants, 7 W. Maitland st., 4 MUrrayfield
pi., 24 Comiston rd., 56 Newiugton rd., 47
Alva pi. St. Leonard's, Gorgie, and Rose
Lane ; George Street depot, Leith ; head office,
38 Constitution street, Leith ; Telegraph,
' Metal, Leith ' ; Telephone, 451. >i^For other
branch offices see Adv. index
Bruce, B. & J., grocer, wine and spirit merchants,
120 Ferry road
Bruce, Alexander, 26 Colville place
Bruce, Alex. {G.P.O.), 93 Warrender Park rd.
Bruce, Alexander, M.D., F. R.C. P. E., physician,
8 Ainslie place
Bruce, Major-General A. A., 2 Polwarth terrace
Bruce, A. G., dispensing chemist, 3 Melville
terrace ; house, 18 Gladstone terrace
Bruce, A. M. [Bruce & Son), 6 Pitt street
Bruce, Charles, agent, Bank of Scotland, 103
George street ; house, 3 Melville crescent
Bruce, Charles S., 32 Cornhill terrace, Leith
Briice, Ed. [Robert B. ifc Son), Mayfield House,
20 AVest Mayiield
Bruce, George, greengrocer and tinsmith, 20
Water street
Bruce, George, com. traveller, 204 Dalkeith road
Bruce, George, 46 Brunswick road
Bruce, Gordon B., bookbinder, 33 Marshall st.
Bruce, H. S., 16 Argyle terrace
Bruce, H. T. [verger, St Paul's Ejnscopal
Church), 19 Elder street
Bruce, James, wine and spnrit merchant, 60
and 60a Henderson street
Bruce, James, F.E.LS,, 33 Bruntsfleld gardens
Bruce, James, apartments, 12 Hart street
Bruce, James, 10 Allan street, Leith
Bruce, Jas., shipmaster, 38 Albany street, Leith
Bruce, James, W.S. [B., Kerr & Burns), 59
Great King street
Bruce, James, solicitor, 38 Albany street, Leith
Bruce, James B., 7 Findhorn place
Bruce, James LL, 9 Montgomery street
Bruce, J. D., baker and confectioner, 59 Dairy
road ; house, 61
Bruce, John, egg merchant, 70 Montgomery st. ;
house, 27 Brunton terrace
Bruce, John, 15 Rintoul place
Bruce, John, wine and spirit merchant (whole-
sale), 39 Lauriston place
Bruce, John, 65 Torplaichen street
]]ruce, John, 16 St Vincent street
Bruce, John, supt.. Corporation stables, 20
King's Stables road
Bruce, John, of Samburgh, 21 Drumsheugh
Bruce, John, 36 Button place
Bruce, John D., 4 Glenorchy terrace
Bruce, Robert, 3 Hope Park terrace
Bruce, Robert, Carradale, Granby road
Bruce, Robert, draper, 9 Elm row ; house, 3
Antigua street
Bruce, 'R. C. S., 21 Fettes row
Bruce, W. G., secy. Edinburgh Band of Hope
Union, 5 St Andrew sq. ; ho. 17 Claremont ter.
Bruce, William R., S.S.C, 23 Hill street ; house,
4 Inveiieith gardens
Bruce, William, 10 Panmure place
Bruce, William, dairy and smallwares, 25
Manderston street
Bruce, William [Burgh Engineer's Dej^artment),
75 Montpelier park
Bruce, Mrs A., 18 Bruntsfleld avenue
Bruce, Mrs A. L., 2 Rothesay terrace
Bruce, Mrs James, 20 Glen street
Bruce, Mrs M., trimming shop, 1 Niddry st.
Bruce, Mrs M., apartments, 64 Leamington tcr.
Bruce, Mrs William, 17 Claremont terrace
Bruce, Mrs, 28 Castle terrace
Bruce, Mrs, 16 Elmwood terrace
Bruce, Mrs, 2 Glenfinlas street
Bruce, Mr^, 74 Comely Bank avenue
Bruce, Mrs, apartments, 4 Queensferry st.
Bruce, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Leven terrace
Bruce, Miss, grocer, 72 Fountainbridge
Bruce, Miss, 98 Marchmont crescent
Bruce, Miss, 4 Magdala place
Bruce, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 1 South
Charlotte street, corner of 134 Princes street
Brumfitt, James, general woollen merchant.
Lower Broughton rd. ; house, 3 Cornwallis pi.
Brunton & Co., manure and oil cake njerchants,
1 Bank street, Leith ; Telegraph, 'Azote'
Brunton, J. & W., dairymen, 139 Pitt st., Leith
Brunton, Adam, 163 Dalkeith road
Brunton, Alexander, cycle builder, 21 Cause-
wayside ; house, 7 St Leonard's hill
Brunton, Andrew, upholsterer, 19 Panmure pi.
Brunton, Geo., com. traveller, 21 Merchiston cres.
Brunton, John, 8 Gladstone terrace
Brunton, Wm. [Brunton & Co.), 39 Grange loan
Brunton, William [Law <k B. ), 6 West Clare-
mont street
Brunton, William, 32 Gordon street
Brunton, Mrs George, 61 Lothian road
Brunton, Mrs John Stenhouse, 3 Mayfield ter.
Brunton, Mrs, 14 Warrender Park terrace
Brunton, Mrs, 19 East Preston street
Brunton, Mrs, 7 AVcst Mayfield
Brunton, Misses, 27 Howe street
Brunton, Miss, 1 Albert terrace, Morningside
Brunton, Miss, apartments, 4 Walker street
Brunton, Miss, 14 West Claremont street
Bruntsfleld Links Golfing Society Limited,
registered ofiice, 9 N. St David street
Bryan, Robert, tailor and clothier, 10 and 11
George iv. Bridge ; house, 9 Mortonhall road
Bryan, Thomas, grocer, 108 Grassmarket
Bryan, Alice K. M. , confectioner and tobacconist,
25 Jamaica street
Bryant & May Limited ; James R. P. Forrest,
agent ; 32 Broughton place
Bryce, David k John, architects, 131 George st.
BRYCE, JOHN, & SONS, wholesale and
retail family wine and spirit merchants and
cigar importers, 44 Hanover st. ; Telegraph,
'Highlander'; Telephone, 336.

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