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Brown. Mrs, Croniiiiclin, 14 Ain.slie place
Brown, Mrs C. , 2 Parkside terrace
Brown, Mrs C, apartments, 10 Cornwall street
Brown, Mrs Edwin, 21 Cluny gardens
Brown, Mrs Eupliemia, 172 Dalkeith road
Brown, Mrs George, 12 Saxe-Cobourg place
Brown, Mrs George, 49 Melville street
Brown, Mrs George B., 24 St. Al ban's road
Brown, Mrs Grace, dressmaker, 16 St Leonard's
Brown, Mrs H., 8 Morningside place
Brown, Mrs H. , 24 Lanriston gardens
Brown, Mrs Hugh, 257 Dalkeith road
Brown, Mrs James, 8 Claremont park
Brown, Mrs James, 63 Cumberland street
Brown, Mrs Jas., apartments, 87 Brnntsfield pi.
Brown, Mrs Jane, grocer, 21 Fowler terrace
Brown, Mrs J., grocer, 20 Bangor rd. ; hoxise, 18
Brown, Mrs J., 62 Thistle street
Brown, Mrs J. Kinniburgh, 5 Saxe-Cobonrg pi.
Brown, Mjs J. M. D., 20 Pitt street
Brown, Mrs M'Kerrell, 7 Eton terrace
Brown, Mrs M'Kerrell, 14 Chester street
Brown, Mrs M'Laren, 1 Orwell terrace
Brown, Mrs P., 33 Marchmont crescent
Brown, Mrs R. , dairy, 72 Rose street
Brown, Mrs Robert, Bell's Mills house. Dean
Brown, Mrs Samuel, 19 Braid avenue
Brown, Mrs Thomas, 15 Gillespie crescent
Brown, Mrs, 19 Montgomery street
Brown, Mrs Thomas, 7 James street
Brown, Mrs W. Craufurd, Marionville, Loch end
Brown, Mrs W. E. W., 193 Bruntsfield place
Brown, Mrs W. S., 1 Lochrin terrace
Brown, Mrs William, 16 Dalhousie terrace
Brown, Mrs William, 101 Bruntsfield place
Brown, Mrs Wm., Helen cottage, Newbattle ter.
Brown, Mrs, restaurant, 24 Haymarket terrace
Brown, Mrs, cook, 2 Gardner's crescent
Brown, Mrs, 55 Cumberland street
Brown, Mrs, fishmonger, 165 Dundee street
Brown, Mrs, grocer, 146 Morrison street
Brown, Mrs, 17 Avondale place
Brown, Mrs, 6 Greenbank road
Brown, Mrs, 31 Stafford street
Brown, Mrs, 3 Montague street
Brown, Mrs, greengrocer, 7 Melville terrace
Brown, Mrs, dressmaker, 11 Balmoral place
Brown, Mrs, milliner {successor to Dickson &
Watson), 1 Forrest road
Brown, Mrs, dairykeeper, 18 Brunswick road;!
house, 2 South Elgin street '
Brown, Mrs, stationer, 25 Bangor road
Brown, Mrs, apartments, 27 Raeburn place
Brown, Mrs, dairy, 180 Causewayside
Brown, Mrs, 1 Easter road
Brown, Mrs, 215 Easter road, Leith
Brown, Mrs, 11 Haugh street
Brown, Mrs, 65 Merchiston crescent
Brown, Mrs, 18 Sciennes road
Brown, Mrs, 2 Eden terrace
Brown, Mrs, 52 Elm row
Brown, Mrs, 23 Gillespie crescent
Brown, Mrs, 27 Viewforth
Browix, Misses M. & J. S., 171 Dalkeith road
Brown, Misses, 7 Blacket place
Brown, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 12
Hermitage place
Brown, Misses, 23 Danube -street
Brown, Miss C, ladies' nurse, 16 Montague st.
Brown, Miss C, dairy, 100 Gorgie road ; house,
7 Ardmillan terrace
Brown, Miss C, 81 Henderson row
Brown, Miss E., 14 Spottiswoode street
Brown, Miss E. M., dressmaker, 87 Brunts-
field place
Brown, Miss Emily, Parisian dress and mantle
maker, 47 Great King street
Brown, Miss Jane, 22 Viewforth
Brown, Miss Lindsay, dressmaker and costumier,
25 Haddington place
Brown, Miss Lucy, 115 Dalkeith road
Brown, Miss M., dressmaker, 107 Broughton st.
Brown, Miss M., fishmonger, 49 Home street;
house, 1 5 Tarvit street
Brown, Miss M. A., 14 Ramsay gardens
Brown, Miss Napier, 13 Cambridge street
Brown, Miss S., teacher, F.C. Normal school ;
house, 8 St John street
Brown, Miss Violet C, 4 St Colme street
Brown, Miss, of Currie, Gorebridge, 21 Ann st.
Brown, Miss, apartments, 31a Dundas street
Brown, Miss (formerly of Aird House), private
school, 4 Mardale cres. ; ho., 50 Rankeillor st.
Brown, Miss, registry office, 110 Marchmont rd.
Brown, Miss, apartments, 44 Great King street
Brown, Miss, tobacconist, 26 Argyle place
Brown, Miss, 16 Albany street, Leith
Brown, Miss, 27 Blackwood crescent
Brown, Miss, Millburn house, Canaan lane
Brown, Miss, dairy, 78 Fountainbridge
Brown, Miss, 8 Woodbine terrace
Brown, Miss, 17 Minto street
Brown, Miss, dairy, 31 Rossie place
Brown, Miss, 6 South Oxford street
Brown, Miss, Bible-woman, 11 Rosemount
Brown, Agnes H., 2 Buccleuch terrace
Brown, Annie, dairy, 245 Dairy road
Brown's Company Porters, Constitution place
Browne & Glover, merchants, commission agents,
and fish curers, 24 Cable's wynd
Browne, Charles, 6 Park place. Trinity
Browne, G. Washington, A.R.S.A., architect, 8
Albyn pi. ; house. The Limes, Blackford rd.
Browne, Peter, painter, 70 I\Iorrison street ;
house, 7 Laurel terrace
Browne, Misses, 15 Kilmaurs road
Browne, Miss, 28 Palmerston place
Browning, Archibald, 1 Braidburn terrace
Browning, B. M., milliner, 95 Bruntsfield place
Browning, Jas., M.A., LL. D., 1 Braidburn ler.
Brownlee, Alex., watchmaker, 5 East Register-
street ; house, 2 West Stanhope place
Brownlee, Alex.W.((?.P.0.),14 Viewforth gdns.
Brownlee, Arthur, dairyman, 152 Dalkeith road
Brownlee, James, 52 Great Junction street
Brownlee, James, 5 Violet terrace
Brownlee, John, dairyman, 24d Barony street ;
house, 1 St James' square
Brownlee, Robert, keeper of regalia, The Castle
Brownlee, Robert, builder, 51 Lothian road
Brownlee, Thos., cabinetmaker, 7 Caledonian i-d.
Brownlee, William, butcher and poulterer, 5
Melville place and 41 Deanhaugh street ;
Telephone, 2036 ; house, 6 Dean terrace
Brownlee, Mrs, 31 Gri]idlay street
Brownlees, David, 39 Comely Bank avenue

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