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Instituted 1852.
President, William Templelon, writer; vice-presi-
dents, C. P. M'Xei), writer, and James D. Kerr, B.L.,
writer; secretary, James Ballantine, M.A., LL.B.,
writer, 142 St. Vincent Street; treasurer, Jerome
Dennison, B.L., writer, 87 W. Regent Street.
The objects of this society are, by tlie conducting
of debates on legal and speculative questions, to pro-
mote the legal and general knowledge of its mem-
bers, the habit of self-possession, and the cultivation
of fluency and accuracy in the expression of ideas.
The session extends from October to April inclusive,
during which period the society meets in the Faculty
Buildings every Monday evening, at eight o'clock.
Instituted 6th November, 1847.
Hon. president, Sheriff Berry ; president, John L.
Ferguson, B.L. ; vice-president, J. B. Ramsay;
corresponding secretary and treasurer, John Rankin,
B.L., 204 West George St.; recording secretary, J.
Balfour Paterson, IGO W. George Street; directors —
A. A. Mitchell, M.A., LL.B., James S. Fulton, Alex.
Walker, Wm. M'Kail, James Morton, B L., Thomas
Guthrig, J. G. Spens, M.A., LL.B., T. H. Murray,
and J. M. Macnair.
The objects of the society are the discussion of
legal and cognate speculative subjects, and the con-
sideration of questions of juridical interest. Admis-
sion to it is restricted to members of the legal profession
and law students, and its meetings are held every
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, from November to
April, in the Faculty Buildings, St. George's place.
Instituted 1885.
For the encouragement of the study of nataral
history in all its branches, by meetings for reading
and discussing papers and exhibiting specimens, and
by excursions for field work. The Society meets on
the first Wednesday of each month, in the Ander-
sonian Buildings, 204 George Street, Glasgow, and
excursions take place on various dates during the
season. Further information may be had on appli-
cation to the secretaries.
Office-bearers, 1896-97 :— President, Professor M.
Laurie, D.Sc. (Edin.), B.A. (Cantab.), F.R.S.E.,
F.L.S.; vice-presidents, James Murray and James
Mitchell; members of council, E. Raymond Burden,
S. B. Robbie, George Herriot, D. Dewar, John
Paterson, Robert Henderson, Peter M'Killop, Alex.
Ross, and the conveners of the sectional committees
as follows: — Botanical, John R. Lee; entomological,
George W. Ord; geological, Archibald Shanks; micro-
scopical, William Campbell; photographical, John
Rough ; ornithological, R. Wilson ; zoological, James
Steel; publication and library, Hugh Boyd Watt;
hon. treasurer, A. Briggs, Royal Bank, Springburn ;
hon. secretaries, Andw. D. Brownlie, 20 Jardine St.,
and Charles Cunningham, Andersonian Buildings,
204 George Street.
The Club is instituted for the purpose of promoting
the social intercourse of Unionists, to whatever poli-
tical party they may belong. Those alone are eligible
for membership who are resolved to maintain to the
best of their ability the union of the three kingdoms,
and the complete supremacy of the Imperial Parlia-
ment. The general and political committee-i of the
Club are composed of Conservatives and Liberal-
Unionists in equal proportions. The Club House is
situated at No. 82 St. Vincent Street. Tenns: —
Entry money, £3 3s. ; annual subscription, town mem-
bers, £4 4s., country members, £2 2s. Members of
the Western, New, Conservative, Liberal, Art, Blyths-
wood Square and University Clubs are admitted on
favourable terms. Secretary, Archibald Craig, LL.B.,
writer, 156 St. Vincent Street.
Established in 1886 for the maintenance of the
Legislative Union of Great Britain and Ireland, and
the promotion of Liberal- Unionist principles.
Hon. presidents, The Duke of Devonshire, K.G., and
The Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P. ; pre-
sident, Lord Kelvin; chairman, Matthew Arthur ; vice-
chairman. Sir John Muir, Bart. ; hon. treasurers,
George Browne, 16 Boihwell Street, and Arthur Hart,
63 St. Vincent Street; secretary, Robt. Bird, 58
Eenfield Street; organising agent, W. L. Blench,'
93 Hope Street.
The objects of the association shall be to maintain
those fundamental principles of the Constitution
which secure the prerogatives of the Crown, the Pro-
testant succession, the privileges of Parliament, and
the equal civil rights of all classes; to resist all J
attempts to subvert our Protestant faith; and, while
opposing rash innovations, to support every well-
considered measure tending to promote the well-being
of the people, and to improve the financial adminis-
tration and judicial systems of the country.
President, Lord Blythswood ; hon. secretary and
treasurer, Robert Guy ; assistant secretary, Lewis
Shedden; general offices, 100 Wellington st., city.
Being a Federation of Liberal Associations of Scotland.
President, the Earl of Rosebery ; vice-presidents,
the Marquis of Breadalbane and Lord Tweedmouth ;
chairman of executive council. Sir Thos. D. Gibson
Carmichael, Bart., M.P. ; vice-chairman. Sir Thomas
Glen- Coats, Bart. ; hon. secretaries, Alex. L. Brown,
Thos. Wilson, J.P.,and J. Train Gray; secretaries —
western, Wm. Armstrong, 56 George square, Glasgow ;
eastern, A. D. Wood, 71 Princes street, Edinburgh.
41 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow, and Dunoon.
James Stewart (of Stewart & Bennett), secy.

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