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Gkand Division of Scotland.
This Society is composed entirely of total abstainers,
.d is thus enabled to give the same benefits as non-
istaining societies for a smaller contribution. Uni-
rm entrance fee 2s. 6d.; contributions from 2|d. per
ek according to age and benefits. Benefits 5s.,
S., 15s., or 20s. weekly ia sickness, £5 or £10 at
ath, medicine and attendance free. Sickness benefit
ir females 5s. or 10s. weekly at same rates. Funeral
nd only, payments from one halfpenny weekly ; sums
sured, £5 to £50; children of members eligible for
I Charles Glen, Milton Cottages, Jamestown,
rand Worthy Patriarch; John Moodie, 60 M'Culloch
Ifcreet, Pollokshields, Glasgow, Grand Scribe; Thomas
iCKinlay, 104 West Graham Street, Glasgow,
irand Treasurer.
T This Society was instituted in 1789 for the purpose
F raising a fund to be applied towards the relief of
lembers, and the widows and children of members,
ho might from misfortune require pecuniary aid.
I'ersons eligible for admission are grocers, or im-
o'tcrs of, or dealers in, one or other of the following
rticles — namely, tea, coffee, sugar, spices, fruits,
ines, spirits, porter, soap, or ashes, who reside or
;ive their places of business in Glasgow or its
Aljurbs. The payment for admission is Ten Guineas.
John R. M'Lean, preses ; Jas. Crichton, treasurer;
Jes. M'Feat, late preses ; Thos. W. W. Flint, late
|:easurer ; Alex. Ferguson, Adam M, Dnnlop, Daniel
lurray, Walter Johnstone, Edward M'Larty, Alex.
lurray, Edw. B. Hopkins, and W. S. Gibb, directors;
jreorge Gray and George Gray, jun., writers. County
Buildings, clerks.
Founded in 1873 by the late Archibald Colquhoun,
Csq., of Riddrie Park, merchant in Glasgow, its ob-
ct being the application of the free income of the
rust in '' the relief of poor persons residing in
ilasgow or its immediate neighbourhood who may
lither have been dismissed as incurable from the
K'Uasgow Royal Infirmary or other hospitals in Glas-
ow, or who are afflicted with incurable disease, and
destitute and helpless as to be proper objects of
harity." The capital of the trust amounts at present
about £23,300, and the income is administered by
body of trustees, assisted by a staff of lady visitors.
?he sum distributed for the year 1895-96 was about
i700, which was dispensed in amounts ranging from
13 5s. to £13 each per annum. Contributions to-
wards either capital or revenue will be received by the
reasurers, J. & J. Boyd & Miller, 95 Wellington
street, Giasgow, who will also furnish information
,s to the terms of the Trust Deed.
Secretary, James MacLaren, writer, 131 West
legent Street.
The objects are (1) To promote means of friendly
ntercourse amongst the natives of the County resi-
' jlent in Glasgow, and (2) To promote the moral and
Ptfntellectual improvement of its members.
President, Ex-Provost M'Kirdy of Rothesay ; vice-
pres., T. M. Wilson, Glasgow; hon. treas., James A.
M'Leish, 194 St. Vincent Street; hon. secretary.
Ales. Robertson, 65 Bath Street.
The objects of this society are to afford aid to in-
digent persons belonging to Bute — principally such
as are of advanced age and respectability of character.
No person in receipt of parochial relief to receive
the benefits of the society, except in extraordmary
A single payment of two guineas constitutes life
membership. Ladies admitted as life members on a
single payment of one guinea.
Whitevale Street, Glasgow.
This institution was founded by the Archbishop of
Glasgow, and was opened on the 2nd February, 1887.
It is under the direction of a committee, assisted by
Sisters of Charity, and affords a temporary shelter to
children whose destitute circumstances demand im-
mediate attention. Children received into the house
are kept there until a satisfactory arrangement can
be made for them by the committee in charge. The
institution is wholly dependent on the support of the
public, and since its foundation has received and
provided for over 1900 children.
Rev. John Toner, 11 Oak Street, secretary.
This Association is established for the benevolent
or charitable purpose of giving pecuniary relief to
its members during sickness, old age, or temporary
want, granting a sum at death, and assisting their
widows and children if in necessitous circumstances.
Also, the extension of the same benevolence to such
indigent, Artistes outside the Association as the Com-
mittee of Management may consider deserving cases.
Secretary and treasurer, David J. Scott, writer, 342
Argyle Street.
Members of this society must be of the name of
Brown, or husbands, wives, or descendants of persons
of that name. Each entrant shall contribute Five
Guineas, except sons-in-law and daughters-in-law
of members, who shall contribute Three Guineas,
and husbands, wives, sons, and daughters of members,
who shall contribute Two Guineas, but a larger con-
tribution may be given by any one so disposed. Dona-
tions are received from persons of any name, and every
contributor of one guinea, at least, shall bo considered
an honorary member. The annual General Meeting is
held on the second Thursday of March; Managers'
meetings on the first Thursday of March, June,
Sep., and Dec. The annual produce of the capital
stock is from time to time applied towards relieving
necessitous members, or their widows or children, and
may be employed in placing the children of indigent
members at trades or schools.
Secretary, William MacLean (of MacLean, Fyfe,
& MacLean), writer, 115 St. Vincent St.

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