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Office-bearers — President, J. A. Campbell, LL.D.,
M.P., of Stracathro ; vice-presidents, Right Hon. the
Earl of Southesk; Right Hon. Lord Polwarth; Sir
John Bums, Bart, of Castle Wemyss; James Alex.
Campbell of Stracathro, LL.D., M.P.; Rev. A. Thom-
son, D.D., Edinburgh; W. E. Malcolm of Burnfoot;
Uev. J. Elder Cuoaming, D.D., Glasgow ; John Bovd,
Edinburgh; Rev. Griffith John, D.D., Hankow; Sir
J. N. Cuthbertson, LL.D., Glasgow ; Right Hon. Lord
Overtoun ; Robt. Binnie, Gourock ; Wm. Ferguson of
Kinmundy; David Gillespie of Mountquhanie; Rev.
Wm. Boyd, LL.D., Glasgow ; Michael Honeyman,
Glasgow; John Fringle, M.D., Edinburgh; John
Kennedy, W.S., Edinburgh ; Sur John Cowan, Bart,
of Beeslack; George Smith, Glasgow; and Rev. Wm.
H. Goold, D.D., Edinburgh.
General Board — Robert Russell Simpson, chairman;
Eev. Geo. Gladstone, vice-chairman ; Western com-
mittee, Robt. Brodie, Rev. Joseph Corbett, D.D.,
Eev. R. S. Drummiind, D.D., Rev. R. S. Dulf, D.D.,
Eev. W. B. Gardiner, Peter Gardner, Rev. George
Gladstone, John Gourlay, Leonard Gow, John Gum-
precht. Rev. J. Marshall Lang, D.D., David Lock-
hart, George Macfarlane, W. C. Maaghan, Robert
Pirrie, Rev.'F. H. Robarts, Rev. Prof. Robertson, D D.,
Eev. James Ross, Rev. Archibald Russell, Rev. John
Sloan, Wm. G. Spens, David Stewart, Rev. W. Ross
Taylor, D.D., Rev. John Young ; Eastern committee,
Rev. J. Alison, D.D., Rev. James Buchanan, Sir Arih.
Campbell, Bart., Rev. J. G. Cunningham, D.D.,
W. J. Davidson, F. A. Brown Douglas, Rev. Jame.s
Gibson, D.D., Rev. Paton J. Gloag, D.D., G
Gourlay, Rev. Principal Hodgson, D.D. , John M.
M'Candlish, Horatio R. Macrae, W.S., J. S. Mack,
Rev. Alex. Mair, D.D., the Right Hon. the Earl of
Moray, William Nairn, Rev. Thos. Nicol, D.D., Robt
R. Simpson, Robt. Sioison, Major-General F. Nepean
Smith, Rev. John Sturrock, Rev. C. R. Teape, Ph.D.,
Andw. Tod, and Rev. Alex. Wylie.
Representative Directors — Aberdeen, Sir William
Henderson; Airdrie, Robt. Watt; Alloa, Arcbd. Moir;
Ayr, David Dunlop; Barrhead, Major Hotchkis; Big-
gar District, Rev. J. Anderson; Bothwell, Blantyreand
Bellshill, Rev. Jas. Campbell ; Broughty Ferry, Rev. J.
Denney, D.D.; Buchan, W. Ferguson; Bute, Rev. W. Gal-
braith; Campbeltown, Rev.' J. M'Queen ; Carluke,
James Barr ; CcieiF, Dr. Meikle; Dumfries, Sheriff
Campion; Dundee, John W. Shepherd; Forres, Rev.
J. Smith, D. D. ; Gourock, Rev. Alexander Milne;
Govan, Rev. David Orr; Greenock, Rev. John P.
Struthers ; Hamilton, Rev. Andw. Robertson; Helens-
burgh, Rev. J. Troup; Huntly, James Grant; Inver-
ness, Bailie Chisholm; Kelso District, Rev. Thos. C.
Kirkwood ; Kilmarnock, M. Mackintosh; Kirkwall,
Rev. W. B. Melville ; Langholm District, W. E. Mal-
colm; Largs and Fairlie, Rev. W. S. Fleck; Nairn-
shire, W. White-Millar; Newport, Rev. J. A. Scoth.nd;
North Leith, William A. Thomson; Paisley, Sheriff
Cowan; Perth, Rev. U. G. Manuel; PoUokshaws, Wm.
Sewell, LL.D.; Stirling, John Macfarlane; Siranraer,
Hugh Steven ; Strom ness, A. Sloan; Vale of Leven,
Eev. W. Sutterland; Wick, Rev. James D. M'Culloch.
Treasurers — James Drummond, C.A., 58 Bath
Street, Glasgow; U. Scott, C.A., 3 Royal Cre-cent,
Edinburgh. Auditors — Moores, Carson, & Watson,
C.A., Glasgow; E. Erskine Scott, C.A., Edinburgh.
Secretary — W. J. Slowan, 224 W. George Street,
Glasgow. Visiting Secretary — Rev. J. S. Nisbet,
Instituted 1824.
Central Rooms — Christian Institute, 70 BothweS
St. Southern Section — Corner of Maxwell Rd. and
PoUokshaws Rd. Eastern Section — 127 Gt. Hamil-
ton St. Govan Section — 1 Morrison St. Partick
Section — 1 Hamilton Terrace, Peel Street.
Hon. President, Lord Overtoun; president, James
Bruce, Esq. ; vice-presidents, James S. Anderson anal
Duncan M. West; treasurer, A. M. Lindsay, M.A.,
87 West Regent Street; general secretary, William
M. Oatts ; assistant secretary, James Easton, 70
Bothwell Street; directors, J. S. Anderson, P. M.
Brooks, Robt. Brown, R. S. Brown, John Connal, I>.
Dreghorn, David Elder, J. S. Lawson, J. W. Bain,
Bryce Martin, A. Sloan, A. Ross, D. D. Dunlop,
Alex. Stewart, J. J. Watson, T. Burt, Geo. Macpher-
son, T. Dick, Jr., W. G. Gunn, Jas. Sinclair, Duncan
JI. West, James Henry, W. Johnstone, B.L., Hugh
Smith, Geo. Macfarlane, Hugh Blair, James M'Coll,
Matthew Haggart, John Lawrie, J. B. Hutchison,
John Somerville, John Reid, W. W. Lawson, John
Duncan, and Joseph Halley.
There are 231 Sabbath morning fellowship meet-
ings, and 4 sections, with reading rooms and educa-
tional classes, in connection with the AssociatioR,
with a membership of 8911. The reading rooms
at Christian Institute and sections are free to members,
and special reduced rates are charged for gymnasium,
&c., to those who are connected with the Associa-
tion. The circulating and reference libraries aS
Christian Institute and sections are also free to^
members. Young men coming from the country
should get letters of introduction to the general
secretary, who will recommend suitable lodgings and
introduce them to Christian society.
A gymnasium is fitted up with the most modem im-
provements, which is largely availed of by the members.
Employers of labour and merchants are invited to
consult the employment register at the Christian
Institute before filling vacancies in their workshops
or offices.
Established 1883.
Founder — Mrs. Todd Osborne, Rysland, Newton
Mearns, hon. treasurer and secretary.
Homes — Soldiers' and S-ailors' Mission HoTne.
Europa Main Road, Gibraltar; Casa de la Mission,
Algeciras, Casa de la Mission, Linea, South Spain.
Objects — The spiritual needs of soldiers, sailors,
natives, and floating population of the Rock, the
merchant seamen, of whom 130,000 annually vijiJ
the Bay, and the Spanish people also of the towns
and villages in Andalusia. Populatiou of Gibraltar
19,000, military 6000, floating 3500, navvies who
are constructing Government works. Supported by
voluntary contributions. Messrs. A. Gardner and
Son, 36 Jamaica street, will kindly forward, free ot
charge, any parcels or gifts for the above Mission.

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