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St. James', Mollinsburn Street, Springburn, Eev. W.
Eollo, M.A.
St. John's, Cranstonliill, Eev. J. Whitaker.
St, Luke's, Grafton Street, Eev. F. Smith.
St. Margaret's Mission, Grafton Street, Eev. A. C.
St. Mark's Mission, Shields Eoad, Kinning Park,
Eev. F. Carlisle Burton.
St. Martin's Slission, Dixon Road, Polmadie, Eev.
J. Irvine, M.A.
St. Mary's, Great Western Road, Eev. E. H. Brown,
M.A., Eev. W. S. B. Petrie, M.A., Eev. C. C. im
Thnrn, M.A., and Eev. D. C. Sinton, L.Th.
St. Matthew's Mission, Possiipark, Clergy of St.
St. Michael's, Whitefield Eoad, Govan, Eev. G. F.
St. Ninian's, Pollokshaws Eoad, Eev. M. B. Hutchison,
St. Peter's Mission, Braid Street, Cowcaddens, Clergy
from St. Mary's.
St. Saviour's Mission, Port-Dundas Eoad, Eev. W. S.B.
Petrie, M.A.
Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway — Eight Eev. W. T.
Harrison, D.D., 25 Burnbank Gardens.
Dean — Very Eev. J. Watson Eeid.
Synod Clerk — Eev. Canon W. L. Low, M.A.
•Examining Chaplains — Eev. M. B. Hutchison, M.A.,
and Eev. W. J. Wilson, B.A.
Inspector of Schools — Eev. W. Eollo, M.A.
Supernumerary — Rev. J. Forrest Bell.
Treasurer of Diocesan Foreign Mission Board — Eev.
H. W. Kirby, Lenzie.
Chancellor — John A. Spens, Writer.
Eegistrar— F. G. MacKillop, M.A., LL.B., Writer.
Auditor — T. Craig Christie, Esq.
Secretary and Treasurer of Diocesan Council — Louson
Walker, Esq., Greenock.
St, Silas', Park Eoad, Eev. Sholto D. C. Douglas,
M.A., and Eev. A. G. Townshend.
Most Rev. Chas. Eyre, D.D., LL.D., Archbishop of
Glasgow, 6 Bowmont Gardens, Hillhead ; Right
Eev. J. A. Maguire, D.D., bishop-auxiliary, and
Very Eev. Angus Canon M'Farlan?, D.D., M.R.,
vicar-generals ; Very Rev. Canon Mackintosh, dio-
cesan inspector of schools; Revs. D. M'Carthy,
J. W. M'Carthy, J. Taylor, and J. Morrison, assist-
ant inspectors.
Chapter erected 3rd Januaiy, 1884. Provost, Bishop
Maguire ; Canons, Very Revs. M. Condon, H.
Chisholm, J. Cameron, D. Carmichael (Theologian),
A. M'Farlane, D.D. (Penitentiary), D. A. Mackin-
tosh, J. M'Cay, G. M'Brearty, J. M'Namara, and
J. Dyer.
St. Andrew's Cathedral, Great Clyde Street — Eev.
James Mackintosh, John Scannell, Henry Forbes,
and James Towie.
St. Alphonsus', 21 Great Hamilton Street — T. P.
O'Reilly, A. M'Eachen, and J. MuiTay.
St. John's, Portugal Street — J. B. Macluskey, P.
Hilgers, P. Ryan, and P. Murray.
St. Joseph's, 34 N. Woodside Rd.— A. Campbell, S.J.,
E, Lund, Fr. Borscht, E. Porter, and Fr. Keating.
St. Aloysius', 21 Dalhousie St. — W. Lawson,R. Payne,
Joseph Egger, E. Etherington, and R. Eraser.
St. Mary's, Abercromby St. — Cation John J. Dyer,
A. Reifenrath, P. O'Connor, C. Haeger, and E.
St. Mungo's, Parson St. — W. 0. Hagan (Superior),
Fernardo Saavedra, Cornelius M'Grath, L. Sher-
wood, B. Ktzherbert, P. O'Neil, Justin Muldoon,
and C. Heron.
St. Patrick's, Hill St., Anderston — Canon M. Condon,
J. Toner, J. Cameron, J. O'Driscoll, and W. Orr.
St. Vincent, Duke Street. — G. G. Duperier and J.
St. Francis', Cumberland St.— C. Wood, P. Wilson,
A. Murphy, B. Conway, A. Doyle, and A. Johnston.
Sacred Heart, 54 Old Dalmarnock Eoad — F. J.
Hughes, J. Bird, and D. O'SuUivan.
Our Lady and St. Jlargarel's, Kinning Park — Canon
D. A. Mackintosh, D. Stuart, and F. Cronin.
St. Peter's, Partick — Canon A. M'Farlane, D.D., vicar-
general, J. Mullen, J. Eochead, and D. M'Brearty.
Govanhill, Holy Cross — W. P. O'Brien and T. Carlin.
Lambhill — P. Houlilian.
Springburn — J. L. Murphy and J. Nagle.
Cambuslang — J. Morrison and P. Farrell.
Maryhill — Canon J. Cameron, A. O'Brien, and J.
Milngavie— M. Jansen.
Newton — T. Currie.
Tollcross — J. Kirk.
Parkhead — M. M'Nairney and D. M'Pherson.
Port-Glasgow— J. W. M'Carthy and W. CarmichaeL
Govan— Canon G. M'Brearty, J. L. M'Intyre, P»-
Paterson, and P. Fouhy.
Rutherglen— D. M'Carthy and T. O'SuUivan.
Shettleston — P. Gaule.
Pollokshaws— Canon J. M'Namara and F. M'Cann.
Franciscan Convent, 58 Charlotte Street — A. Le
West Thorn Reformatory — A. M'Donald.
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Dalbeth — J. Florach.
Convent of Mercy, Hill Street, Garnethill — Served
from St. Aloysius'.
Convent of Notre Dame, Dowanhill — Sensed from
Franciscan Convent, Orchai-d, Crosshill — Served from
St. Peter's College, New Kilpatrick — Very Eev. Canon
D. Carmichael, J. Eitchie, G. Stack, E. Eogan, D.D.,
and C. Di Monti.
H.M. Prison, Duke Street and Barlinnie — Visiting
Chaplain, Rev. P. O'Neill, 36 Parson Street.
Vicariate Office of the Archdiocese of Glasgow — •
Bishop Maguire, vicar-general, 160 Renfrew St.
Comprising the Evangelical Union and the
Congregational Union as existing at 1896.
Bethany, Bernard Street, Bridgeton, D. E. Irons,
M.A., B.D.
Bridgeton, Muslin Street, John A. Lees.
Calton, West Street, John M. Forsou,
Eglinton Street, J. Ross.
Elgin Place, 240 Bath Street, off Sauchiehall Street,
Govan, James Edwards, M.A., B.D.
Govan, White St., E. J. E. Boon.
Govanhill, William Forsyth.

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