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Wallace, And. jun., 24 George sq.
Watson, John E., 149 St. Vin. st.
Watson, T. W. M., 149 St. Vin-
cent street
White, P. Stewart, 150 Hope st.
Whyte, John B., 4 High street,
Wight, John, of Wight & Ferguson,
150 Hope street
Wilson, James, 26 Renfield street
Wilson, John, of John Wilson &
Stirling, 154 St. Vincent st.
Wylie, Joseph A., 98 Holm st.
Elderton, Fred. F., 30 Renfield st.
Adam, Douglas Y., 68 St. Vincent
Aitken, Arthur C, 104 West
George street
Alexander, Henry S. F., 212 West
George street
Allan, Kobt., jun., 26 Renfield st.
Anderson, Norman F., 115 St.
Vincent street
Andrews, Wra. F., 105 W. George
Ballantyne, R. H., 107 St. Vincent
Ballardie, John de C, 107 Bu-
chanan street
Bannatjne, F. C, 115 St. Vin. st
Bannerman, J. F., 108 W. Geo. st
Barbour, H. C, 115 St. Vincent st
iLJarclay, Geo., 88 St. Vincent at.
Barclay, Jas. M., 88 St. Vincent st
Barrie, Andw., 187 W. George st.
Bell, J. W. A., 24 George square.
Bell, Maurice J., 212 W.Georgest.
Bottomley, A. W. T., 115 St.
Vincent street
Brown, Arthur S., 45 W. Nile st.
Brown, John, 24 George sq
Brown, Wm., 45 West Nile street
Bryden, Wm. C., 82 Gordon st.
Buchanan, J. G., 40 High street,
Fort William
Cairney, D., 45 West Nile street
Campbell, Thomas M., 149 West
George street
Clark, Robert H., 94 Hope street
Conner, A. K., 150 Hope street
Cook, Crawford, 1G3 \V. George st.
•Costigane, Spiers C. E., 104 West
George street
Couper, J. G, jun., 88 St Vine. st.
Craig, Edward H. S., 187 West
George street
Craigie, Jas. B., 209 W. George st.
Crawford, D. F., 82 West Nile st.
Cruickshank, J. H., 149 W. George
Cumming, J.W., 107 St. Vincent st.
Dalrymple, Wm. South st. Wh'inch
Doran, J. Leslie, 45 W. Nile st.
Drew, Chas. H., f.3 St. Vincent st
Fordyce, Wm., 19 W. Nile st.
Forgie, Wm. R., 110 W. Geo. st.
Forrest, T. S., 150 St. Vincent st.
Eraser, M., 63 St. Vincent street
Eraser, T. H., jr., 137 W. George
French, Jas. A., 40 St Vincent pi
Fulton, J. M., 157 W. George st.
Galbraith, D. Russell, 82 West
Regent st.
Gardner, J. J. M., 36 Jamaica st.
Gemmel, H. S., M.A., 51 St. Vin-
cent street
Gib-iOD, Arch. P., 59 St. Vine. st.
Gillies, John, 81 St. Vincent street
Gordon, Wm. M. 48 W. Nde st.
Green, William Turner, 51 St.
Vincent street
Han-is, D. W., 162 St. Vincent st.
Ha't, Jas M., 209 W. George st.
Harvey. Wra. A., 101 St. Vin. st.
Helliwell, John W.,45 W. Nile st
Henderson, W. D. S., 212 West
George street.
Hilton, Edw. D., 190 W. George
Houston, John A., ll.") St. Vin. st
Jack, J. Murray, 45 W. Nile st
Jackson, Harry, 139 St Vine. st.
Jamieson, Wm. H., 163 W. Geo. st
Judd, Harold G., 137 W. George
Ker, Adam, 105 W. George street
Kerr, James, 33 Renfield street
Laing, .John S., 75 St. George's pi.
Lang. John, 21 Queen's Dock
Lawrie, John, 45 W. Nile street
Leisk, Jas. R., 24 George square
Leys, Kenneth, 102 Hope st.
Lindsay, Herbert J. G., 156 St.
Vincent st.
M'Auslin, Jas , jun., 149 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Cutcheon, Alexander J., 162 St.
Vincent street
Macdonald, Alex., 157 Buchanan
Macdonald, George A., 154 St.
Vincent street
Macdonald, H. F., 162 St Vine, st
M'Donald, John, 209 W. George
M'Dougall, Donald K., 45 John st.
M'Ewen, F. E., 149 W. George st
M'Ewing, Alex., 45 W. Nile st.
M'Kean, Geo. B., 1G2 St. Vincent st
M'Kerrow, Wm. L., 16 St. Vin-
cent place
Mackie, H. M., 94 Hope street
Maclachlan, W. 5L, 209 W. George
M'Lay, Wm., 94 Hope st.
M'Leish, Harold, 212 W. George st
M'Lennan, Thomas B., jun., 163
West George street
Macleod, Norman, 101 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Millan, Anthony C, 140 Hope st
M'Millan, Hugh, 105 W. George st
M'Millan, Wm., 187 W. George st
Marr, Jas. A., 203 W. George st
Marr, J. Sinclair, jun. 173 Sti
Vincent street
Meikle, Jas., jun. 107 Buchanan st
Miller, James, 144 W. Regent st
Milwain, John, 154 St. Vincent sfct
Mitchqll, Alex., 82 W. Regent st.
Morrison, A., jr., 59 St. Vine. st.
Morton, Jas. M., 209 W. Geo. st.
Muir, Hugh, 24 George sq.
Murdoch, Alex., 94 Hope st.
Murdoch, Robt., 24 George square
Murray, J. L., jr., 209 W. George
Nairn, Alex. S., 136 Both well st
Nelson, Walter, 172 St. Vine, st
Nicol, Thos. D., 107 Buchanan st.:,
Orme, John, 168 St. Vincent st
Orr. H. J., 209 W. George st
Philp, John. 149 W. Georae st
Pollok, R. M., jr., 115 St. Vine. st.
Pye, E. Bnrn3, 209 W. George st.
Ramsay, Thos. B., 45 W. Nile st.
Rankin, John T., 94 Hope st
Reid, R. v., 115 St. Vincent st.
Reid, Wm., 19 St. Vincent cres.
Reith, E. E.. 115 St. Vincent st.
Richmond, J. T., 110 W. Geo. st.
Scott, John, 82 W. Regent street
Sloan, D. Norman, B.L., 115 St.
Vincent street
Smith, And. M'L., 24 George sq
Smith, Archd., 209 W. George st.
Smith, J. G. M., 104 W. George st.
Smith, J. Stuart, 102 Hope st.
Sommerville, John C, 149 Hope
Spens, Wm., 209 W. George st
Stewart, F. C, 154 S'. Vincent st
Stewart, Hugh B., 101 St. Vincent
Sutherland, Jas. B., 45 W, Nile st
Sutherland, Wm., 115 St. Vine, st
Tait, Wm. S., 203 W. George st.
Taylor, E. H., 203 W. George st
Taylor, Geo., 26 Renfield street
Taylor, W. J., 82 W. Regent sf.
Tebb, Lewthwaite,82 W. Regent st
Thomson, W. G., 139 St. Vine, st
Todd, Geo. F., 209 W. George st.
Tulloch, G. A. H., 212 W. Geo. st
Turner, J. B., 115 St. Vincent st
Turner, W. E., 209 W. George st
Ure, J. J., 137 W. George st.
Waddell, Wm., 191 W. George st.
Walker, C. D. R., 82 W. Regent st
Wardhaugh, J. B., 140 Hope st
Watt, C. J., 94 Hope st
Whyte, Chas. A., 24 George sq.
Wight, G. W., 150 Hope st
Wilson, Geo. F., 28 Renfield st.
Wilson, R., 137 W. George st.
Winning, Jas., jun., 154 St. Vin-
cent street
Young, Geo., 154 St. Vincent st.
institute's hall,
106 West Nile Street.
Curator, G?orge Adams.

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