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Guild, W. A., 63 St. Vincent st.
Guthrie, David, of Bannatyne,
Bannatyne, & Guthrie, 191 W.
George street.
Guthrie, Thos., 168 St. Vincent st.
Hamilton, A. F., of Outram &
Hamilton, 82 W. Nile street
Hart, Arthur, of Hart & Watson,
63 St. Vincent st.
Higginbotham, C. J. , 83 M'Neil st.
Hodge, Jas. E., of Hodge & Smith,
105 W. George street.
Hotchkis, Richard J. jun., 115 St
Vincent street
Hutchison, Edw., 150 St. Vin. st.
Hutton, Jas.,of M'Farlane, Hutton,
& Patrick, 203 W. George street
Ireland, Jas. G,, 55 Bath st.
Irvine, Pat. G., 24 George square
Jackson, S. Douglas, 61 St. Vin-
cent street.
Jackson, Thos., of Thomson, Jack-
son, Gonrlay, & Taylor, Bank of
Scotland Bldgs., 24 George sq.
Johnston, J., 212 W. George street
Keith, Henry, 49 West George st.
Kellock, James, of Carrick, Kellock,
& Barclay, 22 W. Nile street
Kelly, Thomas, 150 Hope street
Ker, Charles, M.A., of M'Clelland,
Mackinnon & Co., 115 St.
Vincent street
Key den, Theodore E., 92 W. Nile st
Kidston, David W., of Findlay,
Kidston, & Goff, 102 Hope st
Lamb, David F., 187 W. Geo. st
Lamb, Jas. S., 40 St. Vincent pi.
Lament, Wm. , of Lament & Mac-
quisten, 33 Renfield street
Love, Hugh M.,196 St. Vincent st.
M'Adam, M. G., 209 W. George st
M'Auslin, Wm., 209 W. George st
M'Callum, Wm., 128 Hope street
M'Clelland, And. S., of M'Clelland,
Mackinnon & Co., 116 St.
Vincent street
M'Cosh, John, 121 W. Eegent st.
M'Ewan, T. F., 121 W. Eegent st.
Macfarlan, E., 149 W. George st.
Macbarg, And. S., 115 St. Vine. st.
Macharg, E. Simpson, of Macharg
& Son, 69 Buchanan street.
Macharg, John M., of Macharg &
Son, 69 Buchanan street.
Macindoe, Alex.,of M'Phee & Mac-
indoe, 104 West George street
Mackay, J. R., 148 W. Regent st.
Mackenzie, E. C, of Aitken, Mac-
kenzie & Clapperton, 68 St.
Vincent street
Mackenzie, Walter, 68 St. Vine. st.
M'Kim, Geo. B., of T. &. G. B.
M'Kim, 149 St. Vincent street
M'Kim, Thos., of T. & G. B. M'Kim,
149 St. Vincent street
Mackinnon, Wm., 115 St. Vine. st.
M'Lay, James, 94 Hope street
Maclay, Eobt. M., 209 W. George
MacLean, D., 98 West George st.
Macleod, John M., 101 St Vine, st
M'Lintock, Thomson, 88 St. Vin-
cent street
M'Lintock, Wm., 88 St. Vine. st.
M'Omish, Alex., 79 W. Eegent st.
Macquisten, A. P. S., of Lament
& Macquisten, 33 Renfield st
Mair, Robert A., of Reid & Mair,
Clydesdale Bank Buildings, 40
St. Vincent place
Mann, John, of John Mann & Son,
188 St. Vincent st
Mann, John, jun., M.A., of John
Mann & Son, 188 St. Vine, st
Marwick, Jas.. of Walker & Mar-
vrick. New York, U.S.A.
Mitchell, Alex., 82 W. Regent st.
Mitchell, Andrew, of Sloancs & Mit-
chell, 187 West George street
Mitchell, Mat., of Mitchell & Smith,
59 St. Vincent st.
Mitchell, R. D. M., of Smith &
Williamson, 149 W. George st.
MofFatt, George, 136 Buchanan st.
Moffatt, John, 104 W. George st.
Moore, Alex., of Moorea, Carson,
& Watson, 209 West George st.
Moore, Alex., jun., of Moores, Car-
son, & Watson, 209 W. George
Moore, David E., 105 W. George st
Muir, James, of Kerr, Andersons,
Muir, & Main, 149 W. Geo. st
Murray, Alex., of Carswell &
Murray, 81 St. Vincent street
Murray, J. M., of Murray & Dun-
lop, 82 West Eegent st.
Murray, R. A., of Brown, Fleming,
& MuiTay, 163 W. George st.
Nairn, Vl. M., of Nairn, Bowes, &
Craig, 203 W. George street
Naismith, William W., 175 West
George street
Napier, R. Graham, 107 St. Vin-
cent street.
Neil, John H., 121 W. Regent st.
Norrie, Jas. D., 209 W. George st.
Outram, Jas., of Outram & Hamil-
ton, 82 West Nile st
Parker, J. H., B.L., 89 West
Regent street
Paterson, Jas. B., 196 St. Vincent
Paterson, Jas. C, of Paterson &
Benzie, 63 St. Vincent st
Paterson, John, 149 W. George st.
Paterson, R., of Paterson, New-
lands, & Co., 28 Renfield street
Patrick, J., M.A., of Macfarlane,
Hutton, & Patrick, 203 West
George st.
Pritchard, Thos. Cuthbertson, 110
West George street
Quaile, Wm., 69 St. George's place
Rattray, David, of Rattray Bros.
& Cairney, 45 W. Nile st.
Rattray, Patrick, of Rattray Bros.
& Cairney, 45 W. Nile st.
Keid, Robt., of Reid & Mair, Clydes-
dale Bk. Builds., 40 St. Vin.pl,
Richmond, Dav. A., 24 George sq.
Rintoul, Peter, of Grahams & Co.,
212 W. George st.
Eoberton, Lewis A., 40 St. Vin. pi,
Roberton, Robt. D., 129 Trongate
Robertson, R. Hope, of L. & R. H.
Eobertson, 58 St. Vincent street
Robinson, T. E., city accountant,
285 George street
Ross, J. Munn, 115 Wellington st
Scott, A. B. Birkmjre, 63 St,
Vincent st
Scott, W. N., 62 St. Vincent st.
Selkirk, David, 04 W. Eegent st. '
Service, Hugh L, 135 St. Vincent
Sharp, Wm., 203 W. George st,
Shaw, A. M., 166 St. Vincent st.
Simmers, John A., 116 St. Vinc.st.
Simmers, S. E., 58 Bath street,
Sloan, Alex., 140 Hope street
Sloane, Francis N., of Sloanes &
Mitchell, 187 W. George street
Smart, A. W., jr., 66 Bath st
Smith, D. J., of Smith & William-
son, 149 W. George st.
Smith, Robt. J., of Mitchell &
Smith, 59 St. Vincent st.
Smith, E. E., of Grahams & Co.,
212 West George st.
Smith, Tho?., of Hodge & Smith,
105 W. George street
Steele, H. M., 105 W. George st.
Steel, John D., 203 W. George st
Steven, George H., jun., 81 St,
Vincent street
Stewart, Henry C, 209 W. Gsorge
Stewart, Jas. S., 209 W. George st
Stewart, J, W,, 150 Hope st.
Stewart, Percy, 40 St. Vincent pi
Stewart, Wm., jr., 154 St. Vin. st
Stirling, G. D. , of John Wilson &
Stirling, 154 St. Vincent street
Strathie, Dav., 162 St. Vincent st
Strong, J. Roxburgh, of D. & A,
Cuthbertson, Provan, & Strong,
110 West George street
Suttie, David, 69 St. Vincent st
Tannahill, John T., 163 W. Geo. st
Tannock, Thos. W., 203 W. Geo. st
Taylor, Chas., 65 Bath st.
Taylor, James, of Thomson, Jack-
son, Gourlay, & Taylor, Bank of
Scotland Buildgs., 24 George sq.
Taylor, J. L., junr,, 107 St, Vin-
cent street
Tod, D. Inman, Melbourne, Aus-
Tod, Philip H., 102 Hope street
Todd, Alfred A., 104 W. George st.
Todd, Ruthven R., 141 W. George
Tosh, Robt., 79 W. Regent street
Ure, Thomas, 24 George street
Urie, John, 137 West George st.
Vost, Chas. 154 St, Vincent st.

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