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Chrystal, John George, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Chrystal, Robert, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Colvil, H. M-, 125 Buchanan Street.
Darling, James T., Royal Exchange.
Dickie, Robert, 17 Royal Exchange Square.
Dickson, John R , 25 Gordon Street.
Dunlop, Nathaniel, 25 Bothwell Street.
Drysdale, A. Oswald, 17 Royal Exchange Square,
Easton, Walter, 125 Buchanan Street.
Galbraith, John A., 15 St. Vincent Place.
Greig, James R., 46 Gordon Street.
Harrison, John R., 45 Renfield Street.
Hepburn, William, 80 Buchanan Street.
Kennedy, D. H. C, 21 St. Vincent Place,
Lamont, Charles, 8 Gordon street
Law, William, 123 Hope Street.
Lietke, Charles F., 109 Hope Street.
MacBrayne, David, 17 Royal Exchange Square.
MacBrayne, J. B., 17 Royal Exchange Square.
M'Clelland, Andrew S., 115 St. Vincent Street.
M'Cowan, David, Royal Exchange Buildings.
M'Cowan, David, jun., Royal Exchange Buildings.
M'Gregor, Alexander, 75 St. George's Place.
MacGregor, John, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Macintyre, John D., Royal Exchange Buildings.
MacLellan, Walter T., Royal Exchange Buildings.
M'Leod, J. Grant, Royal Exchange Buildings.
M'Whirter, John, 125 Buchanan Street.
Martin, Wm., 4 North Court, Royal Exchange Sq.
Miller, A. B., 31 St. Vincent Place.
Morton, James S., 54 St. Vincent Street.
Morton, Hugh, 125 Buchanan Street.
Nisbett, Archibald, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Orr, James B., Royal Exchange Buildings.
Patrick, Joseph, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Rae, Archibald, 28 Renfield Street.
Reddie, James C, 17 Royal Exchange Square.
Rose, John, 27 St. Vincent Place.
Roxburgh, John Archd., 3 Royal Exchange Square,
Russell, Robert, 8 Gordon Street.
Service, R. Gibson, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Spiers, John, Royal Exchange Buildings.
Thom, Archibald R., 96 Buchanan Street.
Thomson, Setoo, 27 St. Vincent Place.
Thomson, William, 49 West George Street.
Walker, Robert A., 134 St. Vincent Street.]
Watt, John, 27 St. Vincent Place.
Wingate, Jas., 52 St. Enoch Square.
Office-hearers comtitvting the Council for the year 1897. — John Wilson, president; J. Roxburgh Strong,
David Myles, William D. Cairney, Alexander Murray, Charles Ker, M.A., Francis N. Sloane, James
Button, Robert C. MaoKenzie, and David W. Kidston, committee; Alexander Moore, auditor; William A.
Guild, treasurer; Alexander Sloan, secretary.
Aikman, P. H., of Aikman & Glen,
107 St. Vincent street
Aitken, R. Easton, of Aitken,
Mackenzie & Clapperton, 68 St.
Vincent st.
Anderson, H. K., of Kerr, Ander-
sons, Muir, & Main, 149 West
George street
Anderson, W. J., of Kerr, Ander-
sons, Muir, & Main, 149 West
George street
Anderson, T. L., 157 Buchanan st
Ai-thur, Alex. 68 St. Vincent st
Arthur, Henry M., of J. & J.
M'Omish & Arthur, 79 West
Regent street
Auld, Wm., 24 St. Vincent place
Bannatyne, Dugald, of Bannatyne,
Bannatyne, & Guthrie, 191 W.
George street.
Bannatyne, J. A., of Bannatyne,
Bannatyne, & Guthrie, 191 W.
George street.
Benzie, R. Marr, of Paterson &
Benzie, 63 St. Vincent st.
Berry, Wm. R.,143 W. Regent st
Bird, David, jun. Milnwood House,
Blyth, Robert, 191 Ingram street
Bowes, Jas. C, of Nairn, Bowes, &
Craig, 203 VV. George street
Boyd, Wm., 112 Bath street
Brown, Ales. H., 28 Renfield st
Brown, Hugh, Jr., 58 St. Vincentst.
Brown, John T., 104 W. George st.
Buchanan, A. R. H., 40 St. Vine. pi.
Cadell, Geo. A., 116 St. Vincent st.
Cairney, Wm. D., of Rattray Bros.
& Cairney, 45 W. Nile st.
Carson, D. S., of Moores, Carson
& Watson, 209 W. George st
Carstairs, A'ex. M., 55 Bath st
Carswell, Robert, of Carswell &
Murray, 81 St. Vincent street
Chrystal, W. Y., 22 Renfield st
Church, W. R. M. of Church &
Greig, 104 West George street
Clapperton, Lewis, M. A.,of Aitken,
Mackenzie & Clapperton, 68 St.
Vincent street
Corse, Robt., 168 St. Vincent st
Craig, Robt., 203 W. George st.
Craig, T. A., 139 St. Vincent st.
Dalrymple, Jas., 88 Renfield street
Davidson, Jas., M.A., 102 Hope st.
Deas, Alex. D., of Gourlay & Deas,
180 Hope street
Dempster, Robt., 149 Hope st.
Donald, John R., of Donald & Co.,
104 W. George st.
Donald, T. F., of Donald & Co.,
104 W. George st.
Drew, Wm., 67 West Nile street
Drynan, David T,, 157 W. Geo. st
Dunlop, W., of Dunlop & Murray,
82 West Regent st.
Dunn, John, jr., 104 W. George st.
Fairie, John, 82 West Nile street
FergussoD, Alex. J., of Eraser &
Fergusson, 190 W. George st.
Ferguson, Wm., of Wight & Fer-
guson, 150 Hope street
Fleming, A., of Fleming & Black,
51 St. Vincent street
Forgie, Alex. T., of Maclean Brodie
& Forgie, 22 Renfield st.
Eraser, J. Edw., 63 St. Vincent st
Fraser, Robert D., of Fraser &
Ferguson, 190 W. George st.
Gairdner, Chas. D., of M'Clelland,
Mackinnon & Co., 115 St.
Vincent street
Galbraith, Walter, of W. & W. B,
Galbraith, 107 Buchanan st.
Galbraith, W. B., of W. & W. B.
Galbraith, 107 Buchanan st.
Gibson, Jas. B., 157 Buchanan st.
Glen, Ninian, M.A., F.F.A., of Aik-
man & Glen, 107 St. Vincent st
Goff, Wm. H.,of Findlay, Kidston,
& Goff, 102 Hope street
Gourlay, A. Murray, 24 George sq
Goiirlay, John, of Thomson, Jack-
son, Gourlay, and Taylor, Bank
of Scotland Bldgs., 24 George sq.
Gourlay, John W., of Gourlay &
Deas, 180 Hope street
Grahame, J., Western Club, Glasgow
Graham, John, of Grahams & Co.,
212 West George street
Graham, Fatk., of Grahams & Co.,
212 West George street
Graham, Wm., 212 W. George st.
Greig, R. C, of Church & Greig,
104 West Regent street

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