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MacBrayne, David, 119 Hope st
MacBrayne, J. B., Exchange sq
M'Call, Henry, of Daldowie
M'Clelland, A. S., 115 St. Vin. st
M'Cowan, D., 7 Lynedoch crescent
M'Cutcheon, Alex., 32 Myrtle P'k
Macdonald, A. G., 8 Park circus
M'Ewan, R. D., 22 Montrose st
M'Farlane, J., 96 G. Hamilton st
M'Farlane, John, 151 North st
Macfarlane, Robert
Macfarlane, W., Saracen Foundry
Macgeorge, B. B.,19 Woodside cr.
M'Kellar, Wm., 136 Stirling road
M'Kenzie, James, 24 Shuttle st
M'Kinlay, David
M'Lelland, Robt., 101 St Vine, st
M'Lennan, J., 40 St. Andrews st
Macleod, J. M., 101 St. Vine, st
M'Lure, Wm., 147 New City road
M'Ouat, R. B., Arden, Balshagray
Macpherson, H. S., 62 Queen sc
M'Phun, J. P., 40 Mill street
Mair, Alexander, Greenhead
Manners, J. R., 114 Union street
Marshall, James, Peebles
Martin, J. H., Gallowgate
Mason, Thomas, Bellahouston
Mathieson, J. H., 13 E.Campbell st
Mathieson, T. A., do.
Menzies, Thomas, Crown street
Michie, A. S., Royal Bank
Miller, James, 5 S. Hanover st
Miller, John, 23 Exchange sq
Mirrlees, James B., Scotland st
Mitchell, Andw., 12 Princes sq
Mitchell, Angus, 32 Miller street
Mitchell, J. 0., LL.D,, 69 East
Howard st
Mitchell, R. M., 21 Both well st
Morrin, D., 179 Parliamentary rd
Morrison, Jas., Gt. Western road
Mowat, James, 6 Craigpark, D'ton
Munro, Daniel, 39 Hope street
Murdoch, R., 7 Park Circus place
Murray, Alex., 81 St. Vincent st
Murray, John, College street
Murray, John, Marybill
Napier, John, merchant
NellsoD, Arch., 10 Somerville pi
Nelson, T. C, 39 Bellgrove fctreet
Newton, W. D., 17 W. Cumberl. st
Nicol, Wm., 154 London street
Ogilvie, Wm., 1 Doune terrace
Orr, Robert, 79 W. Nile street
Osborne, Alex., 45 Candleriggs
Osborne, James, 215 Centre street
Parnie, James, 32 Lynedoch street
Paton, Walter, 73 Virginia street
Peat, P. S., 8 Kelvin drive
Pettigrew, W., 109 Sauchiehall st
Philipps, 0. C, 487 Sauchiehall st.
Pfimrose, J. U., Centre street
Provand, A. D., M.P., 2 Whitehall
court, S.W.
Quigley, Jas., 17 Monteith row
Ramsey, Robert, Park terrace
Reid, Hugh, Springburn
Reid, Thoma«, 92 W. George st
Reid, W. W. W., 40 Belmont gdns.
Rennie, David, 25 Huntly gardens
Richardson, David, merchant
Richardson, James, 89 Queen st
Richmond, David, 35 Rose st
Robb, T. R., Hawthorne Bank
Robertson, Jos. C, 2 La Belle pi
Robertson, R. H., 58 St. Vine, at
Robertson, W., 4 Florentine ter
Ross, D., LL.D., 47 Carnarvon st
Ross, K. G., Ravensleigh, D'hill
Rowan, David, 237 Elliot street
Russell, Charles, Herald Office
Salmon, W. F., 4 Bnrnbank gdns.
Scott, D. M., 2 Park quadrant
Shearer, John, 13 Crawn terrace
Simons, Michael, Candleriggs j
Sinclair, Ale.t., Buchanan &t I
Smith, Geo., Bothwell st i
Smith, J. P., M.P., of Jordanhill
Smith, Stewart, 208 Bath street
Smith, Thomas, Crossbill
Smith, Wm., jun., 208 Bath street
Snodgrass, G. W., 10 St. Jamest'ter
Stephen, Alexander, Linthouse
Steven, Henry, 20 Ingram st
Steven, H., 142 N. Woodside rd
Stevenson, D., merchant
Stevenson, James, jun.
Stevenson, William, 21 Clyde pi
Stewart, N. B., jr., 14 Park circus
Strang, William, CrosshiU
Swan, Michael, 20 Jamaica st
Templeton, James, 2 W. Regent st
Templeton, R. 164 S. WeUington st
Thompson, Jas., Devonshire gdns.
Thompson, John, Bridge of Weir
Thompson, J. S., St. Marnock st
Thomson, J. M., engineer
Ure, John, LL.D., Cairndhu,
Ure, John Gibb, Regent Mills
Wallace, H., 544 St. Vincent st
Watson, Thos., 9 Belhaven terrace
Westland, R., 3 Nithsdale place
Wilson, D., 30 St. Vincent place
Wilson, James, 38 W. George st
Wilson, John, M.P., Hillhead
Wilson, J., M.P., Craigmount,
Wilson, Thomas, 268 Albert rd
Wilson, Walter, Jamaica street
Wilson, Wm., 43 Virginia buildgs.
Wylie, Robt., 45 Buchanan street
Young, J. E., 92 Union street
Younger, Geo., 166 Ingram street
The Sheriff and the Sheriff-Substitutes of Lanarkshire, the Bailies of Glasgow, the Dean of Guild of
Glasgow, the Deacon Convener of Glasgow, the Bailie of the River and Firth of Clyde, the Stipendiary
Magistrate of Glasgow, the Chairmen of the Parish Councils within the County — all for the time being.
Clerk of the Peace, George Gray; Depute Clerics of the Peace, George Gray, jun., and Thomas C.
Justices' hall and office of the clerk of the peace, County Buildings; Public entrance, 107 Brunswick I
Street; Justices' entrance, 72 Hutcheson Street.
The Earl of Home, A.D.C., 1890
Anstruther, Sir Windham Charles
James Carmichael, of Westraw
and Carmichael, Bart., 1890
Anstruther, Sir Windham C. J.
Carmichael, Bart., 1894.
Gostigane, J. T., 1892
Govan Division — Wilson, John
Partick Division — Smith, J. Parker
North-West Division — Holborn,
John G.
North-East Division — Colville, J.
Mid Division — Caldwell, James
South Division — Hozier, Jas. H. C.
Aikman, T. S. G. H. Robertson, of
Ross & Broomelton, 1889
Anstruther, Sir Windham C. J.
Carmichael, Bait., 1870.
Arthur, Wilham Rae, 1869
Bain, Sir James, of Crofthead, 1876
Bell, Sir James, Bart., 1896.
Bertram, Wm., of Kersewell, 1877
Blantyre, Lord, 1864
Blythswood, Lord, 1868
Buchanan, Col. Sir David C. R.
Carrick, K.C.B., of Drumpellier,
Burns, Sir John, Bart., Castle
Wemyss, 1883
Campbell, Jas. A., M.P., of Stra-
cathro, 1890
Christie, T. Craig, of Bedlay, 1877
Clark. Walter Archd. of Cruther-
laiid, 1894
Colebrooke, Sir Edward Arthur, of
Crawford, Bart., 1890

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