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Meeoantile Marine and Boakd of Tbadb
Offices, 12 James Watt Street. — D. C. Koss, R.N.R.,
superintendent; D. M'Kenzie, John Stewart, G. M.
I. Eae, A King, Thomas Samuel, and John Young,
deputy-superiniendeiits ; James D. M'lntyre and
Ranald W. MacDonald, clerks and deputy -superints.
Examination Office, 12 James Watt Street; Wm.
H. Barham, Lieut. R.N.E., examiner of masters and
Mekchants House, West George Street. —
Donald Graham, Dean of Guild; W. H. HiU, LL.D.,
Office of Public Works, City Chambers, 64
Cochrane Street. — J. Whyte, master of works ; A. B.
M'Donald, city engineer.
Office of Registrar under " Glasgow Corpora-
tion Loans Act, 1883," City Chambers, 285 George
St. — T. Eaton Robinson, city registrar.
Parish Councils Office (City Parish), 318
Parliamentary Rd. — Archd. Dempster, inspector.
Police Chambers (Central), 9 S. Albion St.
Police Office, Western, 55 Cranston St.
" Eastern, 15 Tobago St.
" Southern, Oxford St.
" Northern, 19 Maitland St.
" St. Rollox, Tennant St.
" Queen's Park, Belleisle St.
" Maryhill, Gairbraid Avenue.
" Marine, 19 M'Alpine St.
Police Station, East Clyde Street
' " Dalmarnock Road.
' " Camlachie.
' " Paisley Road.
' " South Wellington Street.
' " Camperdown Street.
' " Springburn.
■ " Strathbungo.
' " Hillhead, Byars Road.
Police Collectors' Offices, Central District,
City Chambers, John Street, J. Raid, collector ; North-
western, 38 Great Western Road, John Crais, col-
lector; Eastern, 11 Tobago Street, John M'Ewan,
1 collector; Southern, 70 Nicholson Street, James
Gibb, collector.
Police, &c., Assessments, Surveyor's Office
for the city of Glasgow, City Chambers, 249 George
St. — Jas. Henry, surveyor.
Police Treasurer's Office, City Chambers,
285 George St. — Jas. D. Borthwick, treasurer.
Post Office, George Square. — Francis Braid,
Procurator Fiscal's Office for the Bdrgh
AND Police Courts, Central Police Chambers.
Procurator-Fiscal for the Justices of
XHE Peace. — J. M. Threshie, County Buildings,
Recruiting District Offices, 27 Gallowgate.
Registration of Voters' Office for the
City of Glasgow, City Chambers, 249 George
Street. — James Henry, assessor.
Religious Institution Rooms, 200, 204 Bu-
chanan Street. — John M'Callum & Co., proprietors.
Sanitary Chambers, 23 Montrose Street and
8 Cochrane Street. — Peter Fyfe, F.R.S.E., sanitary-
inspector; Medical officers of health, J. B. Russell,
M.D., LL.D., A. K. Chalmers, M.D., D.P.H. (Camb.)
Sasinb Office for the Burgh of Glasgow.
Town Clerk's Office, City Chambers.
Session - Clerk's Office for Anderston,
4 Minerva Street. — James Stirling, session-clerk,
Session-Clerk's Office for the Baront
Parish, also for the Quoad Sacra Parishes
OF Bluevale, Kelvinhaugh, Macleod, Milton,
Martyrs, Park, Pabkhead, Port-Dundas,
Sandyford, St. Mark's, St. Stephen's, St.
Matthew's, and St. Vincent, 122 WelUngton
St. Hours, 10 to 4; Fridays, 6.30 to 8, Saturdays,
10 to 1. — E. R. Catterns, session- clerk. A Map
showing boundaries of Quoad Sacra Parishes may
be seen at the office.
Session Clerk's Office fob the City Par-
ishes, Goebals, Hutchesontown, Teadeston,
Little Govan, Polmadie, and Govanhill, 32
Main St. Gorbals. — Thos. Smith, session-clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office fob the Parishes of
Calton, St. Luke, Greenhead, Chalmers, St.
Clements, and St. Thomas. Office open every
lawful evening from 7 to 8. Proclamations taken
in during the day at 37 Stevenson St., Calton. —
Thos. Cochran, assistant session-clerk.
Session - Cleek's Offices for Suburban
Govan Parish, including the districts of Trades-
ton, Govanhill, Little Govan, Polmadie,
Kelvindale, and all parts of Govan Parish not
Quoad Sacra Parishes, John Albert Marshall, writer,
208 St. Vincent Street, session clerk; J. Brown, 50
Nicholson Street; A. Blair, 649 Govan Rd. ; W.
Kerr, 328 Dumbarton Road, Partick.
Sheriff Chambers, County Buildings, Wilson
Street. — Robert Berry, M.A., LL.D., sheriff; Alex.
Erskine Murray, Wilham Guthrie, LL. D., Walter Cook
Spens, LL.D., D. Davidson Balfour, and R. Urquhart
Strachan, substitutes ; John Downie, sheriff-clerk ;
A. Pearson, J. Boyle, Wm. Wright, and John Wood,
deputes; Jas. N. Hart, procurator-fiscal; G. Brander
and William Young, depute procurator-fiscals ; A.
R. Brown, auditor of court. — Courts for ordinary
business on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday, during session ; Debts Recovery Courts on
Mondays; and for Small Debts on Monday, Wed-
nesday, and Thursday, weekly. Appeal Courts, Mon-
days, Tuesdays, and Fridays for Lower Ward Cases,
Wednesdays for Upper and Middle Ward cases. Sum-
mary Ejection Court on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Criminal Courts are held as occasion may require.
318 paeliamentaey road.
First Ward.— Arthm M'Hugh, 134 Gallowgate;
Hugh Blair, 11 Spoutmouth; Thomas Newton
Whitelaw, 87 Sydney Street ; James Daly, jun. 60
Trongate; Charles Lang, 108 Trongate ; Robert M.
Milholm, 15 Gallowgate; Kev. Thomas P. O'Reilly,
17 Great Hamilton Street.
Second Ward. — James Conway, 11 George Street;
Alexander Morrin, 79 Parson Slrfei ; Dr. M.
M'Laughhn, 136 Stirling Road; Patrick O'Hare, 25
Queen's Drive; Thomas Sutherland, 136 Stirling
Road ; Andrew Forbes, 79 Alexandra Parade.
Third Ward. — David Morrin, 179 Parliamentary
Road ; Alexander Bryson, 2 Grafton Square ; John
Anderson, 362 Parliamentary Rd. ; Hugh M'Connell,

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