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5. Charles street, Bridgeton cross.
6. East Clyde street, opposite Fish Market.
7. Broomielaw,
8. Buchanan street, opposite Eailway Station.
9. Corner of Milton street and Debbie's loan
10. Minerva street.
11. 380 Crown street.
12. West street, Kingston Dock.
13. Dalmaroock Road, Gasworks.
14. Corner of Cumberland street and Main street.
15. Garscube road, opposite Church place.
16. 338 Allison street, Govanhill.
17. Junction of Pollokshaws road and Eglinton st.
18. West street, opposite Scotland street.
19. Corner of Spriogburn and New KeppochhiU roads.
20. 430 London road.
21. 5 New road, Parkhead.
Barony Parish Council Chambers, 38 Coch-
rane St. — Peter Beattie. inspector; Jas. E. Motion,
acting inspector and clerk.
Baront Parish Poor Rate Office, 38 Cochrane
Street. — William James Wood, collector.
Board of Trade Surveyor Office. — 7 York
St., Geo. Herriot, principal district officer; engineer
surveyors and examiners of engineers, Edmund Mott,
E. W. Gemmell, Wm. Henry Cockeram, Thos. E.
Thomas, Geo. Campbell, Geo. Erskine, and Francis
Carrutbers ; shipwright surveyors, T. F. Jenkins and
T. Smith ; nautical surveyor, W. H. Willoughby ;
sanitary surveyor, J. R. Stocker.
Chamber of Commerce, 7 West George St. —
Paul Rottenburg, president; Wm. H. Hill, LL.D.,
Chamberlain's Office, City Chambers, George
Square, and 285 George Street. — James Nicol, city
chamberlain ; T. Eaton Eobinson, accountant ; W.
Gibb, cashier.
City Assessment Office, City Chambers, 249
George Street. — James Henry, surveyor.
City Manure Office, City Chambers, 64 Coch-
rane St. — D. M'Coll, snperintendent.
City Parish Assessment Office, 16 Montrose St.
— David Hall, collector ; Wm. Davidson and John
Howie, Clerks.
Cleansing Department Office, City Cham-
bers, 64 Cochrane St. — D. M'Coll, superintendent.
Clyde Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson
St. — T. E. Mackenzie, secretary; T. Adam, treasurer.
Corporation Labour Bureau, 158 George St.
— J. W. Warrington, superintendent.
Customs Bill of Entry Office, 94 Gt. Clyde
St. — The medium of supplying merchants and others
with information, certificates, &c., at regulated prices.
C Edwards, principal.
Custom House, 94 Great Clyde St. — Collector of
customs, registrar of shipping, and receiver of wreck,
C. Edwards; principal clerk, G. H. Wildish ; chief
surveyor, W. Parker; principal coast officer at Bow-
Jing, Thomas Hayes ; house-keeper, H. Eccleston,
Hours of attendance — Long Room department, from
10 to 4, and on request, to 5 (Saturdays, from 10 till
2). Ont-door department, Landing and Shipping,
6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Examination of Duty Goods and
Warehouses, March to October, 8 to 4; other months
to 4.
Dean of Guild Court, City Chambers, 249
George Street or 64 Cochrane Street. Office, 87 St.
Vincent Street. — A. Moody Stuart, assessor ; J. D.j
Ramsay, clerk; J. Lindsay, interim procurator fiscal; j
J. Whyte, master of works. Court sits usually every'
second and fourth Thursday of the month at 11 o'clock.
The court is presided over by Donald Graham, Dean
of Guild, and the brethren of council consist of eight
members appointed by the Merchants' House and the
Trades' House.
Extractor's Office, City Chambers.
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons' Lib-
rary, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Faculty of Procurators' Sale Hall, St.
George's Place.
Faculty of Procurators' Library, St.
George's Place.
Fishery Office, 2 Oswald Street.
Gas Meter Testing Office, 32 Walls Street, off
Stirling St., city. — James Wilson, inspector. Open
fi:om 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sats. 1 p.m.
Glasgow Corporation Electric Lighting
Office, City Chambers, 45 John Street. — William
Arnot, electrical engineer ; J. Fleming, treasurer.
Glasgow Corporation Gas Office, City
Chambers, 45 John St. — Wm. Foulis, gas engineer ;
James Fleming, treasurer.
Glasgow Corporation Tramways Office,
88 Renfield Street. — John Young, general manager.
Glasgow Corporation Water Company's
Office, 45 John Street. — Jas. M. Gale, engineer;
Robert Wilson, treasurer.
Glasgow Court Houses Commissioners. —
W. Boyd Anderson, writer, 137 St. Vincent street,
clerk; Jas. Nicol, city chamberlain, treasurer, City
GovAN Parish Council Office, 7 Carlton
Place. — A. Wallace, inspector of poor.
GovAN Parish Poor Rates Office, 7 Carlton
Place. — Wm. M'CuUocb, chief collector,
GovAN District Lunacy Board Office, 7
Carlton PI. — A. Wallace, clerk; W. G. Downie,trea.
H. M. Board for Examinations, Mining
District, West of Scotland, for granting certi-
ficates of competency to Managers of Mines. — J. M.
Eonaldson, chairman; Stuart Foulis, 140 Hope Street,
Income and Property Tax Offices for
Lower Ward of Lanarkshire, 280 George St.,
George Sq.
Inland Revenue Office, 280 George Street,
George Sq. ; W. Sellar, collector.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for the
lower ward of Lanarkshire and the County of the
City of Glasgow, County Buildings — George Gray,
clerk; Geo. Gray, jun, and T. C. Maegregor, depute-
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for Eastern
district of Dumbartonshire, 115 Wellington Street.
— Jas. Hutcheson, depute-clerk. Small Debt Court
held at Kirkintilloch on first Saturday of each month.
Lanarkshire County Rates Office, 68
Renfield Street.— Collector, T. Tennent.
Lands Valuation Office for the city of Glas-
gow, City Chambers, 249 George Street. — James
Henry, assessor.
Local Marine Board. — N. Dunlop, chairman;
George Smith, deputy-chairman; J. Muirhead, 30
Gordon Street, secretary.

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