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the 6th October, 1897 ; and the General Meeting
of the matriculated members for the election of Trus-
tees and Representatives to public and other Institu-
tions and Trusts on behalf of the House, will take
place on the 2ni November, 1897.
Ex-officiis. — The Lord Provost, the Bailies, the
Dean of Guild, the Deacon-Convener, the City Treas-
urer, the Sheriff of the county. Named by the Town
Council — William Cochran, James Steele, Walter
Paton, John Lumsden Oatts, J. U. Primrose.
County Council's quota of Commissioners — Col. Sir D.
C. R. Carrick-Buchanan of Drurapellier, K.C.B., Sir
Windham C. Anstruther of Carmichael, Carmicl)ael
House, Thankerton, Lanarkshire, T. Dykes, 113 W.
Regent Street, T. M'Millan, 107 Paisley Road, West,
John Picken, Muirhead, Baillieston, J. T. TuUis,
Eutherglen, H. R. Taggart, Chry&ton, J. T. Costigane,
199 Trongate, W. Miller, 118 Victoria Street, Partick,
James Stewart, writer, 170 Hope street, and John
Wilson, Edgerton, Sandyhills, Shettleston.
Committee of Management and Finance. — The
Sheriff of Lanarkshire, the Lord Provost, the Deacon
Convener, The City Treasurer, Councillor Paton,
â– Col. Sir David C. R Carrick-Buchanan, Thomas
Dykes, John Picken, H. R. Taggart, J. T. Tullis,
J. T. Costigane, John Wilson, and Sir Windham C.
Anstruther. The Sheriff, convener.
Sub-Committee on Finance. — The Lord Provost,
the Deacon Convener, the City Treasurer, Col. Sir
D. C. R. Carrick-Buchanan, and James Stewart,
writer. Visiting Committee — Deacon- Convener Ram-
say, Councillor Paton, Wm. Bliller, and John Wilson.
Clerk — W. Boyd Anderson, 137 St, Vincent St.
Treasurer — James Nicol, City Chambers.
Master of Works — John Whyte, City Chambers.
Architect— George Bell, 212 St. Vincent Street.
Measurer — Robert Scott, 115 Wellington Street.
For the recovery of debts not exceeding £12. Court
sits every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at Glas-
gow, on Mondays at Lanark, Tuesdays at Airdrie, and
Fridays at Hamilton, and there is a Circuit Court at
Wishaw every third Thursday. The defenders are cited
before this court on an inducise of six days; warrants to
arrest on the dependence are issued ; the decree may
be extracted and arrestments used upon it instantly ;
and it may be enforced in all cases by poinding and
sale of the debtor's effects. The decrees may be enforced
over the whole county, and in case of the debtor remov-
ing to a different county, the decree can be enforced
against him there, on being endorsed by the Sheriff-
Clerk of that county. Judges— Sheriff and Sheriff-
Substitutes of the county.
Note. — An Act was passed in 1870 abolishing ar-
restment of wages, unless the same exceed 20s. per
week, but excepting claims for aliment, crown taxes,
poor rates, &c., from the operation of the Act.
The " Debtors (Scotland) Act, 1880," abolished
imprisonment for debt, with the following exceptions:
— (1) Taxes, fines, and penalties due to Her Majesty,
and rates and assessments lawfully imposed ; (2)
sums decerned for aliment; (3) debtors under war-
rants granted in meditatione fugae; (4) Persons
against whom decrees ad factum praestandum are
By the " Civil Imprisonment (Scotland) Act, 1882,"
the power to ineprison for aliment and expenses of
process was restricted to imprisonment for a period
not exceeding six weeks against debtors who loilfully
fail to pay sums due for aliment, and the expenses
of process for which decree has been granted ; but a
new warrant of imprisonment may be issued against
the same person at intervals of not less than six
months for the same sums of aliment and expenses if
not paid, or for any part remaining due. Persons
who fail to pay taxes cannot be imprisoned for a
longer period than six weeks in respect of the rates
of any one year.
This Court, on six days' inducioe, decides claims
of £5 and under, sits every Tuesday and Friday
for the Counly of the City of Glasgow, and every
Thursday for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire at 11
o'clock forenoon, in the Small Debt Court, Justices'
Hall, County Buildings. Two Justices are the Judges.
Summonses and warrants are issued for the Lower
Ward of Lanarkshire at the Justice of Peace
Clerk's OflBce, County Buildings. George Gray,
clerk of the peace, 72 Hutcheson Street; George
Gray, jun., and T. C. Macgregor, depute-clerks.
Sits every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m.
within the Justices' Hall, County Buildings, for
cases of crime and cases under the Revenue, Roads,
Weights and Measures, &c., Laws ; and every Thurs-
day at 11 a.m. for the disposal of Small Debt cases.
Clerk of the peace, George Gray, 72 Hutcheson St. ;
depute-clerks, George Gray, jun., and T. C. Mac-
gregor ; procurator fiscal, John M. Threshie.
Sits every Tuesday and Friday at 11 a.m. for the
disposal of Small Debt cases, and of summary pro-
ceedings under the Revenue, Mutiny, and Militia
Laws, Police cases. &c. Clerk of the peace, George
Gray, 72 Hutcheson Street; depute-clerks, George
Gray, jun., and T. C. Macgregor; procurator-fiscal,
J. M. Threshie.
Held every lawful day at 10 a.m. in the Central
Police Office, South Albion Street, Glasgow, and in the
District Police Offices, Gorbals,Anderston,Cowcaddens,
Calton, St. Rollox, Queen's Park, and Maryhill
Dean of Guild — Donald Graham ; Sub-Dean
John Miller.
Clerk — J. D. Ramsay. Procurator-fiscal —
Interim, John Lindsay. Master of W^orks— John
Bailie. — W. F. Anderson.
Depute Bailie. — A. A. Cuthbert.
Assessor.— J. Muirhead.
The Bailie of the River and Firth of Clvde holds a
Court in the Court Hall, M'Alpine Street, on Mon-
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 9.30 a.m.

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