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Wm. Pettigrew, James Gray, J. Shearer, Walter
Paton, T. C. Guthrie, and Hugh Wallace.
Elected by the CJianiber of Commerce. — John Ure
and G. H. Dick.
Elected hy the Merchants' Eoitse. — John Miller
and Thos. Mason.
Elected hy the Trades' House. — Eobert Eobin and
James Fergus.
Elected by Shipowners and Ratepayers. — James
Ebenezer Dunn, Wm. Forrest, W. C. Donaldson, J.
P. Maclay, George Browne, Wm. Robertson, D. R.
Clark, George Smith, and Nathaniel Dunlop.
Committee of Management. — Consists ot the whole
members of the Trust. John Ure, chairman; N.
Dunlop, deputy-chairman.
Committee on Finance. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Chisholm, Thos. Mason, Wm. Pettigrew, Thos. C.
Guthrie, Geo. H. Dick, John Miller, Geo. Browne,
Jas. Gray, Walter Paton, Eobt. Robin, John Ure,
and N. Dunlop. John MiUer, chairman ; Robt. Robin,
deputy- chairman.
Meets every alternate Tuesday.
Committee on Parliamentary Bills and Law Busi-
ness.— T^an Lord Provost, T. C. Guthrie, R. Robin,
hTomas Mason, N. Dunlop, James E. Dunn, George
Smith, Wm. Robertson, Hugh Wallace. Geo. Browne,
John Miller, J. E. Dunn, John Ure, and John
Shearer. John Ure, chairman ; N. Duolop, deputy-
Committee on Ferries and Harbour Steamers. —
The Lord Provost, T. C. Guthrie, William Robertson,
James Gray, Robert Robin, G. E. Dick, N. Dunlop,
Wm. Bilsland, Jas. Fergus, W. Forrest, W. Pettigrew,
and John Ure. Thomas C. Guthrie, convener.
Committee on Harbour. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Thomson, Thos. C. Guthrie, D. R. Clark, W. Robert-
son, G. Smith, Geo. Browne, Robert Robin, Walter
Paton, N. Dunlop, W. C. Donaldson, J. P. Maclay,
Jas. E. Dunn, and J. Ure. Geo. Browne, convener.
Committee on Works. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Thomson, W. Bilsland, W. C. Donaldson, James
Fergus, John Shearer, Thos. Mason, Hugh Wallace,
D. R. Clark, G. Smith, W. H. Raeburn, Nathaniel
Dunlop, James E. Dunn, and John Ure. Thomas
Mason, convener.
Committee on Rates. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Chisholm, Wm. Forrest, J. P. Maclay, Geo. Brovvne,
James E. Dunn, D. R. Clark, Wm. Robertson, James
Gray, John Dre, Robert Graham, Hugh Wallace, and
N. Dunlop. Jas. E. Dunn, convener.
Committee on Contracts and Stores. — The Lord
Provost, Bailie Thomson, Jas. Fergus, John Shearer,
Thos. Mason, Hugh Wallace, J. Ure, and N. Dunlop.
Hugh Wallace, convener.
Secretary — T. R. Mackenzie. Treasurer — Thos.
Adam. Engineer — Jas. Deas. Harbour-Master —
Robt. White. Collector — David Aitken. Mechanical
Engineer — Geo. H. Baxter. Offices, 16 Robertson
Elected hy the Clyde Trustees. — The Lord Provost,
George Browne, D. R. Clark, Nathaniel Dunlop,
Geo. M. Kerr, George Smith, and W. Robertson.
Elected by the Greenock Harbour Trustees. — The
Provost of Greenock, Bailie Clink, Councillor Hair,
James Brown, and David Fortune.
Elected hy the River Pilots. — James Black, Thos.
JIartin, and Dougal M 'Donald.
The Provost of Port-Glasgow, the Provost of
Dumbarton, the Provost of Rothesay.
The Lord Provost of Glasgow, chairman for 1897 ;
Nathaniel Dunlop, deputy-chairman.
Secretary, T. E. Mackenzie, 16 Robertson Street.
Chairman, G. J. Kidston.
Deputy-Chairman, Provost Erskine.
Elected hy Ratepayers.— G. J. Kidston, J. A. Allan,
A. C. Henderson, G. Smith, Jas. Lilburn, and W. H.
Elected by Merchants' House. — Thomas Mason.
Elected hy Chamber of Commerce. — John Inglis
and John Ure.
Ex-officio. — The Chairman of the Trustees of the
Clyde Navigation, the Hon. the Lord Provost of
Elected hy Ratepayers. — J. D. Clink, Donald
Macdonald, and Ninian Hill.
Elected by Chamber of Commerce. — C. H. Curtis
and D. M'Gillivray.
Ex-officio. — The Chairman of the Trustees of the
Port and Harbours of Greenock, Provost Erskine.
Elected hy Ratepayers. — J. Laird and William
Ex-officio. — The Chairman of the Trustees of Port-
Glasgow Harbour, Provost Rodger.
Ex-officio. — Sir Michael R. S. Stewart, Bart., of
Ardgowan House, Inverkip.
Clerk, Ales. Pattison, 137 St. Vincent St. ; Trea-
surer, Thomas Adam, 16 Robertson Street.
Guard ship on the Clyde, at Greenock — H.M.S.
" Beabow ; " Eustace Eooke, captain.
Donald Graham, CLE., Dean of Guild.
List of Directors. — Sir James King, Bart., LL.D.,
Sir J. N. Cuthbertson, D. Ritchie, D. M. Hannay,
R. S. Allan, J. A. Black, H. Brock, John Miller,
David Guthrie, Alex. Rose, M. Arthur, Sir Jas.
Btfil, Bart., N. L. Brown, Alexander Clapperton,
W. R. Copland, D. M. Crerar-Gilbert, R. Gourlay,
Sir Wm. Laird, J. D. Hedderwick, E. Gibb, M. M.
W. Baird, R. M'Ewen, Thomas Mason, Alexander
Wylie, M.P., C. T. Higginbotham, James Templeton,
Robert K. Stewart, David Richmond, Hugh Brown,
George A. Burns, John Henderson, William Ker,
John A. Roxburgh, Sir John Stirling-Maxwell, Bart.,
M.P., and James T. Tullis. Collecitor— W. H. Hill,
N.B. — According to the regulations of the House,
quarterly meetings of the Directors will be held on
the 8th June, 14th September, and 14th December,
Meetings of the matriculated members for the
election of the Dean of Guild and Directors of the
House will take place on the 5th October, 1897 ; the
meeting of the Directors for the election of Lyners of
the Dean of Guild Court, appointment of Committees,
and election of Officers of the House, will be held on

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