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Clerk, ; assistant clerks, G. Paterson
and John Lindsay ; treasurer, J. D. Borthwick ;
surveyor, James Henry ; masier of works, J. Whyte.
Chief Constable — John Boyd.
Superintendent and Chief Clerk— Wm. M'Intosh.
District Superintendents — Central, John Orr ;
Western, Alex. Andrew; Eastern, John Reid; Southern,
James Donald; Northern, Donald Sutherland; St.
Rollox, Hugh Colquhoun; Queen's Park Division,
Thomas Muir ; Maryhill Division, James Beddie ;
Marine Division, Archibald Sinclair. Registrar, Cus-
todier, and Pay-Clerk — Adam Dickson. Treasurer
— J. D Borthwick, City Chambers. Surveyor,
James Henry, City Chambers. Collectors — Central
District, Jas. Reid, City Chambers, 45 John St. ;
North-Western District, John Craig; Eastern
District, John M'Ewan ; Southern, James Gibb.
Physician to the Police Force— J. A. Boyd, M.B., CM.
Master of Works — John Whyte. Chief Officer of
Fire Brigade — Wm. Paterson. Inspector of Lighting
— Robt. Hamilton. Superintendent of Cleansing —
Donald M'Coll. Manager, Corporation Sewage
Purification Works, Thomas Melvin.
Weights and Measures Oi'fice, 65 Great
Clyde Street. — A. J. Walker, chief inspector.
Peter Fyfe, F R.S.E, Office, 23 Montrose Street
and 8 Cochran Street.
James B. Russell, M.D., LL.D., and Archibald K.
Chalmers, M.D., CM. Office, 23 Montrose Street,
Dr. Robert R. Tatlock, F.R.S.E., F.C.S., 156 Bath
Street; Dr. John Clark, Ph.D., F.C.S., F.I.C, 138
Bath Street.
Central — George Roy Fortune, Chatham Place,
Stirling Road. Western — John Wright, 8 Corunna
Street. Eastern — William G. Young, M.D., 196
Claythorn Street. Southern — James Chalmers,
M.D., 85 Hospital Street, s.s. Northern —
St. Rollox— John Glaister, M. D., 71 North St.
Mungo Street. Queen's Park — James Kerr Love,
M.D., 8 Niihsdale Road, Strathbungo. Maryhill—
Alex. Hay, M.D., Mount Pleasant. Marine — John
Hardie, M.D., 376 Argyle Street.
Commissioners, Directors, Trustees, &c., elected by
the Town Council, in terms of the Statutes and
Testamentary and other Provisions, in the following
Institutions and Trusts : —
Commissioners for the. Prevention and Repression
of Juvenile Delinquency in the City. — The Lord
Provost, ex-o_fficio, the Senior Bailie, ex-qfficio, the
Treasurer, ex-officio, Sir James Bain, W. E. Arthur,
Thomas Mason, George M'Farlane, Sir John Muir,
Councillor Osborne, John Ure, and Sir James King,
Bart., LL.D. The Lord Provost, chairman.
Directors of Houses of Refuge and Reformatory
and Industrial Schools in the City. — William Connal,
Alex. A. Fergusson, William Wilson, M. Honeyman,
Walter Duncan, J. B. Wingate, J. H. Dickson,
John Laing, J. Robb, J. Kidston, Andrew
Symington, J. Carmichael, W. Clark, J. Mowat, T.
M. Fergusson, W. Mitchell, J. Morison, R. Paterson,
Robert Nish, J. Gumprecht, L. Gow, D. M'Pherson,
Robert Taylor, George Ogilvie, J. Dick, J. Miller,
W. Lorimer, J. C. Alston, D. M'Pherson, D. M.
Crerar- Gilbert, Jas. M'Farlane, John Farquhar, Jas.
L. Selkirk, Robert Gourlay, Sawers Aitken, R. M.
Mitchell, S. Chisbolm, Robert Harvey, John Garroway.
Director of Glasgow Samaritan Hospital for
Women. — John M'Farlane.
St. Nicholas Hospital.— MsL^si^r, the Lord Provost.
Members of the Committee for Visiting Glasgow
Prison, Appointed hy the Town Council first Alonday
in May. — David Morrin and J. H. Martin.
Royal Infirmary. — Manager, John Garey.
Western Infii'mary. — Managers, T. Watson, R. M.
Mitchell, and Jas. H. Dickson.
Governors of the Victoria Infirmary. — William
Stevenson and Robert Graham.
Governors of the Glasgoio School of Art. — The
Lord Provost (ex officio), William Bilsland, J. U.
Primrose, and John Shearer.
Directors of Stirling's Library. — Robert Graham,
Walter Paton, and James Colquhoun.
Marshall Trust. — Thomas Watson and C. J.
Baillie's Institution. — Governor, Angus Campbell.
Director of the Blind Asylum. — David Morrin.
Manager of the Lock Hospital. — Wm. Dougan.
Directors of the Lunatic Asylum. — R. M. Mitchell,
and J. M. Thomson.
Director of the Lying-in Hospital. — A. W. Hope.
Manager of the Convalescent Home. — J. M. Jack.
Court- House Commissioners. — CouncillorsCochran,
Steele, J. L. Oatts, Walter Paton, and J. U. Primrose.
Haldan^s Trust. — Governors, J. S. Hamilton and
A. Dunlop.
Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College,
—The Lord Provost and W. G. Blackie, Ph.D., LL.D.
The Glasgow General Educational Endoivments
Board — William Clark, John Shearer, and George
Directors on Buchanan Trust. — Bailie M'Phun,
H. S. Thomson, and A. Neilson.
Logan and Johnston School of Domestic Economy. —
The Deacon Convener, W. Stevenson, and J. H,
Coulter's Mortification. — The Lord Provost, nine
senior Magistrates, and the Ministers of the city
parishes are also patrons.
A}iderson's College Medical School. — Governors,
James Dick and George Macfarlane.
Charity Organization Society. — Representatives
to council of, the two junior Bailies.
Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute for Nurses —
Scottish Branch. — Wm. Stevenson member on behalf
of Town Council.
St. Mungo's College. — Governors, R. M. Mitchell
and A. Neilson.
University Cotirt. — Treasurer Colquhoun,
The Hon. the Lord Provost, Chairman,
John Ure, Deputy-chairman.
Elected hy the Town Council. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Chisholm, Bailie Thomson, William Bilsland,

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