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Road; and (3) two Bridges over the Kelvin from
the City into the Burgh of Particle; and also as
Representative Members of the Special Commiitee
on Rebuilding Rutherglen Bridge — Bailie Thomson,
Peter Hutchison, J. H. Martin, Hugh Brechin, and
John M'Farlane. John M'Farlane, convener.
Suh- Committee on Glasgoiu Bridge. — The Lord
Provost, Bailie Anderson, Bailie Fife, Bailie Thomson,
The Deacon-Convener, R. Graham, W. Paton, W.
Bilsland, W. Cochran, John Cronin, T. M. Cunning-
ham, S. Dallas, P. Hutchison, Walter Paton, Wm.
Maclay, J. H. Martin, J. M Farlane, and William
Stevenson. John JM'Farlane, convener.
Sub-Committee on Railway Operations. — The Lord
Provost, Bailie Fife, Bailie Thomson, E. Graham,
Walter Paton, W. BUsland, A. Brown, B. S. Brown,
W. Cochran, John Cronin, T. M. Cunningham, S.
Dalhs, Jas. Hamilton, P. Hutchison, J. H. Martin,
John M'Farlane, and Wm. Stevenson. Bailie Fife,
Special Committee to carry out Section 32 of the
Glasgow Police {Amendment) Act, 1890, vnth the
powers conferred on the Commissioners by said
Section. — The members of the Committee on Health.
Bailie Jack, convener; Kobt. Murdoch and James
Steele, sub-conveners.
Sub-Committee on Police (Scotland) Act 1890.
Bailie Cleland, Richard Browne, J. Sbaw Maxwell,
John Ferguson, James Gray, Alexander Osborne,
and J. U. Primrose. J. Ure Primrose, convener.
Committee on Health. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Battershy, Bailie Dick, Bailie Anderson, the Dean of
of Guild, Wm. Bilsland, H. Brechin, John Carswell,
W. Dougan, A. M. Duulop A. Kerr, R. Murdoch,
James Wiliock, John Garey, John King, Wm. Maclay,
J. M'Farlane, J. C. RobertsoB, Jas. Steele, James
M'Lennan, N. M. Thomson, David Willox, G.
Mitchell, J. U. Primrose, and D. M. Stevenson.
Bailie Dick, chairman ; Robt. Murdoch and James
Steele, deputy-chairmen.
Meets every alternate Monday, at 2 p.m.
Sub-committee on Public Conveniences. — Bailie
Anderson, W. Bilsland, H. Brechin, J. W. Dick, J.
H. Martin, John M'Farlane, D. Morrin, A. Brown,
W. Cochran, T. M. Cunningham, and W. Maclay.
D. ]\lorrin, convener.
Special Committee on Cholera Precautions. — The
Lord Provost, Bailie Dick, Bailie Anderson, Robert
Murdoch, J. King, J. Steele, John Garey, John
M'Farlane, the Medical Officer, the Sanitary In-
spector, the Master of Works, the Superintendent of
Cleansing, the Chief Constable. Bailie Dick, conv.
Sub-Committee on Cleansing. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Battersby, the Dean of Guild, Robert Murdoch,
H. Brechin, A. Kerr, Jas. M'Lennan, A. A. Cuthbert,
John M'Farlane, G. Mitchell, D. M. Stevenson,
Wm. Maclay, Robert Crawford. Robert Murdoch,
Meets every alternate Monday, at 1.30 p.m.
Sub-Committee on Hospitals. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Dick, River Bailie Anderson, W. Dougan,
A. M. Dunlop, J. C. Robertson, David Willox,
John Garey, John King, W. Bilsland, Hugh Brechin,
Jas. Wiliock, and Jas; Steele, Jas. Steele, convener.
Meets every alternate Monday, at 1.15 p.m.
Committee on Gunpowder Magazine. — Members
of the Magistrates' Committee. The Lord Provost,
convener ; Bailie Chisholm, sub-conyener.
Committee on Streets Improvement Acts and Pur-
chase of Property.— Ihs Lord Provost, Bailie Chis-
holm, Bailie Mun-ay, William Bilsland, D. Morrin
J. W. Dick, John Dunn, Wm. Hamilton, Wm,
Finlay, and Edward Watson. D. Morrin, convener.
Committee on Public Baths and Wash- Houses. —
The Lord Provost, Bailies Jack, Anderson, and
Hunter, A. Brown, Boyd S Brown, A. M. Dunlop,
A. Kerr, G. Mitchell, J. R. Sandilands, J. W. Dick,
W. Finlay, G. B. Main, P. G. Stewart, D. M. Steven-
son, John Walker, and David Willox. J. W. Dick,
convener; G. B. Main, sub- convener.
Meets every fourth Friday, at 12 noon. :
Baths Suh- Committee on Purchase and Finance.
— Bailie Anderson, A. Brown, A. M. Dunlop, W.
Finlay, G. B. Main, G. Mitchell, P. G. Stewart, and :
J. W. Dick. G. B. Main, convener. j
Meets every fourth Friday, at 12 noon.
Committee on Setcage Disposal. — The Lord Pro-
vost, Bailie Sinclair, Bailie Jack, Bailie Thomson,
Bailie Anderson, Bailie Cleland, the Dean of Guild,
the Deacon-Convener, M. Carswell, Wm. Cochran,
S. Dallas, J. H. Dickson, J. Dunn, A. M. Dunlop,
Wm. Pettigrew, Jas. M'Lennan, J. C Robertson, P.
G. Stewart, N. M. Thomson, John Garey, R. Graham,
John King, George Mitchell, J. U. Primrose, John
M'Farlane, and R. Murdoch. The Lord Provost,
convener; Bailies Anderson and Thomson, sub-con-
Meets every alternate Monday at 1 p.m.
Committee on Building Regulations. — The Lord
Provost, Bailie M'Phun, Bailie Cleland, the Dean of
Guild, the Deacon-Convener, A. Brown, T. Calder-
wood, J. Gray, W. Bilsland, G. Mitchell, J. U.
Primrose, Ales. Osborne, and John Shearer. J. U.
Primrose, convener.
Sub-Committee on Eastern District Sewage WorJcs^
Pay Bills, Accotmts, Salaries, and Contracts. — The
Lord Provost, Bailies Sinclair, Anderson, M'Phun,
Thomson, and Jack, the Dean of Guild, M. Carswell,
Wm. Cochran, S. Dallas, John Dunn, A. M. Dunlop,
John Garey, G. Mitchell, Wm. Pettigrew, and P. G.
Stewart. Ba'lie Anderson, convener.
Meets every alternate Monday, at 12.30 p.m.
Sub-Committee on Western District Seivage
Works, Pay Bills, Accounts, Salaries, and Con-
tracts. — The Lord Provost, Bailies Anderson, Cleland,
and Thomson, the Deacon-Convener, River Bailie
Anderton, Depute River Bailie Cuthbert, John King,
Robert Murdoch, James M'Lennan, J. U. Primrose,
J. C. Robertson, N. M. Thomson, and H. Wallace.
Bailie Thomson, convener.
Meets every alternate Monday, at 12 noon.
Special Committee on Corporation Work — The
Lord Provost, Bailie Chishjlm, Bailie Parnie, Bailie
Dick, Bailie A. Murray, Bailie Burt, Bailie Jack,
Treasurer Gray, William Hamilton, Robt. Anderson,
James Colquhoun, Robert Crawford, Wm. Bilsland,
C. J. Cleland, John Ferguson, Robert M. Mitchell,
J. M'Farlane, J. King, A. Osborne, R. Graham, W.
Paton, J. U. Primrose, D. Richmond, J. Shearer, D.
M'Lardy, W. Stevenson, T. Watson. R. Crawford,
convener ; David Richmond, sub-convener.
Committee for Disposing oj Objections to Assess-
ments. — The members of the Finance Committee.
Bailie Murray, convener ; Treasurer Colquhoun,
sub-convener. Three a quorum.

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