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Sub- Committee on Gas-Worhs.—The Lord Provost,
Bailies Murray, Fife, and Hunter, James Alexander,
T. Calderwood, Peter Hutchison, A. Kerr, George
Mitchell, Robert Sorley, Walter Paton, R. M. Mitchell,
William Maclay, D. M. Stevenson, P. G. Stewart,
John Wa)ker, Jas. Willock, David Willox, and W.
Stevenson. R. M. Mitchell, convener.
Sub-Committee on Electric Lighting. — The Lord
Provost, Bailies Fife and Hunter, George Mitchell,
Robert Sorley, D. M. Stevenson, J. Alexander, T.
Calderwood, John Ferguson, W. Finlay, Jas. Gray,
P. Hutchison, A. Kerr, Robert Paterson, John Walker,
Jas, Willock, David Willox, Robt. M. Mitchell, Wm.
Maclay, Wm. Stevenson, and Walter Paton. Wm.
Maclay, convener.
Sub-Committee on Finance. — The Lord Provost,
Bailies Murray, Fife, and Hunter, T. JL Cunningham,
William Dougan, John Ferguson, W. Finlay, Jas.
Gray, Robert Paterson, P. G. Stewart, Walter Paton,
R. M. Mitchell, Wm. Maclay, D. M. Stevenson, James
Willock, and Wm. Stevenson. Bailie Fife, convener.
Sub-Committee on Accounts.— T\ie Lord Provost,
Bailie Fife, Bailie Murray, William Maclay, William
Dougan, Wm. Finlay, T. M. Cunningham, Robert
Paterson, James Willock, and P. G. Stewart. Jas.
Willock, convener.
Sub- Committee on Contracts. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Murray, Bailie Fife, Walter Paton, W. Maclay,
James Willock, R. M. Mitchell, W. Stevenson, and
D. M. Stevenson. Wm. Stevenson, convener.
William Foulis, engineer and general manager.
City Chambers. Wm. Arnot, electrical engineer. City
Chambers. James Fleming, treasurer, City Chambers.
John Bowers, assistant secretary. City Chambers
Glasgow Corporation Gas Works. — No. 1 station,
Dalmarnock, Dalmarnock Road ; No. 2, Dawsholm,
Maryhill; No. 3, Tradeston, Crawford Street, S.S. ;
No. 4, Great Western Road Railway Station ; No. 5,
4 Factory Street, Pollokshaws; No. 6, Old Kilpatrick.
Electric Lighting Stations— 75 Waterloo street
and 81 John street.
Committee on Parks, Gardens, and Galleries. —
The Lord Provost, Bailies Sinclair, Graham, M'Phun,
Jack, and Anderson, W. Bilsland, John Shearer, John
Dunn, T. C. Guthrie, Robt. M. Mitchell, Jas. Steele,
John King, J. S. Maxwell, Jas. M'Lennan, William
Pettigrew, J. C. Robertson, Robert Sorley, N. M.
Thomson, James H. Dickson, Alexander Osborne,
George B. Main, and P. G. Stewart. Wm. Bilsland,
convener ; John Shearer, sub-convener.
Sub-Committee on Botanic Gardens. — The Lord
Provost, Bailies Cleland and Anderson, Wm. Bilsland,
R. M. Mitchell, J. H. Dickson, A. Osborne, T. C.
Guthrie, James M'Lennan, John Shearer, and James
Steele. James H. Dickson, convener.
Sub- Committee on Galleries of Art and Kelvin-
grove Museum. — The Lord Provost, Bailie Sinclair,
Bailie Graham, Bailie M'Phun, River Bailie Ander-
son, W. Bilsland, J. Steele, R. M. Mitchell, George B.
Main, T. C. Guthrie, J. Shaw Maxwell, William
Pettigi-ew, J. C. Robertson, Robert Sorley, James H.
Dickson, and John Shearer. John Shearer, convener.
Sub- Committee on Music in the Parks, Gardens,
and Squares. — The Lord Provost, Bailie Sinclair,
Bailie Cleland, Bailie Jack, River Bailie Anderson,
. W. Bilsland, J. Carswell, John King, J. Shaw Max-
" -well, Wm. Pettigrew, P. G. Stewart, N. M. Thomson,
G. B. Main, Jas. H. Dickson, John Shearer, and J, !
Dunn. Bailie Cleland, convener. i
Sub-Committee on Finance. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Sinclair, Bailie Graham, Bailie Jack, Bailie
M'Cutcheon, W. Pettigrew, John Carswell, John
King, J. Shaw Maxwell, J. Dunn, G. B. Main, J. H.
Dickson, Wm. Bilsland, John Shearer, P. G. Stewart,
and N. M. Thomson. Bailie Alexander Murray,
Superintendent of Paris. — James Whitton, City
Curator of Galleries of Art and Kelvingrove
Museum. — James Paton.
Curator, Botanic Gardens. — Daniel Dewer.
Honorary Scientific Director of the Botanic Gardens,
— Professor F. 0. Bower, the University.
Committee of Management. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Chisholm, Bailie Dick, Bailie Fife, Bailie '
Murray, Bailie Anderson, River Bailie Anderson, J.
Ferguson, J. Davidson, J. H. Martin, John Carswell,
T. M. Cunningham, William Dougan, Wm. Finlay,
David Morrin, Walter Paton, John Garey, Jame
Hamilton, A. Kerr, John King, Hugh Brechin, Wm.
Stevenson, and Hugh Wallace. Wm Stevenson, con-
vener; David Morrin and J. H. Martin, sub-conveners.
Sub-Committee on Accounts. — Bailie Murray,
Bailie Chisholm, Bailie Fife, David Morrin, Hugh
Brechin, William Finlay, J. H. Martin, and W.
Stevenson. W. Stevenson, convener.
Robert Walker, superintendent of markets and
slaughter-houses, 76 Moore Street.
Slaughter-houses at 76 Moore Street, 21 Scott St.,
Port-Duudas, and 83 Victoria Street, S.S.
Executive Committee. — The Lord Provost, Magis-
trates, and Councillors. Wm. Stevenson, convener;
J. H. Martin and David Morrin, sub- conveners.
Sub-Committee on Foreign Animals Wharves. — '
Bailie Anderson, Councillors Brechin, Blorrin, Fer-
guson, Hutchison, J. H. Martin, Walter Paton,
Stevenson, and Wallace. David Morrin,- convener.
Treasurer. — The City Chamberlain.
Manager of Foreign Animals Wharves, J. R.
Impector to the Local Authority. — James M'Call,
F.R.C.V.S., &c.
Foreign Animals Wharves at Pointhouse, north
side of river, and at Shieldhall, south side of tiver.
Minutes considered at Meeting of Corporation on
Third Thursday of each month.
General Committee. — The Lord Provost, Bailie
Chisholm, Bailie M'Phun, Bailie Thomson, River
Bailie Anderson, Jas. Alexander, Thos. Calderwood,
John Carswell, James Gray, John King, J. Sbaw
Maxwell, J. H. Martin, D. M. Stevenson, D. Morrin,
J. W. Dick, James Steele, and David Willox. Bailie
Chisholm, convener; Bailie M'Phun, sub-convener.
Sub-Committee on Lodging-Houses. — Bailie Chis-
holm, Bailie M'Phun, Bailie Thomson, River Bailie
Anderson, David Morrin, T. Calderwood, John Cars-
well, A. M. Dunlop, J. Shaw Maxwell, John Dunn,
D. M. Stevenson, J. W. Dick, James Steele, and D.
Willox. River Bailie Anderson, convener.

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