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SouTTAR, Robinson, Esq. (Dumfriesshire), elected
1895. Eesidence, 24 Penywern Road, London.
Stewart, Sir Mark John, Bart. (Kirkcudbright-
shire), elected 1885. Eesidence, Ardwell, Wigtown-
shire. Clubs, Carlton, London, and New, Edinburgh.
Stirling-Maxweli,, Sir John Maxwell, Bart.
(College Division of Glasgow), elected 1895. Resid.,
Pollok House, Renfrewshire.
Sutherland, Sir Thos., K.C.M.G. (Greenock),
elected 1885. Address, Coldharbour Wood, East
Liss, Hants, and Reform Club, London.
Tennant, Harold-John, Esq.(Berwicksliire), elected
1894. Residences, The Glen, Peeblesshire, and 106
Mount Street, London, W.
Thorburn, Walter, Esq. (Peebles and Selkirk),
elected 1886. Residence, Kerfield, Peebles ; Clubs,
Devonshire and St. James's, London, S.W., and
Union, Edinburgh.
Ure, Alexander, Esq., M.A., LL.B. (Linlithgow-
shire), elected 1895. Residence, 26 Heriot Kow,
Wallace, Robert, Esq., M.A. (Edinburgh East
Division), elected 1886. Address, 9 Edith Villas,
London, W. Club, Reform, London.
Wallace, Robert, Esq., B A., LL B , Q.C. (Perth),
elected 1895. Resid., 6 Kensington Square Mansions,
London, S.W.
Wedderburn, Sir William, Bart. (BanflPshire),
elected 1893. Address, Meredith, Gloucester, and
84 Palace Chambers, London, S.W.
Weir, Jas. Galloway, Esq. (Ross and Cromarty),
elected 1892. Eesidence, 4 Frognall Avenue, Hamp-
stead, London.
Wilson, John,Esq. (Govan Division, Lanarkshire),
elected 1889. Resid., Hillhead House, Kelvinside,
Glasgow ; Clubs, Liberal Club, Glasgow, and National
Liberal, London.
Wilson, John, Esq. (Falkirk Burghs), elected
1895. Residence, Craigmont, Kelvinside, Glasgow.
Clubs, New, Glasgow; Liberal, Edinburgh; Reform,
Wylie, Alexander, Esq., of Cordale, Eenton
(Dumbartonshire), elected 1895. Eesidence, Cor-
dale, Eenton ; London address, House of Commons.
Lord Provost, Magistrates, Office-bearers,
AND Officials. ,
The Hon. David Richmond, Lord Provost. ^\
.^JVjSamuel Chisholm, Alexander Murray, Jas. Dick, Alex.
' Sinclair, Robert Anderson, John Pollock M'Phun,
Alexander M'Cutcheon, William Fife, Alexander
Jeffrey Hunter, Chas. J. Cleland, John Battersby,
Jas. Miller Jack, Jas. M'Intyre Thomson, Bailies.
Donald Graham, Dean of Guild.
Robert Ramsey, Deacon-Convener.
James Colquhoun, Treasurer.
Walter Paton, Master of Works.
Wm. F. Anderson, Bailie of the River and
Firth of Clyde.
Alexander A. Cuthbert, Depute do.
Thomas Adam JIathieson, Bailie of Provan.
Sir James D. Marwick, LL.D., Town Clerk, City
Robert Renwick and James G. Munro, Depute do..
City Chambers.
James Nicol, City Chamberlain, City Chambers,
Thos. E. Robinson, C.A., Registrar under Loans Act
and City Accountant, Chamberlain's Office.
William Gibb, City Cashier, Chamberlain's Office.
Alexander Beith M Donald, City Engineer and Sur-
veyor, Office of Public Works.
, Procurator-Fiscal of Burgh, River Bailie,
Provan, and D. G. Courts, City Chambers.
George Neilson, Police Procurator-Fiscal, Central
Police Chambers.
Archibald Sinclair, Joint Fiscal in River Bailie Court,
19, 21 M'Alpine Street.
George Young, D. M. Alexander, R. G. Ross, G. W.
T. Robertson, A. H. Alton, and Thos. Macquaker,
Assessors and Clerks of Police Courts.
James Muirhead, Assessor and Clerk to the River
Baihe Court.
James Henry, Assessor under the Lands Valua-
tion Acts, and under the Registration of Voters
Acts, City Chambers, 249 George Street.
Alexander Johnston Walker, Chief Inspector oJ
Weights and Measures, and Officer under Petro-
leum Acts, 65 Great Clyde Street.
Hector M'Leod, Council Officer, City Chambers.
William M'Leod, Chamber Keeper, City Chambers.
First Ward — John Pollock M'Phun, John Cronin,
and James Willock.
Second Ward. — Boyd Stewart Brown, James
M'Lennan, and John Ferguson.
Third Ward. — James Hamilton, James Shaw
Maxwell, and George Mitchell.
Fourth Ward. — John Dunn, David Willox, and
James Henderson Martin.
Fifth Ward. — James Millar Jack, Hugh Brechin,
and Thomas Moffat Cunningham.
Sixth Ward. — William Cochran, George Bailiie
Main, and William Dougan.
Seventh Ward. — Archibald Jeffrey Hunter, Eichd.
Browne, and John King.
Eighth Ward. — David Morrin, William Finlay,
and Norman MacLeod Thomson.
Ninth Ward. — William Fife, Adam Morton Dun-
lop, and Alexander Osborne, D.L.
Tenth Ward. — Robert Graham, Thomas Watson,
and Robert Murdoch.
Eleventh Ward. — Robert Anderson, Robert Sorley,
and James Colquhoun, LL.D.
Twelfth Ward. — Alexander Andrew Cuthbert,
Peter Hutchison, and Thomas Cochrane Guthrie.
Thirteenth VV^ard.— John Walker, Hugh Wallace,
and Wm. Bilsland.
Fourteenth Ward. — James Alexander, John M'Far-
lane, and James Hunter Dickson, D.L.
Fifteenth Ward.— Robert Paterson, Alex. Brown,
and Joseph Currie Robertson.
Sixteenth Ward. — John Carswell," JamesL_Gray,
and Simon Dallas. ■""' ''
Seventeenth Ward. — Daniel Macaulay Stevenson,
William Pettigrew, and Samuel Chisholm.
Eighteenth Ward. — John Battersby, Peter Gordon
Stewait, and David Richmond.

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