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Mar, Earl of; b. 1836, s. 1866, m. 1866. Seat,
Sunnington Rise, Bournemouth. London Club,
Mar and Kellie, Earl of; b. 1865, S. 1888, m.
1892. Alloa House, Clackmannanshire.
March, Earl of. See Wemyss and March.
Melfort, Earl of. See Perth, Earl of.
Melville, Earl of. See Leven and Melville.
Melville, Viscount; b. 1835, s. 1886. m. 1891.
Seats, Melville Castle, Edinburghshire; Cotterstock
Hall, Oundle, Northamptonshire.
MiDDLETON, Baron; b. 1844, s. 1877, m. 1869.
Seats, Applecross, Ross-shire ; Wollaton Hall, Not-
tinghamshire ; Middleton Hall, Warwickshire.
MiNTO, Earl of; b. 1845, s. 1891, m. 1883.
Seats, Miuto, Roxburghshire; Lochgelly, Fifeshire.
Residence in London, 2 Portman Square, W.
MoNCREiFF, Baron; b. 1840, s. 1895, m. first,
1866, second, 1873. Residence, 15 Great Stuart
Street, Edinburgh.
I Montagu, Baron, of Beaulieu, Henry John
iDouglas Scott Montagu ; b. 1832, m. 1865. Seats,
Palace House, Beaulieu, Southampton. London,
jCarlton and St. Stephen's Clubs.
I Montrose, Duke of; b. 1852, s. 1874,m. 1876.
Seat, Buchanan House, Stirlingshire.
Moray, Earl of; b. 1840, s. 1895. Seats, Doni-
bristle House, Fifeshire ; Darnaway Castle, Moray-
shire ; Castle-Stuart, Inverness-shire ; Doune Lodge,
Morton, Earl of; b. 1844, s. 1884, m. 1877.
Seats, Aberdour Castle, Fifeshire; and Dalmahoy,
Edinburghshire. Club, Carlton, London.
Mount-Stephen, Baron ; b. 1829, m. 1853.
London residence, 25 St. James' Place, S.W.
Nairnb, Baron; b. 1845, s. 1895, m. 1869.
Seat, Meikleour House, Perthshire.
Napier, Baron; b. 1819, s. 1834, m. 1845.
Bti Seat, Thirlestane Castle, Selkirkshire.
Napier, Baron of Magdala ; b. 1845, s. 1890,
m. 1885. Residence, 9 Lowndes Sq , and Carlton,
Newburgh, Earl of; b. 1818, m. 1848, s. 1850,
iJj md to the Scotch titles in 1877. Residence, Rome.
Northampton, Marquis of; b. 1818, s. 1877,
(iS m. 1844. Seats, Kirkness, Kinross-shire; Castle
Ashby, Northamptonshire. Residence in London,
i4 Lennox Gardens, S W.
Northesk, Earl of; b. 1865, s. 1891, m. 1894.
Seats, Ethie House, Forfarshire ; Longwood,
Winchester, Hants ; London address, 19 Herbert
Crescent, S.W.
Oranmore AND Browne, Baron ; b. 1819, s. 1860,
n, 1859. Seats, The Mount, Kilmarnock, Ayrsliire ;
111 Dastle Macgarrett, Mayo. London Clubs, Carlton
Ml^nd National.
Orkney, Earl of; b. 1867, s. 1889, m. 1892.
seat, Glanmore, Templemore. Residence, Wing Lodge,
Leighton Buzzard.
Ovektoun, Baron; b. 1843, m. 1867. Seat,
Overtoun, Dumbartonshire.
* Perth, Earl of; b. 1807, s. 1853, m. first, 1831 ;
second, 1847. Residence, Kew, Surrey; London
iddress, Scottish Club.
Playfair, Baron, of St. Andrews ; b. 1818, m.
1846. London residence, 68 Onslow Gardens, S.W
Polwarth, Baron of; b. 1838, s. 1867, m. 1863.
seats, Mertoun House, Berwickshire ; Harden House,
loxburghshire ; Humble House, Haddingtonshire.
Portland, Duke of; b. 1857, s. 1879, m. 1889;
Seats, Welbeck Abbey, Notts; Langwell, Caithness,
Cessnock Castle, Ayrshire. Residence in London
3 Grosvenor Square, S.W.
QuEENSBERRY, Duke of. See Buccleuch, &c.
Queensberry, Marquis of; b. 1844, s. 1858, m.
1866. Seats, Kinmonnt, and Glen-Stuart House,
Reay, Baron; b. 1839, s. 1876, m. 1877. Seat,
Earlston, Berwickshire. London residence, 6 Great
Stanhope Street; New Club, Edinburgh, and St.
James, London.
Richmond, Duke of. See Lennox, Duke of.
Rollo, Baron; b. 1835, s. 1852, m. 1857.
Seats, Duncrub, Perthshire; DumcrieiF House,
Dumfriesshire. London, Athenaum and University
RosEBERY, Earl of; b. 1847, s. 1868. m. 1878.
Seats, Dalmeny Park, Linhthgowsbire ; Rosebery,
Edinburghshire; Postwick, Norfolk; The Durdans,
Epsom. Residence in London, 38 Berkeley Square,
W. ; Brooks' Club.
RossLYN, Earl of; b. 1869, s. 1890, m. 1890.
Seat, Dysart House, Fifeshire. London address,
Carlton Club.
Rothes, Earl of; b. 1877, s. 1893. Residence,
Paignton, South Devon.
Roxburghe, Duke of; b. 1876, s. 1892. Seats,
Floors Castle, Roxburghshire ; Brosmouth Park,
Ruthven, Baron; b. 1838, s. 1864, m. 1869.
Seat, Barncluitb, Hamilton, N.B.
Saltoun, Baron; b. 1851, s. 1886, m. 1885.
Seat, Philorth, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. London
Club, Carlton, S.W.
Seafield, Earl of; b. 1876, s. 1888. Seat,
Mayne, Elgin. Residence, Oamaru, New Zealand.
Sempill, Baron; b. 1836, s. 1884, m. first, 1858,
second, 1862, third, 1890. Seat, Fintray House
and Craigievar Castle, Aberdeenshire.
'Shand, Baron, of Woodhouse ; b. 1828, m. 1857.
London residence, 32 Bryanston Square, S.W.
Sinclair, Baron; b. 1831, s. 1880, m. 1870.
Seats, Herdmanston, Haddingtonshire ; Nisbet House,
Berwickshire. Residence in London, 55 Onslow
Square, S.W.
SoDTHESK, Earl of; b. 1827, 8. 1855, m. first
1849, second, 1860. Seat, Kinnaird Castle, Forfar-
shire. Residence in London, Travellers' Club and
Carlton Club.
Stair, Earl of; b. 1819, s. 1864, m. 1846. Seats,
Lochmch Castle, Wigtown ; Oxenfoord Castle, Edin-
burgh ; Bargany Castle, Ayrshire. London address,
Brooks' Club, S.W.
Stanmore, Baron; b. 1829., m. 1865. Resid.,
Red House, Ascot; Club, Athenseum, London.
Stormont, Viscount; b. 1806, s. 1840, m. 1829.
Seats, Scone Palace and Logiealmond, Perthshire;
Comlongan Castle, Dumfries ; Schaw Park, Clack-
mannan ; Belvaird, Fife ; Ken Wood, Middlesex.
Strathallan, Viscount ; b. 1871, s. 1893,
Seat, Strathallan Castle, Auchterarder.
Stratheden, Baron; b. 1829, s. 1893, m. 1865.
Seat, Hartrigge House, Roxburgh. Residence in
London, 17 Bruton Street.
Strathmorb, Earl of; b. 1824, s. 1865, m.
1853. Seats, Glamis Castle, Forfarshire; Streatlam
Castle, Darlington. Resid. in London, 41 Queen's
Gate Gardens, S.W.

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