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Dudley, Earl of; b. 1867, s. 1885, m. 1891.
Seats, Ednam, Roxburghshire ; Himley Hall, Staf-
fordshire ; Witley Court, Worcestershire; Crogen,
Merionethshire. Resid., in London, 7 Carlton Gdns.
Dumfries and Bote, Earl of; b. 1847, s. 1848,
m. 1872. Seats, Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute; The
Garrison, Isle of Cumbrae ; Dumfries House, Ayr-
shire; Cardiff Castle, Glamorganshire.
Dunblane, Viscount of; b. 1862, s. 1895, m. 1884.
Seats, Hornby Castle, Yorkshire; Gogmagog Hills,
Cambridgeshire. Res. in London, 20 De Vere Gds. W
DuNDONALD, Earl of; b. 1852, s. 1885, m. 1878.
Ees. in London, 34 Portman Square, W.
DuNMOKE, Earl of; b. 1841, s. 1845, m. 1866.
Seats, Dunmore, Stirlingshire; South Harris, Inver-
Dysakt, Earl of; b. 1859, s. 1878, m. 1885.
Seats, Ham Ho. Surrey ; Buckminster Park, Leicester-
Edinburgh, Duke of. See Royal Family.
Eglinton, Earl of; b. 1848, s. 1892, m. 1873.
Seats, Eglinton Castle ; Skelmorlie Castle ; The Pa-
vilion, Ardrossan, Ayrshire.
Elgin and Kincardine, Earl of; b. 1849, s.
1863, m. 1876. Seat, Broomhall, Dunfermline.
Elibank, Baron; b. 1840, s. 1871, m. 1868.
Seats, Ballencreiff, Haddingtonshire ; Darn Hall,
Peeblesshire ; Pitheavlis, Perthshire.
Elphinstone, Baron ; b. 1869, s. 1893. Seat,
Carberry Tower, Edinburghshire. London address,
Carlton Club, S.W.
Errol, Earl of; b. 1852, s. 1891, m. 1875.
Seat, Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire ; London residence,
10 Chesham Street, S.W.
Erskine, Baron; b. 1841, s. 1882, m. 1864.
Resid. Sprattan Hall, Northampton. Club, Carlton,
Fairfax, Baron; b. 1830, s. 1869, m. 1857.
Besides at Northampton, Maryland, United States.
Falkland, Viscount of; b. 1845, s. 1886, m.
1879. Seat, Skutterskelfe, Yarm, Yorkshire.
Fife, Duke of; b. 1849, s. 1879, m. 1889,
Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, eldest
daughter of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Seats,
Duff House, Auchintoul and Montcoffer House, Banff-
shire ; Innes House, Morayshire ; Mar Lodge, Aber-
deenshire. Resid. in London, 15 Portman Sq., W.
Forbes, Baron ; b. 1829, s. 1868. Seat, Castle-
Forbes, Aberdeenshire. Resid. in London, 28 Caven-
dish Squai-e ; Carlton Club, S.W.
Forrester, Baron; b. 1852, s. 1895, m. 1878.
Seat, Gorhambury, near St. Alban's, Herts.
Galloway, Earl of; b. 1835, s. 1873, m. 1872.
Seats, Galloway House, Wigtownshire ; Cumloden,
Kirkcudbrightshire. Residence in London, 17 Gros-
â– venor Street, W.
Glasgow, Earl of; b. 1833, s. 1890, m. 1873.
;Seat, Kelburne, Fairlie, N.B.
Glenesk, Baron; b. 1830, m. 1870. Residence,
Heath House, Hampstead, London, N.W.
Gray, Baroness ; b. 1841, s. 1895. Residence,
14 Boltons, So. Kensington, London, S.W.
Haddington, Earl of; b. 1827, s. 1870, m.
1854. Seats, Tyninghame House, Haddingtonshire ;
MeUerstain and Lennel House, Berwickshire, and
Arderne Hall, Cheshire. Clubs, Carlton and White's,
Hamilton, Duke of; b. 18G2, s. 1895. Seats,
Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire ; Kinneil House, Lin-
lithgowshire. Residence, 23 Princes Gate, London,
Hamilton of Dalzell, Baron; b. 1829, m. 1864.
Seat, Dalzell, Motherwell, Lanarkshire. Residence
in London, 64 Eaton PI., S.W.
Herries, Baron; b. 1837, s. 1876, m. 1875.
Seats, Everinghara Park, Yorkshire; Kinharvie,
Home, Earl of; b. 1834, s. 1881, m. 1870. Seats,
The Hirsel, Berwickshire; Douglas and Bothwell
Castles, Lanarkshire. Residence ia London, 6 i
Grosvenor Square, W.
Hopetoun, Earl of; b. 1860, 8. 1873, m. 1886.
Seats, Hopetoun House. Linlithgowshire ; Ormiston
Hall and Keith House, Haddingtonshire.
HuNTLY, Marquis of; b. 1847, s. 1863, m. 1869. ^
Seats, Aboyne Castle, Aberdeenshire; Orton Longue-
ville, Peterborough, Huntingdon.
Kellie, Earl of. See Mar and Kellie.
Kelvin, Baron, of Largs; b. 1824, m., first,
1852, and second, 1874. Residences, The Univer-
sity, Glasgow, and Netherhall, Largs.
Kincardine, Earl of. See Elgin and Kincar-
dine, Earl of.
KiNLOss, Baroness; b. 1852, s. 1889, m. 1884.
Seat, Siowe, Buckingham.
KiNNAiRD, Baron; b. 1847, s. 1887, m. 1875.
Seat, Rossie Priory, Inchture, Perthshire. London
address, 10 St. James' Square, S.W.
KiNNOUL, Earl of; b. 1827, s. 1866, m. 1848.
Seats, Dupplin Castle, Balhousie Castle, Perthshire.
KiNTORE, Earl of; b. 1852, s. 1880, m. 1873.
Seats, Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire ; Inglismaldie,
Kincardineshire. Clubs, Carlton, Marlborough, St.
James's, London.
Lamington, Baron; b. 1860, s. 1890, m. 1895.
Seat, Lamington, Lanarkshire.
Lauderdale, Earl of; b. 1840, s. 1884, m. first,
1864, second, 1883. Seat, Thirlestane Castle, Ber-
wickshire. Resid. in London, Carlton Club, and
New Club, Edinburgh.
Leeds, Duke of. See Dunblane, Viscount of.
Lennox, Duke of; b. 1818, s. 1860, m. 1843.
Seats, Gordon Castle, Fochabers; Huntly Lodge,
Aberdeenshire ; Kinrara, Inverness-shire ; Goodwood
Park, Susses. Residence in London, 49 Belgrave Sq,
Leven and Melville, Earl of; b. 1835, s.
1889, m. 1885. Seat, Glenferness, Dunphail, N.B.
Resid. in London, Rockhampton House, S.W., and
Carlton Club.
Lindsay, Earl of; b. 1832, s. 1894, m. 1806,
Seat, Kilconquhar, Fifeshire.
Loch, Baron; b. 1827, m. 1862. Residence, 44
Elm Parks Gardens, London, S.W.
Lothian, Marquis of; b. 1833, s. 1870, m. 1865
Seats, Newbattle Abbey, Dalkeith ; Monteviot
Jedburgh, Roxburghshire ; and Blickling Hall, Nor-
folk. Resid. in London, 39 Grosvenor Square.
Loudoun, Earl of, b. 1855, s. 1874, m. 1880
Seats, Willesley Hall, Leicestershire; Rowallai
Castle, Loudoun, Ayrshire.
LovAT, Baron; b. 1871, s. 1887. Seat, Beanfor
Castle, Beauly, Inverness-shire.
Macdonald, Baron; b. 1853, s. 1874, m. 187S
Seats, Armadale, Skye ; The Lodge, Portree.
Malcolm, Baron, of Poltalloch; b. 1833, m. 1861
Seat, Poltalloch. Argyllshire. Clubs, Carlton am
Junior Carlton, London.
Mansfield, Earl of. See Stormont, Viscount

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