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BI'Kenzie, M. (of Stewart &
' M'Kenzie), res. Eltham House,
Mackie, W. C. coal merchant,
mineral depot ; ho. 4 Queen's
- crescent, Cathcart
M'Killop, Robert, egg and fish mer-
chant, 149 King street, Ulster
M'Kinnon, Hector, Bank agent,
53 King street; ho.AVestfield cot.
M'Lellan, Duncan, master builder,
49 Pollok St
M'Lellan, P. (at N. & J. W. Ca-
meron's), 109 King st
M'Master, Mrs D. wine and spirit
merchant, Factory street
M'Millan, Archd. boot and shoe
maker, 61 Main street
M'Nab, Mrs. David, confectioner, 27
King St ; houNe, 1 9 do
M'Namara, Rev. Canon James,
Catholic clergyman, Mount St.
Mary's, Shawhill street
M'Phee, Win. C. tjlazier & glass
merchant, 1 10 King street
M'Qaeen, Miss coal agent, Pollok
street; ho. Huggs cottage
M 'Queen, Tno-. church oiScer,
Eastwood Parish Church ; ho.
M'Sorely, Wm. grocer, 56 Pleas-
ance street
MacTavish, D., at Auldfield Dye
Works, Coian st
Mair, Stewart, grocer, 156 King st.;
ho. 53 Herrict st
Mansewood Lawn Tennis Club,
secy. Archd.C. Maccallum, Auld-
field place
Manson, Jane, laundress, 6 Herriet
Martin, W. J. of Coustonholm
Weaving 0".; house, Tavbank,
Millbrae toad, Langside
Martin, Mr«. Kobert, laundress,
Govanhaugh laundry, (ireen lane
Mason, James, jun., 5!< Herriet st
Mason, James b. Auldfield place
Mason, James, wool and feather
merchant, 4 Pollok st
Maxwell, Sir -lohn Stirling, Bart,
M.P. of P IL.k, Pollok house
Mearns, Eubert (of Meanis &
Campbell, writers), Auldfield
Millar, John C , joiner, Lilybank
• place; ho. 24 Be gal st
Millar, K. carrier and contractor,
27 Herriet street
Mitchell, Jas. 53 Herriet street
Mitchell, James, church oiBcer ot
O.S. Church; house, 63 King
MoUoy, John, draper, 60 Main
Monteith, J^s. fire and life insur.
agent, 2) Maxwell st
Morgan, Chas. coal merchant, 27
Colledge street
Morgan, John, furniture dealer, 33
Herriet street ; ho. 35 do.
Morgan, John, grocer, 57 Herriet st
Morrice, Richard W. engineer,
Eastwood Engine Works, Pol-
lokshaws; house, Tullymet, 39
Aytoun road, Polloksbiflds
Morrison, J. draper, 10 Pleasance
Morton, J. P. (of David Barbour
& Co. RenfieJd Works); bouse, 4
Doune gardens, Kelvinside
Mosey, Daniel, coal merchant,
Green lane
Mowat, Mrs. grocer, 20 Rosendale
Muir, David, grocer, 86 Pollok st
Muir, Thomas, spirit merchant, 81
Maia street
Mulholland, Miss, grocer, 62 Max-
well street
Munro, Donald, M.D. , D.P.H.,r.C.S.
assist, to the re>;iu3 professor of
medical jurisprudeQce,andlecturer
on medical juriiprudence and
hygiene, Queen Margaret's Col-
lege, Glasgow ; res. Wheatholm
Munro, Miss, dressmaker, 41
Herriet street
Murray, Mrs. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 14 Rosendale road
Murray, Miss dressmaker, 14
Rosendale rd.; ho. 4 Maxwell st
Nicol, William & James, drapers,
23, 25 Main St.; ho. 29 do.
Original Secession Church, New
Street, W.
Paton, Robert, papermakers' agt.,
Govanhaugh Paper Co.; ho. 109
So. Portland St., Glasgow
Patterson, Jas. spirit merchant, 31
Main st
Peebles, David, Rosendale Laun-
dry ; ho. Colledge st
Pennycook, George, grocer and
•wine merchant, M'Arthur st.
Piggott, James, baker, Main st
Police Barracks, 52 Pollok st
Police Ofiice, Pleasance street
Pollok, David. Low Cartcraigs
Pollok, M. dairy, 1 1 1 King street
Pollokshaius cj- Barrhead Gazette,
24 Pollok st
Pollokshaws Bowling Club ; secy.
John M'Lennan, 19 King street
Pollokshaws Burgh Weighing
Machine; George Smith
Pollokshaws Co-operative Society
(Limited), 71 Herriet st. 76
Pollok St. 21 King st. and 5
Main street
Pollokshaws Cycling Club; James
Prentice and Andrew Mac-
callum, secys
Pollokshaws Equitable Loan
Office, 54 Maia st. and 7 Lily-
bank plice
Pollokshaws Horticultural Society;
secy. Thomas Robertson, East-
wood Cemetry, Thornliebank
Pollokshaws News office, 144 King
Pollokshaws parish church, King
Post Office, Auldfield pi. 41 King
Potts, Thomas, flesher, Pleasance
St.; ho. 41 Main street
Prentice, J. C. & Co. cycle agents
and hirers, 16 Wilson street
Prentice, Thomas of (Campbell &,
Prentice), house, NorthbillV
High Shawlands
Primitive Methodist Ch., Cross st
Rae, E. B. hardware and fancy
goods, 115 Main st.; house,
Bengal st
Rae, Mrs. ironmonger, 45 Herriefe
Ralston, Wm. 168 King st
Ramsay, John, printer and pub-
lisher, 144 King St.; house
2 Afton ter. Barrhead rd
Eamsay, W. & D. drapers and
clothiers, 37 and 39 Herriet st.j
house, 35 do.
Reauch, Wm. 91 King street
Reid & Co., butchers, 65 Pollok sS.
Reid & Co. bakers, 29 Pollok st
Reid, David, Vaddi Tharma;,
Ritchie, Andrew, M.D. 65 King
St. ; res. Braeside, Shawlands
Ritchie, John, 47 Herriet street
Robertson, Chas. Annfield, Manse-
Robertson, John, Sheeppark bdgs
Robertson, Thos. secy. Horticultu-
ral Society ; house, Eastwood
Cemetery, Thornliebank
Robertson, Wm. salesman, 106
King street
Rodger, C, assist, supt. Prudential
Assurance Co. Ltd. Grantly sL
Roman Catholic Church, Shawhill
Ross, Mrs. James, 178 King st
Rowan, Andrew, Delaware villa
Royal Arch Lodge, No. 153,
Cogan street
Russell & Co. general warehouse-,
71 Mainst
Russell, David, smith and implei-
ment maker, Cogan street
Russell, George, joiner and cart-
wright, Cogan street; ho. 6B
King street
Russell, James, engineer, 129-
King st
Russell. John (of Russell & Co.>
71 Main street
Russeli, Alex. & Co. coal merchants,
Pollokshaws East station
Russell, William, joiner, Pollok
Estate, S'.'U'h lodge

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