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Dow, Duncan, 209 Gallowgate
Edmiston, J. & R. 41 W. Nile st
Ferguson, James (property), 24
Regent Moray st
Findlay, James, jun. (property),
87 Union st
Findlay, John, 4 Grant street
Fingland, Wm. property, 645
Govan road, Govan
Fleming, G. Royal Exchange
*Fraser, Wm. F.S.I. 209 St. Vin-
cent street
Frew, Alex, (land and property),
175 Hope st
Frew, T. (land), 6 Windsor terrace
Gemmell, M. (property), 160 Bath
Goodwin, John, 235 George st
Gossman & Smith (property), 58
W. Regent st
Gracie, R. .80 Gordon st
Grant, T. M. 100 Hydepark st
Gray, Andrew, 30 Bath st
Gray, D. (plant and machinery),
77 W. Nile Bt
GuUiland, J. C. (and assessor of
fire losses, of Robert M'Tear &
Co.) Royal Exchange salerooms,
6 North Court, St. Vincent place
Hair, Wm. B. (property), 41
Robertson st
Halliday, James, 175 Trongate
Hamilton, John, I.A. (property),
212 St. Vincent st
Henry, Francis, 132 Trongate
Henry, Stephen J. 132 Trongate
Herbertson, John, property, 85
Bedford st
Herbertson, Henry, & Co. 167 St.
Vincent street
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 68 Robertson
*Hill, Thos. Nelson, 180 Hope st
Houston, W. C. 4 Abbotsford pi
Hutchison & Dixon, 7 W. Nile st
Inglis, Jas. drapery, 168 Castle st
*Kay, Thomas, property, 12, 14
Hopetonpl. and 21 Cathedral st
Keith, Duncan, & M'Cloy, 13
W. Regent st
Kesson, Andrew, 70 Wellington st
Kidd, Peter, 21 Drury st
Kirkwood, John, & Sons (property
and land), 67 West Regent st
Laing, Jn. & Sobs, property, 20
Bridge st
*Laing, John, 20 Bridge street
Laird, Geo. H. (property) 10 Ann
St. Bridgeton
Laird, James, 75 W. Nile st
Laird, Jas. & Son, 75 W. Nile st
Laird, John (and assessor of fire
losses), (of Robert M'Tear &
Co.), Royal Exchange Sale
rooms, 6 N. Court, St. Vin-
cent place
Lamb, Thos. & Stewart (property
and fire losses), 220 Parliamen-
tary rd
*Lammie, George, & Son (pro-
perty), 138 Hope street
Lightbody, Thos. 42 Sydney st
Lochhead, J. property, 20 Union st
Logan, W. & Son (property), 95
Bath st
Logic, Wm. & Co. 78 Miller st
M'Auslan, J. Ure (property),
58 Renfield street
M'Call, S. M. (property), 5 Bal-
mano street
M'Callura, R. (property), 69 Union
M'Chlery, Geo. C. (of Morrison,
Dick, & M'CuUoch), 98 Sauchie-
hall st
M'Cloy, J. H. (of Duncan Keith
& M'Cloy, 13 W. Regent st.)
M'Coll, D. R. & J. D. no and 144
W. Nile street
M'Culloch, David (machinery), 27
Oswald st
*M'Dougall & Brown (property),
67 Renfield street
M'Dougall, Robt. M. (distillery and
brewery), 86 Dale st. s.s.
'M'Dougall, Robt. 67 Renfield st
M'Farlan, W. M. 161 Trongate
M'Gee, Henry P. & Co. (property
and land), 15 Henrietta st
M'llwraith, Hugh, 4 Germiston st
Mackay, Alex, (properly), 27 Bath
M'Kellar, John C. I.A. property,
103 Bath st
M'Kelvie, Robt. 143 W. Regentst
Mackinlay, G. 173 St. Vincent st
M'Laren, Hait & Co. machinery
and plant, 121 Bishop st. Port-
M'Laren, Thos. & Co. (shipping),
74 Broomielaw
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. (machinery
and plant), 129 Trongate
M'Leod, Adam Jas. (of Nicol &
Halliday), 12 Trongate
M' Leod, Chas. E. S. 108 W. Nile st
M'Leod, John, 108 W. Nile st
M'Leod, John (of Nicol & Halli-
day), 12 Trongate
M'Meeken, Jas. (property and land)
57 Bath street
M'Michael, Jas. & Son (property),
36 Argyle arcade
M'Neil, H. A. 60 Albert drive
MacNicoll & Co. shipping and ma-
chinery, 6 Dixon street
M'Nicol, James (property), 79
Robertson st
M'Pheely, Philip, Drury Auction
Halls, 11, 13 Drury st
M'Pheely, Thos. & Sons, 11, 13
Drury st
M'Skimming, David, 34 South
Albion street
M'Tear, R. & Co. (and assessors
of fire losses), Royal Exchange
Sale Rooms, 6 North court St.
Vincent pi
Madden, H. W. property, 96 South
Portland street
Makins, W. A. (property), 79 West
Regent st
Marr, John, property, 41 Helen
street, Govan
Mayberry, Hugh (property and
land), 173 St. Vincent street
Metcalfe, W. & Son, 140 London
Mickel, Robt. property and lan(J,
173a St. Vincent st
Miller, A. L. property, 122 Wel-
lington st
Miller, Geo. jun. 134 St. Vine, st
Mitchell, A. & Son (property), 173
W. Scotland st. and 2 White-
hall street
Monro, Jas. M. 28 Bath st
Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch, 9%
Sauchiehall street
Morrison, Jas. (Morrison, Dick, &
M'Culloch), 98 Sauchiehall st
Morrison , Joh n , I. M. (property), 231
St. Vincent st
Morton, David Home, Asso. M.Inst.
C.E. M.I.Mech.E. 95 Bath st
Morton & Williamson, machinery
and shippintf, 194 St. Vincent at
Muir, A. P. 47 Sauchiehall st
*Munro, D. 39 Hope st
Murray, W. G. G. (land and pro^
pertv), 93 Hope st
Nicol & Halliday, 12 Trongate
Norman,John M.I.E.&S.(plant and
machinery), 131a St. Vincent st
Park, Gavin, 95 Douglas st
*Parnie, Jas. F.S.I, (property), 27
Union st
Peat, W. S. (drapery), 65 and 67
Crown street
Penman & Cluness, 102 W. Nile st
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (copper plant),
38 Elliott st
Ramsay, Joseph (with Thomson,
Jackson, Gourlay & Taylor), 2i
George square
Reid, Robert, LM. (property), 203
W. George st
Robertson, James (with Thomson,
Jackson, Gourlay, & Taylor),
24 George square
Robertson, Wm. (drapery), 2
Aptley pi
Robson, H. R. 14 Royal cres. W,
Russell, Thomas, 36 Albert drive.
Scott, R. I.M. (property), 115
Wellington st
Sharp & Fairlie, 127 Gt. Hamiltoa
street and 74 Buchanan s-b
Sharp, Robt. Sunnyside rd. Coat-
Shaw, R. B. (property), 94, 9S
Commerce st
Smellie, Geo. Taylor & Browne,
167 St. Vincent st
*Smellie, Thos. D. F.S.L 209 St
Vincent st

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