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Kemington Standard Typewriter,
Scottish Imperial Chambers, 183
We&t George st
Robie, Jas. 11 West Regent st
Robertson, John F. Glasgow
School of Shorthand, 36 Cum-
berland st
Script Phonography Institute, 30
Elmbank crescent
Sbarrockr=, Misses M. & M., 93
Hope st
Smith Premier Typewriter Co. 40
St. Enoch sq
Standard Typewriters' Supply Co.;
Typewriting office, 58 West
Regent st
The Central Typewriting Office,
E. & H. M'Clew, 101 St. Vincent
The Parata Rubber Stamp Co.,
sole agents for the Salter a
£8, 8s. and supplies, 146 Hope
The St, Vincent Typewriting
Office; Smith Gordon, M.
^ E. & M., 134 St. Vincent st
The Typewriter Co. Ltd. Bar-lock,
22a Renfield street
T'he Typewriter Exchange Co. 161
Hope street
United Typewriter & Supplies Co.
73 West Nile st
Western Typewriting and Short-
hand Office, 113 West Regent
St. and 123 Wellington st.;
Bertram & Miller
Whiteley, Sykes, C.T.P., F.N.P.S.
75 Jamaica st
Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd. 112 St.
Vincent street
Barlcck Typewriter Co. (Ltd.);
P. M. Durward, manager, 22a
Renfield st
Densmore and Caligraph United
Typewriter and Supplies Co. 73
• West Nile st
Empire Typewriter Syndicate, Ld.
119 St. Vincent st
Hammond Typewriter Co. 27 Royal
Exchange sq
North's Typewriting Manufactur-
ing Co. Limtd. 80 St. Vincent
Remington Standard Typewriter,
Wm. L. Battison, manager,
Scottish Imperial Chambers,
183 West George st
Smith Premier Typewriter Co. 40
St. Enoch sq. ; Julius V. Scott,
■' manager
The Typewriter Exchange Co. 161
Hope street
Yost Typewriter Co. Ltd. 112 St.
Vincent street; J. A. Winder,
Bar- lock Typewriter Co. 22a
Renfield st
Edison's Mimeograph, 27 Royal
Exchange sq
Laidlaw, W. P. & Son, agent for
Underwood's ribbons, carbons,
&c. for all machines, typewriter
sundries and duphcator supplies,
80 St, Vincent st
Smith Premier Typewriter Co.
(Julius V. Scott, manager), 40
St. Enoch sq
The American Agency, 27 Royal
Exchange sq
The Typewriter Exchange Co. sole
agents for the Palmer supplies,
161 Hope st
United Typewriter and Supplies
Co., for Densmore Caligraph
and all other machines, 73
West Nile st
Wyckoff, Seamans, & Benedict;
Wm. L. Battison, manager,
Scottish Imperial Chambers, 183
West George st
Baird, J. & L. (home shipping,
wholesale), 9 Graham square
Barker, D. W. & Co. (wholesale),
61 Miller st
Bsirker, J. D. wholesale, 42 Holm-
head st
Berry, Mrs T. 130 Canning st
Berry, T. & Co. 34 Argyle st
Brodie, Mrs. Jane, 484 Argyle st
Burton, Henry, & Co. 78 Buchanan
Chalmers, Clark & Co. 33 East
Howard st
Dickson, Mungo, 413 Dumbarton
rd, Partick
Duncan, J. 148 Crown st
Easton, R. 103, 105, and 615
New City rd., and 77 Sauctie-
hall st
Easton, W. 265 Buchanan st
Gilmour, T. D. 21 Bridge st
Goudie, JohnN.&Co. 55 Buchanan
Hunter, Barr, & Co. wholesale,
27 Jamaica st
Kirsop, John, & Son, 106 St.
Vincent st
Leckie, Graham, & Co. 116 Union
M'Culloch, Geo. 51 Dundas street
M'Farlane & Co. 331 Argyle st
M'Intosh & Ferguson (wholesale
& export), 106 Dunlop street
M'Kean, James, 513 Gallowgate
M'Kenzie, Alex. 330a Duke st
Michie, James, 166 North st
Miller, J. & Co., wholesale and ex-
port, 146 Ingram st
Muir, YouDg & Martin, 24 Queen
Murray, Jas. 281 Cumberland st
Neish, M. & A. 317 New City rd
Preston, Geo. & Co. 13 South
Exchange pi
Reid, Jas. 236 Lincoln pi. Dum-
barton rd. Partick
Reid & Todd, 52 to 56 Glassford st.
73 Wilson st. 8 Renfield st. and
56 Gordon street
Ross, Alex. 58 Gt. Clyde street
and 85 Renfield st
Ross, H. 141 New City rd
Speirs, Jas. 123 Albert road
Stevenson, M. A. 11 Victoria rd
Stirling, Robert, 333 Gallowgate
Tarbet, Robert,& Co. 668 Eglintcn
Taylor, Ellen, 40a Dumbarton rd
Walker Bros. 41 Jamaica st
White, Mrs. Geo. 359 Crown st
Wilkie, Andrew, 484 Victoria road
Wilkie, Robert, 69 Candleriggs
Wilson, Matheson, & Co. wholesale^
42 Glassford st
Wishart, Robt. 283 Paisley rd
Wright, Joseph, 48 Argyle arcade,
106 Argyle st., 71 Union St.,
441 Sauchiehall street, and
405 New City road; office, 219
Argyle st
Alexander, John, & Co. 73 Mit-
chell st
Andrew & Co. (pinafore), 27
Oxford street
Baillie & Macdiarmid (pinafore),
42 Hutcheson street
Campbell & Fulton, 42 Ai-gyle st
Clark, Grierson, & Co. 10 Buchanan
Connal & Bannatyne, flannelette,
341 Argyle st
Fletcher, A. & Co. 54 Union st
Fulton, John, 133 Renfield st
Fyfe, AVm. juru 73 Hutcheson st
Gardner, Jas. 20 Union st
Grainger, Templeman, & Smith
(shirts and pinafores), 29 & 33
Nelson street, city
Grant, Somerville & Co. 16 So.
Frederick st
Hamilton, Thos. 11 Bedford st. s.s
Harrington, J. P. Ltd. (ladies' and
children's), 3a Hanover st
Harris & Dietrichsen, 28 In-
gram street
Hulley, Wm. 93 Dumbarton rd
Jack, Thos. jun. & Co. (baby
linen, &c.), 12 Mitchell lane
Jardine & Campbell, 128 Ingram
Kearney, M. A. 84 Gallowgate
M'Donald, J. D. & Co. 44 Hut-
cheson st

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