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Jamieson, Robert M. 113 Kenmure
Johnstone, J. 4 Kew gardens
Johnston, James (Dunlop Bros.)
11 Bothwell St
Jones, G. M. {at Bennett & Co.'s)
Kay, Jas. (at D. & J. Parker's)
Keay, David H. 65 Bath st
Kelly, Walter (at Waterbury Clock
Co.) 121 Stockwell st
Kirk, Harry G. (at Arthur &
Knight, J. W. C. 60 Gadder st
Langmuir, R. G. 123 Shields rd
Lawson, Wm. (at Gillespie, Sons,
& Co.'s Ltd.)
Lindsay, David (at James Storer
& Co.'s)
Lindsay, Robt. (at J.White & Sons)
Lockhart, Archd. B. (at John Gray
& Co.'s Ltd.)
Loudon, James, 29 Montrose st
Lowden, John M. (at M'Ewan &
Co. Ltd.)
Lyle, C. 24 Whitehill street
Lyon, Jas. A. (at Marr, Downie, &
. Co.'s)
Macara, Geo. (at Smith & Sharp's)
MaoAulay, Jas. 33 Skirving st.
M'Clew, A. C. S. 230 Great
Western rd
M'Clymont, John (at A. M'Crac-
ken & Co.'s)
M'Culloch, Geo., 346 St George's
M'Donald,D. (at Jno. Richmond's)
Macdonald, Dugald (atS. Chisholm
& Co.'s)
M'Donald, H. A. 370 Gt. Western
M'Donald, Robert (at John Ure &
M'Evoy, Jas. 79 S. Portland st
SI'Farlane, David, 152 W. George
M'Farlane, Jas. (at S. Chisholm &
M'GiU, Jas. S. 251 Kenmure st
, M'Gowan, E. A. (at S. Chisholm
& Co.'s)
M'Gregor, John T. (Cochrane &
.- Arnot's)
M'Gregor, John (Fandel, Phillips
& Son, merchants and manu-
facturers, 36 to 40 Newgate st.,
London), 274 Maxwell rd
M'Gregor, E. (at Campbell &
J Henry's)
M'Gregor, R. B. 60 Virginia st
M'Gregor, Thos. (at Whitelaw's,
, 87 Sydney st.)
M'Intosh, Alex. 9 E. Howard st
M'Kellar, And. (at S. Mitchell &
Son), 3$ St Andrew's sq
M-Kenzie, R. S. 45 Union st
M'Kinlay, John, 25 Meadowpark
M'Kinlay, Eobert, 63 St. Enoch sq
M'Lachlan, Jas. 118 Onslow dr
M'Lean, Duncan C. 222 Paisleyrd
M'Lean, L. 68 St. Vincent cres.
Maclean, Malcolm B. (at M. Algie
& Co.'s)
Maclure, Peter, 13 Muu-park st.,
M'Nair, David (at A. & R. Van-
M'Naugbt, J. 192 Paisley rd
M'Neil, Jas. (at A. C. Whyte &
Sons'), 10 Dixon st
M'Neil, John (at Craig & Rose's)
M'Nicol, Don. 32 Cromwell st
M'Owat, Peter (at Newton, Rob-
ertson, & Co.'s), 15 Lugar st.,
M'Phee, Jas. 32 Hutcheson st
M'Phce, John (at A. & B. Van-
M'Pherson, John, 11 Gt. Western
Mair, Hugh (at Archd. Allan, 100
Brunswick st)
Manderson, Wm. Orr (at J. Cum-
Mann, John, 96 Finlay drive
Meinungen, H. 29 Blythswood dr
Melvin, Wm. (at Mitchell Bros.,
Miller, John (at Jno. TJre & Son's)
Mitchell, Robert (at Arthur &
Co.'s Ltd., 78 Queen st)
Moore, Walter (at Craig & Rose's)
Morris, John S. 133 Forth street,
Muir, Robt. 40 Roslea drive
Nairn, Wm. (at Ferguson, Shaw &
Naismith, Jas R. 3 Waverley gdns.
Nicol, Chas. 143 W. Regent st
Nicol, W. 154 London street
Noble, Mark, 115 Ledard rd
Notman, A. Finlay, 57 Oswald
Ogilvy, John, 73 Nithsdale drive
Ormiston, J. (at Gumming &
Smith's, Ltd.)
Osborne, John, 452 So. Welling-
ton st
Osborne, Robt. W. (at Gray, Dunn,
& Co.'s) ■
PatoD, Harry, 155 Blythswood
Paton, John (at Pringle & Crich-
Paton, R. Y. 10 Randolph pi.,
Mt. Florida
Paton, W. E. (at J. Gray & Co. Ltd.)
Pearson, Wm. M., 21 Kelvingrove
Perrett, Wm., 3 Thorn wood ter.,
Ralston, E. W. 3 Glencaim drive
Rankine, Duncan, 60 Wilson st
Reid, A. (at Gray, Dunn, & Co.'s)
Renfrew, Eobt. 7 Prince's street,
Eennie, Jas. C. (at Jas. Davidson
& Co.'s)
Retlawski, J. W. 176 W. Regent st
Robb, John (at Speirs, Gibb, & Co.)
Canal st. s.s.
Roberton, Mat. (at Anderson &
Robertson, Geo. (at Wm. M'Ewan
& Co. Ltd.)
Robertson, John G. (John White
& Sons')
Robertson, E. S. (at Wm. M'Ewan
& Co. Ltd.)
Ross, Robt. (at Macfarlane, Lang
& Co.'s)
Eussell, Wm. (at Campbelfield
Pottery Co.)
Scott, M. 175 Bothwell st
Semple, Alex. 102 Bath st
Semple, Peter, 461 Sanchiehall st
Shirra, Jas. (at Ferguson, Shaw,
& Son's)
Shirra, Jas. D. 90 Bellgrove st
Simpson, G. (at Anderson & Shaw's)
Smellie, Jas. (of Slater Bros. & Co.,
6 Wood st. London), 21 Herriot
St. Pollokshields
Smith, Frank, 27 Oswald st
Smith, Jas. (at Anderson & Shaw's)
Smith, Jas. C. 188 Ingram st
Smith, John A. 101 Glassford st
Smith, Wm.(at M'Call & Stephen's)
Sommerville, Joseph (City Saw
Spence, John, 61 Cadder street
Stanley, Thos. (at Speirs, Gibb &
Co.) Canal st. s.s.
Stark, Alex.(atWm. Gentle & Go's.)
Stevenson, Arch, (at Falkirk Iron
Co.) 32, 34 Bothwell st
Stevenson, Robt. J. 34 Blantyre st
Stevenson, Wm. B. 9 Breadalbane
Stewart, Robt. (at Semple, M'Lean,
& Reid's), 188 Ingram st
Stewart, Robt. (Jas. Watson &
Co. Ltd. Dundee) 95 Bath st
Stirlin?, Robert M'B. (at Stirling
& M'Lelland's)
Strang, J. (at John Ure & Son's)
Struthers, John (at Hird, Hastie,
& Co.'s)
Summers, G. J. 105 Blythswood dr
Tennant, Chas. (at Jas. Marshall's,
25 Cumberland st. Calton)
Thorn, John (at Fletcher, Parker,
& M 'Alpine's)
Thomson, Jas. (at R. S. Dickson's)
Timmins, F. H., 251 Kenmure st
Tod, W. B. (at Wm. M'Ewan &
Co.'s, Ltd.)
Tough, John M'A. 235 Onslow dr
Towart, John H. 10 Dixon st
Urie, Jas. 114 Hospital st. s.s
WaddelJ, Jas. (at A. & E. Coch-
Waldie, Richd. 27 Washington st
Walker, Jas. (at Robt. Brown's,
Ltd. 107 Holm st.)

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