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Hodge, J. & T. 30 St. Ninian st
Holt, Thos. G. 25 Wellington st
M'Ewen, Alex. 20 Dixon st
M'Leod & Reid, 45 Cochrane st
Maltman, Peter, 17 Cadogan st
Barr,Robt. & Sons, 34 King st. city
Bell, J. & F,, Ld. 39 Brunswick st
Black, J. 14'<i George st
Fleming, Jas. & Sons, duty Jree
juice, 11 Wood lane
Fraser, A. W., American and Con-
tinental manufacturers' agent,
35 Kobertsoa st
Fulton, David, & Co. 130 Bain st
Hamilton, John, & Sons, 6 and
10 New wynd, 119 Trongate
Harris, A. & Co. 57 W. Nile st
Hodge, J. & T. 30 St. Ninian st
Jolmsons, Messrs. office for register-
ing patents and trade marks, 115
St. Vincent st
M'Donald, D. & J. 50 Glassfordst
Macgregor & Walker, 18 St.
Andrew's sq
Mitchell, S. & Son, 36 St. An-
drew's sq
Smith, F. & J. 29, 31, and 33 N.
Albion st
Taddy & Co. 5 Charing cross
The ManiUa Tobacco Co. 167
Ingram st
Wilson, P. B. & Son 114 Trongate
Aikman, Jas. 122 Gt. Hamilton st
Aitchison, Jas. 106 Queen st
Alexander, Mrs., 65 St. Vin. st
Allan, David, 7 Union st
Anderson, A. A. 65 Argyle st. 2
Dunlop St., 25 Eenfield st, 24
Gordon st., 5 St. George's road,
and Queen st. station platform
Anderson, T. B. 27 Reniield st.
Angus, Mary, 229 Duke st
Bain, Eobt. 384 Rutherglen rd
Balharrie,Mr3. 479 Gt. Western rd.
Barnet, Miss M. 36 Stewart st
Barr, J. 220 Dumbarton road
Barr, Mrs. Wm. 137 Govan rd
Barrie, Mrs C. 262 George st
Bathgate, Geo. 361 Dumbarton rd
Baxter, A. J. 367 London rd
Beaton, Mrs. E. 403 Argyle st
Bell, J. C. 229 Sauchiehall st. and
43 Renfield st
Bernstein, Isidore, 120 Dumbarton
Bird, Donald, 136 Stockwell st
Black, John, 142 George st
Blair, J. 87 Paisley rd. W
Boyd, Wm. 140 Cowcaddans st
Brown, Miss S. 96 Dumbarton rd
Bryan, Mrs. M. 86 Sauchiehall st
Buchanan, Wm. L. 91 Glassford st
Buddo, Eobt. 471 Gallowgate
Burns, John P. 17 S. Exchange pi
Calder, Margaret, 104 Oxford st
Caldwell, Wm. 166 Main street,
Cameron, Jas. 438 New City rd
Campbell, Geo. 505 Dumjjarton
rd. Partick
Campbell, Jno. 71 Elderslie st
Campbell, Thos. 142 Queen st
Casey, John, 8 Waterloo st. east
Christie, T. 51 High street
Christie, Wm. 449 Rutherglen rd
Clark, M. 342 Dumbarton road,
Clark, Miss M. G. 609 Duke st
Cochrane, Mrs. T. 44 Bedford st
Cohen, Joseph, & Son, 80 Bu-
chanan st
Collins, Mrs. A. 137 Byars rd
Cook, Joseph, 162 Stobcross st
Cooper, George, 20 Findlay st
Conway, D. Garscube cross
Corson, John, 440 Crown st
Craigie, Alex. 13 Bridge st
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd. Stuart
Cranston, founder and manag-
ing director, 28 Buchanan st.
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.
(Stuart Cranston, founder and
managing director). 5 Morrison's
Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.
(Stuart Cranston, founder and
managiDgdirector),13 Eenfield st
Cullen, John, 230 Buchanan st
Currie, Jas. 47 Charlotte st
Cunningham, Miss, 106 Main st.
Currie, Wm. A. 32 Elderslie st
Dalzell, D. 411 Victoria road
Davidson, Fredk. 17 and 130 New-
City rd
Davidson, Jas. 142 Norfolk st
Douglas, J. T., 38 Woodlands rd.
Duff, James, 179 North st
Duncan, J. & Son, 94 Buchanan st
DuncansoD, B., 46 Cambridge st
Duncanson, Miss M. 548 Cathcart
Eglinton, Miss, 66 Stockwell st
Ferguson, A. 39 Dundas st. city
Ferguson, James, 30 Canning st
Fetherston, J. & C. 152 Sauchiehall
Fisher, Mrs. M. 162 Duke st
Fleming, Agnes, 50 St. Enoch sq
Fogerty, Mrs. Annie, 451 Ruther-
glen road
Forrest, Mrs. 450 St Vincent st
Fox, Mary, 53 London street
Friedlander, A. & Co. 23 Eoyal
Exchange sq
Gallacher, Frank, 635 Pollokshaws
Gardner, Wm. 186 Garscube road
Gersou, Ch. 201 Gallowgate and
66 Main st. Bridgeton
Gibb, Janet, 66 Canning st
Gibb, Miss M. 159 Parliamentary
Girvan, Thos. 145 Sword st
Glen, Jas. 24 Gt. Hamilton st
Glen, Mrs. George, 546a Spring-
burn rd
Glen, Miss, 188 London rd
Goldie, Alex. 154 Park road
Grant, F. 100 Stockwell st
Guthrie, E. G. 183 Trongate
Guthrie, J. 95 Govan rd
HaU, Laurence, 427 Shields rd
Hamilton, C. A. P. 41 Great
Western road
Harris, A. 210 Buchanan st
Harris, Mrs. Thos. 80 Gt. Hamil-
ton st
Harvey, Jas. 8 Caledonia road
Heavisides, John G. 287 New
City road
Higgins, Hugh, 35 Norfolk st
Hogg, Mrs. 31 Tyletield st
Holliday, Wm. 182 Parliamentary
Howell, Alfred, 178 Argyle st
Hunter, A. 206a Duke street
Hunter, Eliza, 35 Morrison st
Hunter, Jas. 79 Hyndland st. Par-
Inglis, Gavin, 10 Cambridge st
Innes, D. B, 1 Castle st
Jack, R. M. 415 Gt. Western rd
Jack, Mrs. 112 Duke st
Jamieson, R. 3 Argyle st.
Jamieson, Robt. jua. 7 Bothwell st
Jarvie, Walter, 70 New City rd
Jenkins, E. L. 162 Great Hamil-
ton street
Johnstone, E. 412 St. George's rd
Johnstone, Elliot, 15 Hope ter.
Johnstone, Mrs. 298 Cumberland
Kaplan, B. 35 Bridge street
Keay, Miss K. 35 Gibson street,
Kramrisch, Emil, 223 North st
Lafferty, Nellie, 9 Houldsworth st
Lambie, Mrs. H. 218 Dumbarl. rd
Lamont, Misses, 107 Albert road,
Laurie, Mrs. 642 Cathcart road
Lawson, Mary, 17 Canning street,
Leckie, Jno. 293 Buchanan st
Lennox, Miss, 13 Castle street
Leslie, Mrs. 40 Norfolk street
Lightbody, A. 135 W. Nilest
Loudon, Thomas, 17 and 41
Dundas st
Lowe, Miss K. 157 Renfield st
Luby, John, 69 Muslin st
M'Allister, Miss J. 452 Victoria rd
M'AUister, Miss R.674 Cathcart rd
M'Andrew, C. 45 Elderslie st
M'Cormack, Thos. 9 Abercom st
M'Cowan, And. 78 Gt. Western rd
M'Donald, Alex. 257 Stirling rd
M'DougaU, John, 66 Bedford st

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