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Kyle, Dennison, & Frew, land, 175
Hope st
*Laing, John, & Son, 20 Bridge st
Laird, John (for American and
continental underwriters),of Rob.
M'Tear & Co. 6 North court,
Royal Exchange, St. Vincent pi
*Lammie, Geo. & Son, 138 Hope st
Lawrie, Stewart, 151 W. George st
Lloyd's Office, 342 Argyle st
Lucas, P. 29 Waterloo st
Macauslan, J. Ure, «& Co. 58 Ren-
field st
M'Culloch, David, machinery, 27
Oswald st
*M'Dougall & Brown, 67 Renfield
M'Farlane, Geo. (engineering and
shipbuilding). Sun Insurance
Buildings, 121 West George st
Macfarlane, John (land), 268
Bath street
M'Intyre, H. 17 Oswald st
M'Keagne, Capt. J. E. N. E. 17
Oswald st
M'Kechnie, John (to registra Itali-
aoo), 17 Oswald st
M'Kechnie, John, to Germanischer
Lloyd, 17 Oswald street
M'Laren, Thos. (marine) 17 Oswald
MacNicoll & Co. (marine and en-
gineering, and for underwriters
and owners), 6 Dixon st
M'Tear, Rob. & Co. (for American
and continental nnderwriters),
6 North court, Royal Exchange,
St. Vincent pi
Makins, W. A. (land), 79 W.
Regent st
Merry, James (water), 45 John st
Miller, Robert F. land, 94 West
Regent st
Mollison, Jas. (Lloyd's),342 Argyle
Muir, James Ernest, marine, 45
West Nile st
*Munro, Daniel, 39 Hope street
O'Brien, "William, marine, 52 St.
Enoch square
Parker, John D. land, 146 West
Regent street
*Parnie, James, 27 Union street
Paton, jno. Corporation Gas Office
Patrick, William A. Corporation
Water Works
Pollock, David, M.I.N.A. marine,
128 Hope street
Quinton, W. Randall, 12 Hunter
street, Paisley
Rait, William (public lighting), 45
John street
Robertson, Duncan, 29 Waterloo st
Robertson, T. Whitelaw, 22 Dixon
Robertson, W. & Laird, 123
St. Vincent street
Robinson, J. 32 Royal Exchange
Sharp & Fairlie, 74 Buchanan st.
and 127 Gt. Hamilton st
Shaw, Capt. James, marine, Glen-
ville, Holmhead rd. Cathcart
*Smellie, Thos. D. 209 St. Vin. st
Smellie, Thos. D. & Eraser, 209
St. Vincent st
Stobo & Bain (marine), 163 St.
Vincent st
Stodart, Ai-ch., land, 79 W. Regent
Strathern, Robert, mineral and
land, 93 West Regent st
Taylor, Robert (property) 70 Bath
Thomas, Captain James B. marine,
300 Duke st
Thomson, Gilbert, & Deas (land),
97 Wellington st
Turnbull, Robt. I. A. 122 Welling-
ton street
Wallace, E. K. steamship, 15
Clifford st
Warren & Stuart, 115 Wellington
Watson, 6. L. & Co. 108a West
Regent street
Webber, W. S., 280 George st
Wemyss, G.B. ships and machinery,
5 Oswald st
Wharrie, CoUedge, & Brand, land,
109 Bath street
Wharrie, Thomas, land, 109 Bathst
*Whyte, Wm. M.F.S.I. 103 West
Regent street
Wilkie, Lees & Co. 1 Robertson st
Wilhamson, W. (land), 64 Coch-
rane st
Wilson, John, marine, 29 Water-
loo street
Windsor, Richards, Rainey & Co.
marine, 109 Hope st
Wrench, Wm. G. marine,27 Oswald
Baird, Thomas, 34 Queen st
Brown, James, 76 St. Vincent st
Gardner & Co. 53 St. Vincent st
Hassard, W. J. & Co. 209 Sauchie-
hall street
Kelso & Co. 55 Oxford st
Lawson & Redpath, 18 Charing
Cross Mansions
Lyle, Jas. 89 W. George st
MacLeod, W. & M. 349 Argyle st
More, James, 77 Renfield street
Reid, David, 18 Cambridge st
Trotter, John, 28 Gordon st
White, Jas. surveying, mining,
and drawing office requisites,
18 Cambridge st
Glasgow Syrup Refining and Sugar
Grinding Co. Limited, 10 to
26 Cochrane st
Standard Sugar & Syrup Co. 132
Paterson, R. & Sons, 113 to 141*
Greendyke st. and 75 to 8li
Charlotte st
Clyde Nail Co. Ltd. manufacturers
of cut steel tacks, tingles, coffin
and gimp pins, &c. ; also o:
patent steel dog spikes, paten'
and cut steel nails, and cut cop-
per, brass, and zinc nails and
tacks, &c., Newton, near Glas
gow. Telegraphic address "Clyde,
Newton ;" telephone No. 4669
Abercrombie, J. & Son, 333 Argyle '
ALrd, Robt. 520 Gallowgate
Aitken, E. 41 Hyndland St. Partick
Alexander, A. 26 S. Portland st
Alexander & Co. 22 Argyle st
Alexander, P. & Co. 360 Argyle st
Alexander & Son, 166 Sauchiehail
Allan, D. M. 63 Glassford st
Anderson, George, 297 Argyle st
Anderson, H. 5 Trongate
Anderson, James S. 474 Paisley rd-
Anderson, Joseph, 4 St. Enoch sq
Anderson, Peter T. 374 Argyle st
Anderson, Philip, 8 Scotia st
Anderson, Robt. 12 Renfield st
Anderson, Wm. & Son, 40 Union st
Angus, David, 90 York st
Arkison, J. 435 Argyle st
Baillie, Wm. 478 Crown st
Baird, John, 1 Holmhead street
Baird, Wm. 48 London st
Balfour & Pryde, 12 and 14
Findlay st
Ballantine, G. 80 S. Wellington st
Ballantyne, John, 53 Abbotsford pi
Barr, Geo. 130 So. Portland st
Barr, Wm. & Son, Great Western
building, Govan
Bame & Soutar, 155 Canning st
Beck, D. 446 Dumbarton road,
Bell, D. 97 Sauchiehall st
Bell, Robert, 2 Battlefield avenue
Bell, Walter, & Co. Ltd. 104 West
Campbell st
Bennett, John, 68 Glassford st
Benzie, John, 63 George st
Birse, David, 373 Cathcart road
Blackwood & Anderson, 55 Hope si
Blue, Dugald, 129 London st
Bogue, R. A. & Co. 197 Ingram st
Booth, James, 6 Union street
Border & Co. 120 St. Vincent st J
Borland, J. & J. Brothers, 109 St.^ [
Vincent st i
Boyd, E. 227 High st
Boyd, Jas. & Co. 74 Jamaica st
Boyd, John, 77 Nicbolson st
Boyle, .James,. 227 St George's rd

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