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Butler, Wm. Sightliill Station
Devine, Wm. St. Mary's' R.C. Boys'
1 Industrial School, 570 Gallow-
' gate
Douglas, David, City Orphan
Home, James Morrison st
Duncan, Miss Mary, 107 Green st.
Garden, Charles, St. Kentigern
cemetery, Maryhill
Garden, James, Westthorn Refor-
matory, Tollcross
Gow, Andrew, Craigton cemetery,
Graham, J. C. College Sta. N.B.R.
Grierson, J. 172 High street
Gunn, W. G. 49 Greendyke st
Harman, Bruce, marine, 48 West
Regent st
Holmes, Matthew (locomotive), N.
B. Railway, Cowlairs
Macdonald, John, Mission to the
Outdoor Blind, 4 Bath st
M' In tosh, John F. Cale. Ely. Co.
St. Rollox
M'Nicol, Hugh, Sighthill cemetery
Marshall, Jas. C. G. & S. W. Rly.
College station
Matthews, Wm. Prudential Assur-
ance Co. Ltd. 71 Renfield st
Meiklereid, W. (marine), Anchor
Line, 47 Union st
Parker, Wm., Pumping station,
Paton, Jas., Kelvingrove Museum
Pirie, Alex. Children's Shelter, 87
Montrose st
Ross, Charles D. mercantile marine,
12 James Watt st
Scott, Jas., Shipping Federation,
Ltd., 5 and 9 James Watt st
Scott, Thos. CaL Rail. General
Simpson, John, N. Woodside home,
51 N. Woodside rd
Sladden, Geo. C. (marine), Hen-
derson Bros. 47 Union st
Smith, J. J., N.B. Railway (stores)
Stoddart, Thos. Blind Asylum
Taylor, Capt. John, at Donaldson
Thomas, Dr. Moses, Royal In-
firmary, 40 Castle st
Wemyss, Geo. B. marine engineers,
5 Oswald st
Wilson, H. L. (marine), 70 Sandy-
ford st
Wright, Wm., C.R., Southside
Goods Station
Findlay, John J. & Co., 96 Bath st
Argyle (The) Rubber Co. 17 Ren-
field st
Carruthers, Wm. & Co. The Scot-
tish Dental Depot, 68 Bath st
Cockbuni & Co. (ambulance ap-
pliance makers), 57 E. Howard
Cowan, Wm. 48, 50 Dundas st. city
Dick, James, 107 W. George st
Duncan, W. & E. S. 29 Abercorn
street .
Forbes, J. Gilbert, 12 York street
Gardner, James & Son, 280
Sauchiehall st
Hill, John, 162 George st
HUliard, W. B. & Sons, 65 Ren-
field st
Lees, R. & Co. 32 Stockwell st
M'Donald, David, 208 Sauchiehall
St. and 203 Cambridge st
M'Lellan, A, & Co. 54, 56 Water-
loo st
MacLeod, W. & M., 349 Argyle st
Medical Supply Association, 56
Sauchiehall st
Muir, Robert, instrument eases, 36
Moir st
Munro, M'Laren, & Sutherland, 17
Cadogan st
Scotland, R. G. 209 Buchanan st
Brown, James, 76 St. Vincent st.
Gardner & Co. 53 St. Vincent st
Hassard, W. J. & Co. 209 Sauchie-
hall st
Kelso & Co. 55 Oxford st
Lawson & Redpath, 18 Charing
Cross mansions
More, Jas. (Chesterman's & Dick's
patterns), 77 Renfield st
Reid, David, 18 Cambridge street
Watt & Blair, 26, 28 York st
White, Jas.adjustmentsguaranteed,
18 Cambridge street
Those marked thus (*) are Fellows
of the Surveyors' Institution, in-
corporated by Koyal Charter.
AUan, Archd. B. C.E. burgh. Hill-
ock House, Govan
Armour & Lang (land), 207 West
George street
Armour, Wm. (land), 207 West
George st
•^Barr, Jas. C.E. 221 W. George
Bayne, Robt., Box 32, Royal Ex-
Bennie, Thos. 207 Hope st
Bennie, Thos. jun. 207 Hope st
Beveridge, Rich. G. (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st
'Binnie, Thos. 207 Hope st
Board of Trade, 12 James Watt st
Boyd, John White, 59 St. Vincent
Brand & Lithgow, 131 W. Regent
Bruce, Donald, 261 West George
Buchanan, John, for American
and Continental underwriters, at
Robt. M'Tear & Co.
Buchanan, John H. (of ships and
machinery), 5 Oswald st. and at
44 Constitution st. Leith
*Burnet, Frank, 180 Hope st
Burns, James W. (marine), 74
Burns, W. (underwriter), Roy ad
"Cameron, John B. & Co. (ships
and machinery). 111 Union st
Caspersen, L. R. (marine), 19 Glen-
cairn drive, PoUokshielda
'^Copland, W. R. 146 West
Regent street
Courtier-Dutton, W. T, chief sur-
veyor, British Corporation, 69
St. Vincent st
Craig, Joseph, 249 George st
Dansken, A. B. & Co. insurance,
105 West George street
*Dansken, John, F.S.I., 241 West
George st
Dansken & Purdie, 241 West
George st
Dennison, Wm, 175 Hope st
Dodd, Thos. James (Lloyd's), 342
Argyle st
Donaldson, James (marine), 88
Great Clyde st
Dykes, Thomas, & Robertson, 65
W. Regent st
Ferguson, Daniel (marine), 27
Oswald street
*Fraser, Wm. 209 St. Vincent st
Frew, Alex. 175 Hope st
Gardner, Alex. 209 St. Vincent st
Gemmell, Matt, (building society),
160 Bath st
Gulliland,JohnC.(for American and
continental underwriters), of
Robt. M'Tear & Co. 6 North
court. Royal Exchange, St. Vin-
cent pi
Hamilton, John, LA. 212 St.
Vincent st
Harvey, James, 88 Elgin terrace,
Hyndland, Partick
Henderson, W. D. Scottish Union
and National Insurance Co. 150
W. George st
Herriot, G. 7 York st
*Hill, T. N. 180 Hope st
Jones, James, H.M. C, 5 Afton
Kay, Thos. (property,) 21 Cathedral
St. and 12, 14 Hopetoun pi
Kinghorn Bros, (marine), 81 St.
Vincent st

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