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Gardner, John, & Co. 52 St.
Enoch sq ; telegraphic address,
" Steeplejack," Glasgow
Robb, James, sen. 164 Springfield
Robb, Jas. jun. 143 Claythorn st
Boardman, Jas. (stencil, ink, and
brush maker), 55 Charlotte lane
Campbell, John S. stencil, ink,
and brush maker, 55 Charlotte
Campbell & Steel, cutters, 129
Bothwell St
Carrick, James G. & Co. 23 N.
Wallace st. — See Advt. in App.
Cunninghame, D. 48 Buchanan st
Fleming, David, rubber stamp and
ink manufacturer, 101 Mitchell st
Gorman, Eobert, 7 Croy place
Hamilton, Archd. (in zinc, brass,
and copper, also ink and
brushes), 35 Ann street, city, off
Jamaica st
Humphreys, H. J. & Co. 83 Cam-
bridge st
Lugton, Richard, 4 New wyiid
M'Gregor, Alex. 40 John street
M'Haffie & Co. 13 Margaret st. off
High John st
M'Haffie, Jas. 9 Grafton st
M'Laren & Meikle (practical), 25
Gordon street. — See Advt. in Ap.
Metallic (The) Art Co. (zinc, cop-
per), 53 Waterloo street and at
212 Old Dumbarton road
Munro &. Scott, 4 North Court,
Eoyal Exchange. — See Advt. in
Parata (The) Rubber Stamp Co.
146 Hope street
Robertson, Wm. (practical), 62
Argyle st
Walker, William, & Co. 125
London st
Aird & Coghill, 263 Argyle st
Bell & Bain, Ltd. 41 and 43 Mit-
chell st
Blackie & Son, Ld. 17 Stanhope st
Collins, W. Sons, & Co. (Ld.) 139
St. James' road
Erskine, Jas. C. 140 Hope st
Fmdlay, James, 68 Mitchell st
Fleming, David B. 43 and 4a
Old Wynd
Gilmour & Carmichael, 37 Glass-
ford street
M'Dougall, Ales. 68 Mitchell st
M'Kell, John, 40 John st. city
Mackenzie, Wra. 41 Howard st
Maclaren & Sons, 128 Ren field st
MacLehose, E. &. Co. 153 W. Nile
Wright, C. L. 100, 102 W. George
St. and 100, 106 Staling rd
Banks, Thos. 11 Gt. Welhngtonst
Brown, Gavin, General terminus
Brown, John, General terminus
Craig, Ales. & Son, 1 Fmnieston
Creighton, Andrew Jas. & Co. 42
Robertson st
Eadie, Wm. 21 Queen's dock
Grain Elevator Co. Ltd. 230 Stob-
cross st
Houston, Wm. A. 5 Eaglesham st
M'Cabe, James, 19 Harvey st.
Paisley road
M'Creadie, D. J. first-class
licensed stevedore, 20 Queen's
M'Gowan, David, Queen's dock
M'Gregor, James, & Ferguson,
Yorkhill wharf
M'Kellar, D. General Terminus,
Paisley road, and Queen's Dock
M'Laughliu, Rod. 107 Eaglesham
M'Menemy, J. 29 Queen's dock
Magill, Wm. 2 Hydepark st
Maswell, Wm. 36 Blackburn st
Mills, James, 173 Finnieston st
O'Malley, P. 4 Houston st
Paton, John, 5 Queen's Dock
Robertson, David, 169 Finnieston st
Sember, A. Son & Co. 87 West
street, s.s.
Spencer, Jas. & Co. 50 Tunnel st
Taylor, Archd. 1 Robertson st
Whitelaw, Wm. & Co General
(Ai-ranged under Firms.)
Aitken, Charles K. 51 St. Vincent
Aitken, Mackenzie & Clapperton
68 St. Vincent st
R. Easton Aitken, R. C.
Mackenzie, Lewis Clapper-
Anderson, A. C. & Co. 75 St.
George's pi
A. C. Anderson
Wm. Ritchie
Auld& M'Ewan, 24 St. Vincent pi
Andrew MacEwan, R. 0.
Bell & Provan, 40 West Nile st
James Provan
Binnie, John, 21 St. Vincent pi
Black & Eobson, 14 Prince's sq
James T. Taylor
Blair & Cross, 24 St. Vincent pi
Wm. Blair, John Cross
Bremner, A. H. 44 West George st
Brown, A. Ralph, 48 W. George st
Brown, T. R. 68 Renfield st.
Buchanan & Fergusson, 27 St.
Vincent place
Buch.anan, William, 135 Buchanan
Cairney, Douglas, 45 West Nile
Carrick, Kellock, & Barclay, 26
Renfield street
John Carrick, James KeUock,
James J. Barclay
Chalmers, George, 121 W. George
Chrystal, Jas. 75 St. George's pi
Church & Greig, 104 West George
W. R. M. Church, R. C. Greig
Clark, Arthur W. 203 Hope st
Colvin & Laird, 4 North court,
Royal Exchange
Wm. Colvin, John Laird
Coulson, Alf. H. 45 Renfield st
Couper, Keir, 135 Buchanan st
Craig, Neilson, 41 St. Vincent pi.
Crawford, Robt. 62 St. Vincent
Cunningham, T. S. & Brown, 96
Buchanan st
T. S. Cunningham, C. H. T.
Brown, Alex. E. M. Lindsay
Dixon Bros. 25 Gordon st
George Dixon, A. J. Dixon
Donald & Co. 104 West George st
T. F. Donald, J. R. Donald
Drew, Wm. 67 W. Nile street
Dnnn, David, 7 Royal Bank place
Dykes, John, jun. 92 St. Vincent
Easton, Eobert, & Co. 21 West
Nile st
E. E. Cunningham
Elder, R. H. 125 Buchanan street
Ewing, A. H. 21 West Nile street
Ferguson, Wm. Pettigrew, 135
Buchanan street
Findlay, Kidston, & Goff, 102
Hope st
E. D. Findlay, D. W. Kidston,
Wm. H. Goff
Finlay & Clapperton, 31 St. Vin-
cent place
Wm. Cowan Finlay, Eobert
Fleming, Moffat & Martin, 109 St.
Vincent st
John G. Fleming, David
Moffat, Wm. Martin, junr.
Forrester, Henry, 45 W..Nile st
Forrester, J. m'. 45 W. Nile st
Eraser, A. R. 81 St. Vincent st
Fraser, Khkpatrick, & Smith, 88
St. Vincent st
A. B. Kirkpatrick, W. R. Smith
Fraser, Patrick W. 12 Gordon st
Gairdner & Tennant, 63 St. Vin-
cent st
Jas. M. Gairdner, John D.
Gemrael, H. S. & Wallace, 51
St. Vincent street
H. S. Gemmel, J. Wallace
Gow, J. Barnett, 21 West Nile st

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