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Tangiers, 47 Union st
Tarragona Steamers, J. & A. Eos-
burgh, 3 Eoyal Exchange sq
Terneuzen & Glasgow, George
Gibson & Co. 24 St. Vincent
The Dublin and Glasgow Steam
Packet Co. Henry Lament, agt.
70 Wellington st
The Isle of Man Steam Packet
Co. (Ltd.), Henry Lament, agt.
70 Wellington st
Thurso, 119 Hope st
Tiree, 119 Hope st
Tobermory, Tarbert (Lochfyne),
Tarbert (Harris), 119 Hope st
Transvaal ; Charles H. Seligmann
& Co. 69 St. Vincent st
Trieste, 47 Union street
Trieste Steam Packet (Burrell &
Son), 54 George square
Trinidad Steam Packet Office, 175
W. George st
Trinidad Steam Packet Office,
Burrell & Son, 54 George sq.
Ullapool, 119 Hope street
Union Steamship Co. Ltd., 125
Buchanan street
Union Steamship Co. of New
Zealand, 83 Buchanan st
United States, 47 Union st
United States steamship office, Jas.
& Alex. Allan, 25 Bothwell st
United States and Canada, Moses
Buchanan, 75 Buchanan st
United States and Canada, 83
Buchanan st
Valencia Steamers, Caw, Prentice,
Clapperton& Co. 175 W. George
Valencia Steamers, J. & A. Eox-
burgh, 3 Eoyal Exchange sq
Valencia (J. & P. Hutchison), 31
Hope st
Venice, 47 Union st
Venice Steam Packet (Burrell &
Son), 54 George sq
Waterford Steamers ; office, 21
Carlton place
Watson Bros. 5 Oswald st
West Highlands, 20 Eobertson st
West Indies, U.S. Colombia, and
Central America ; John Bruce
Murray & Co. 24 George square
West India Steamers direct, 175
W. George street
West India Steam Packet Office
(Burrell & Son), 54 George sq
West Indies Steamship Office, Jas.
& Ales. Alias, 25 Bothwell st
Western Australia Emigration
Office, 83 Buchanan st
Westport, 52 Eobertson st
White Star Line, Hatfield, Came-
ron & Co. 11 Bothwell st
White Star Line, Moses Buchanan,
agent, 75 Buchanan st
White Star Line, 83 Buchanan st
Wilson, J. & K. 22 Oswald st
Wingate, James, & Co. 52 St.
Enoch square
Allen, W. H. Son & Co. London
and Bedford ; agents, Charles
Henderson & Co. 9 York st
Bain, W. B. & J. agents for Evan's
pumps, 65 Waterloo st
Blair, George, agent for Thwaite's
improved capell centrifugal pump
38 Queen st,
Broadfoot, John, & Sons, 55 Fin-
nieston street
Carruthers, J. H. & Co. Hamilton
street, Polmadie
Clarkson & Beckitt, sole makers
of the new Excelsior steam
pumps, class A. and B., Mary hill
Engine Works, Maryhill ; tele-
phone No. 7
Clarkson Bros. City Engine Wks.
8 and 12 Little Hamilton street
and 95 High John street; City
Machinery Stores and Show-
rooms, 63 and 65 Dunlop st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd. 42 Cadogan st
Drysdale & Co. (centrifugal, for
circulating and ballast purposes),
183 Fordnenk street
France & Morgan, Whitefield Brass
Works, Govan
Kinghorn, W. A. 81 St. Vincent st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
MacNicoll & Co. 6 Dixon street
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.,
8 York st
Pyle, James, & Co. 38 Elliot st
Schaffer & Budenberg (pistonless
steam pump iDJectors and water
lifters), 194 and 196 Hope st
Scott, Ernest & Mountain, Lmtd.
Close Wks. Newcastle-on-Tyne;
res. representative, E. Hood
Haggle, jun. 137 St. Vincent st
Steven & Struthers, 32 Elliot St.
and 11 Havelock st
Tangyes, Ltd. 96, 98 Hope street
Wallace & Connell, 44 bt. Enoch
square, and branches
Watson, Henry & Sons, Newcastle-
on-Tyne ; agents, Morris, War-
den & Co. 25 Gordon st
Worthington Pumping Engine Co.
21 West Nile st
Barclay, Curie & Co. Ltd. Finnies-
ton and Kelvinhaugh streets
Blackwood & Gordon, shipbuilders,
boilermakers, and repairing con-
tractors, engineers, with hauling
up repairing slip, Port-Glasgow
Campbell, Andrew, & Co. Spring-
. field quay
Darroch & Espie, 27 So. Kinning
Inglis, A. & J. (and slip dock
owners, 64 Warroch street and
Pointhouse Ship Yard
Shearer, John, & Son, Kelvinhaugh
Slip Docks and Slipyard, Kel-
vinhaugh and at 247 Paisley rd
Stewart, John,& Son, Ltd. Black-
wall Iron Works, and 22 Billiter
st. London ; agent, F. H.
Blackwood, 41 Ann st.city
Thomson, Mackie, Govan Ship-
building Yard, Govan
Holmes' Lights Co. inextinguish-
able, &c., 55 West Campbell St.
and 13 York bldgs., Adelphi,
London, W.C.
Albrethson, A. 242 Paisley rd. W.
Andrew, James, 48 Dundas st. s.s.
Blair, Capt. Alex. 411 Dumbarton
Brown, Capt. F. 67 St. Vmcent
Brown, Capt. James, 197 Watt st
Buchanan, Wro. (trustees of the
late), 10 Bridge wharf
Campbell, Angus, 48 Claremont st
Campbell, Capt. Geo. M. 48 Sey-
mour St. Crossmyloof
Campbell, John, 85 Dundas st. s.s
Craig, John, SO Kersland st
GourJay, Capt. T. W. E.N.R. 20
Balshagray av. Partick, W
Gray, Jas. 10 Eutland crescent
Johnston, Wm. M. 2 Rosevale ter.
Horner, Capt. Wm. 30 Jamaica st
Kerr, Capt. Finlay, 10 Ailsa drive,
M'Callum, Capt. John, 10 Ann
St. city
M'Dougall, Capt. Hugh, 11 Steven-
son drive, Langside
M'Lellan, Capt. John, 142 PoUok
Mitchell, John, Sandbank build-
ings, Partick
Muir, Sam. 461 St. Vincent st
Pasifull, Capt. Walter (at Thom &
Peat, Jas. 12 Meadowpark st
Plage, Eobt. 1 Church st. Partick
Eollo, William, 41 Elgin ter
Williamson, John, 7 Bridge wharf
Adam, A. Learmonth, 88 Great
Clyde st
Aim, W. L. & Co. (oils, paints,
varnishes, brushes), 10 to 14
Bothwell lane
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. 36 to
48 M' Alpine st

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