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Blair, Alex., 163 W. George st
Blair, Jas. 190 Avenue st. Bridget'n
Briggs, Thomas, 187 George st.
Brown, And. 52 Bellfield st
Brown, David, plant manufacturs.
21 John Sr. lane, Bridgeton
Brown, P. & Co. 21 Nuneaton st
Carntyne Rope Works, Parkhead
Clark, Daniel, 100 Fraser street
Coates, Bros. & Co. Balhousie
Works, Perth ; agent. Ales.
M'Gregor, 30 Queen Mary av
Cousar, John. & Co. 81 Hope st
Craven & Speeding Bros. Sunder-
land (hemp and vpire) ; agents,
W. M. Robertson & Co. 70 Gt.
Clyde st
Currie, Robt. 132 Blythswood dr
Dalrymple, W. G. 20 Stirling rd
Dickie & Inglis, Couper buildings.
North Wallace st
Dixon & Corbett & R. S. Newall &
Co. Ltd. 28 W. Nile st. and 76,
78 Hydepark street
Dott, George, 28 Dumbarton road
Dowie, John, 84 Virginia st
Douglas, Robt. & Son, 23 Eagles-
ham St. S.8.
Dumbarton Ropework Co. 114
Edinburgh Koperie and Sailcloth
Co. Ltd. 56 Broomielaw, and 3
and 5 Oswald st
Fleming, J. W.& Co. 109 Ingram st
Forrest, Thos. & Co. 6 and 8
Wilson st
Garnock, Bibby & Co. Ltd. Liver-
pool ; aiicnta, Barclay, Mackay
& Co. 12 Wateiloo st
Gourock Ropework Co. 9 Black-
burn st
Govan Rope & Sail Co. Ltd. Helen
St. Govan
<3rimond, J. & A. D. Ltd. (twines)
6 Robertson st
Haggle Brothers, Ltd. 134 St.
Vincent st
Haggle, D. H. & G. 101 St.
Vincent st
Haggle, B. Hood, & Son; works,
Newcastle - on - Tyne ; Robert
Currie, a^ent for Scotland ;
Glasgow ofEcp, 137a St. Vincent
st. Branch stores — London, Car-
diff, Huil, North Shields, New-
castle-on-Tjne, Queen ht. (head
office). Specialities — Manu-
facturers of mauiila and coir
ropes, Ru-sian and sisal ropes,
sisal packing cords, iron and
steel wire ropes fur standing and
running rigging, flexible steel
hawsers and tow-lines (guaran-
teed up to Lloyd's tests) wiih
coir springs and appliances ;
LIGHTNING conductors and wire
cords of all kinds ; export
orders have special care ; flat
and round hemp, manilla, and
wire ropes for mines and other
purposes; indents carefully
attended to. Registered tele-
graphic addresses are — Head
office, " Haggie, Newcastle-on-
Tyne ;" branches, " Haggie, Lon-
don," "Haggie, Hull," "Haggie,
Cardiff," " Haggie, Glasgow,"
" Haggie, North Shields."
Hedderwick, John, & Co. 16 Stir-
ling st. city
Henderson, Chas. & Co. 9 York st
Hosie, John, 23 Stockwell st
Howie, John, 19 and 29 Anderston
quay and 126 Clyde st. Anderston
Hughes, John, 81 Henrietta st
Hutchison & Pollok ; Fred. G.
Willock, 109 Hope st
Jebb Bros. 31 Govan st
Jenkins, James, & Son, 33 Een-
field street
Johnson?, Messrs. office for regis-
tering patents and trade marks,
115 St. Vincent st. ; handbook
on registration gratis
Lewis, W. & R. 116 and 118
Livingston, David, 620 London rd
M'Cormick, W. R. & Co. 34 St.
Enoch sq
M'GibboD, James, 275 Carntyne rd
M'Innes, Robert & Son, Elmvale
M'Intyre, .John, & Co. Montgomery
St. Springburn
Mackay, N. (rope and twine manu-
facturer and sole maker of the
improved scaffold and tackle
ropes with patent safety blocks),
278 Buchaijan st
M'Lean, Graham & Co. Westthorn
Rope Works, London road
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1 to 3 S.
Hanover street
Newall, E. S. & Son, Ltd. 19
Exchange square
Newall, R. S. & Co (now Dixon
& Corbett and R. S. Newall &
Son, Ltd.), 28 W. Nile st; 76, 78
Hydepark st
Newark Sailcloth Co. 93 Hope st
Orr, Hunter & Co. Ltd. Greenock ;
sole agents for Scotland, W. G.
Morrison & Co, 69 St. Vincent st
Orr, Hunter & Co. Ltd. 1
Bremner st. Greenock
Paterson, Baxter, & Co. 16 Fredk.
Paterson, William, 3 Canning st
Paton, Wm. 62 Arayle st
Port-Glasgow and Newark Sail-
Cloth Co. Port- Glasgow
Purdon, John, 9 Howard st. and
24 Adams Court lane
Quiggin & Co. Isle of Man Ropery;
agents, Robt. M'Kirdy, Pepper,
& Co., 86 Wilson st
Quin, Nicholson, 12 Patersonst, s.s.
Keid Bros. 67 St. Enoch sq
Robertson, Lockhart, & Co. 37
Douglas st
Robertson, W. M. & Co. 70 Greai
Clyde st
Roddick, Jas. W. 49 Jamaica street
Rutherfurd Bros., 148 and 150
Ingram st
Sawers & Co., Waterloo lane, 16
Waterloo street
Shanks, W. & Sons, 67^ Gt. Clyde
Shedden, John, 88 Gt. Clyde st
Smeal, R. 132 King st. Calton
Smith & Co. (hay and straw), 105,
119 Abbotsford lane
Southwell, P. & Son, Laighpark,
South-Westem Rope and Sail
Works, 301 Scotland street
Standard (The) Rope & Twine Co-.
New York; sole agents fo/
Scotland, W. G. Morrison & Co.
59 St. Vincent st
Stewart, James T. (agent for wire),
79 West Regent street
Stewart, John, & Co. (dealers iii
all sorts), 28, 32 Oswald st
Stewart, Thos. & John, & Co. 55 to
67 Anderston quay
Thomson, Arch. Black & Co-
Works, Shettleston; office and
warehouse, 204 Elliot st
Thomson, J. C. & Co. 60 Queen si
Thomson, John, 102 West Regent
Todd, John, & Son, Farme Loan
road, Rutherglen
Waites, William, Sons & Atkinson,
Ltd.; J. Lillie, representative,
Central Chambers, 93 Hope st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 335 St,
Vincent st
Wilson, John, & Sons, Eastfield
Ropery, Rutherglen
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 24. 26, 28
Broad st. near Bridgeton cross
Winniog, Henry, & Co. Camtyns
Rope Works, Parkhead
Dick & Parker, 76 West MiltoD
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. (Limited),
111 Waterloo st
Graham, Malcolm, & Co. 1
Wilkie St. off East John st
Hall, C. Wishart, & Co. off Cross.-
loan road, Govan
Hall, P. W. 28 and 34 Kyle street
Dobbie's loan
Jack, Joseph, 49 Vinegarhill st.
Kennedy & Reid, 14 Burgher St.
and Helenvale st. Parkhead
Listen, Robert, & Co. 51 Crawford
Street, s.s.

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