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3ampbell, J. B. 145 Kenfield st
Central (The) Photographic Depot,
19 Gordon st
TDavie, Jas. 19 Gordon st
Dobbie, B. L. 202 Hope st
Early, James & Go. 205 Buchanan
Hassard, W. J. 209 Sauchiehall st
Lawson & Eedpath, 18 Charing
Cross mansions
Lizars, John, 101,107 Buchanan st
M'Ghie & Co. 75 St. Vincent st
Mason, George, & Co. 180 to 186
Sauchiehall street
More, James, 77 Renfield st
Morrison, G. & M. (process en-
gravers), 92 St. Vincent st
Prescott & Co. 52 Queen st
Kae Bros. 134a St. Vincent st
Eiddell, Andw. 139 W. George st
Smith, W. A. C. 53 Dundas st
Trotter, John, 28 Gordon st
Verel, F. W. & Co. Cathcart, near
Welsh & Horn, 15, 17 Douglas st
White, Jas. 18 Cambridge st
Agnew & Gibb, 45 Bridge st
Aitken, Jno. 35 Dumbarton road,
Anderson, Willie, 364 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Annan, T. & Robert, & Sons, 230
and 234 Sauchiehall street
Baillie, John, 204 St. James' rd
Beckford, 136 Buchanan st
Bell, George, & Co., 152 Sauchie-
hall st
Bell, John, 176 Main st. Barrhead
Bertram, Harry T. artist to the
profession, 103 Bath st
Bomont, Fred. 234 Sauchiehall st
Brinkley& Stevenson, 141 Sauchie-
hall street
Campbell, John, 3 Cecil st. Paisley
road, W.
Campbell, W. & Co. 4 St. Enoch
Carleton, James B. 839 New City
Champlin, J. 259 Sauchiehall st
Colvin, Wm. 14 St. James street.
Paisley road
' Davis, Ovinius, 52 W. Nile st
Dobbie, E. Lizars, 202 Hope st
![ Dodd, E. T. 65 Jamaica st
I Dunbar, A. & Co., 4 Bellgrove st.
■ and 25 Jamaica st
I Edwards, Jos. 85 Buchanan st
Elsmore, Wm. & Co. 19 W. Garden
' street
[ Field, H. Lockhart, 11 India st.
Finlayson, Alex. 137 N. City rd
Fullerton & Edgar, 167 St.
George's rd
Gemmell, Wm. 184 Paisley rd
Gilchrist, Wm. H. 202 Hope st
Gilfillan, Thos. 98 Trongate
Goldstein, D. 22 Argyle st
Graham, Wm. Vulcan st. Sp'burn
Hall, Wm. 17 and 21 Argyle st
Hamilton, J. & W. 132 W. Nilest
Hampton, 195J Argyle st
Hicks, Bros. 6 Union st.
Hood, Jas. 653 Eutherglen rd
Jamieson,W. 1429 Pollokshaws rd
Johnson, W. & M. 346 SauchiehaU
Johnstone, David, 158 Woodlands
Johnston, Henry C. 190 Trongate
Keppie, G. & Co. 56 Jamaica st
Lafayette. J. 15 Gordon st
Langfier & Co. 158 Sauchiehall st
Maclnnes & Co. 28 Gairbraid st
M'Nab, Alex, 92 West Nile street,
and Victoria Studio, 89 Dal-
marnock rd. Bridgeton
Maclure, Macdonald, & Co. 2
Bothwell circus
Milne, Wm. A. 601 Govan rd
Mitchell, Chas. 49 8 Victoria load.
Crossbill ; also at 149 Dum-
barton rd. and 518 Gt. Western
Morrison, G. «& M. 92 St. Vincent
Murray, Wm. 108 Albert road,
Nisbet, Thos. (on wood), 62 St.
Vincent st
Paterson's Studio, 346 Sauchiehall
Paton, J. N. 294 Shields rd
Pearlmann, M. & Co., 254 St.
George's rd.
Pillans & Crawford, 620 Eglinton
Ealston & Sons, 851 Byars road,
Ralston, Wm. onlt/ address, 140
Douglas st
Riddel, John, 73 Stirling rd
Eobertson, Archd. 88 Glassfordst
Robertson Bros. Victoria rd. s.s
Scottish (The) Portrait Co. 128
Sauchiehall st
Shankland, S. & E. 74 Jamaica st
Short, James, 2 Eoyal arcade
Smith, G. Comrie, The Studio,
Smith, Eobert, 100 Cowcaddens st
Sternstein, J. 364 St. George's rd
Steven, Thos. W. 3 James Morrison
St. and 49 Main st. Anderston
Stevenson & Co. 109 Bothwell st
Stewart, J. E. & Co. 17 Myrtle st
Stuart, John, Ltd. 120 Buchanan
Taylor, A. & G. 13 St. Vincent pi
Temby, John H. 13 St. Vinct. pi
Turnbull & Sons, 10 Jamaica st
Urie, John, 99 London st
Warneuke, W. M. 153 Sauchiehall
Watson & Wilson, 83 Jamaica
West End Studio, 127 Sauchiehall
Wh)'te, Jas. 37 and 75 Jamaica st
Wohlgemuth & Co. 108 Eenfield st
Scottish (The) Engraving Co. Ltd.
20 Dixon street
Fash, J. Healy, 11 Buccleuch st
Those marked/ are Fellows of the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
of Glasgow. For list of Fellows and
Licentiates see Appendix.
y Adams, Fred. Vasey, 10 Q'ns crs
/Adams, James, M.D. 10 Q'ns eras
/Adams, Jas. A. M.D. 5 Woodside
/Adams, Ja3. A., M.D. 112 Cam-
bridge st
Adams, Jn. M.B. 496 St. George's
Adamson, Robt. 0. 3 Ashton ter
Aitken, Jas. Alex. M.B. CM. 109
Caledonia rd. and 378 Euther-
glen road
Aitken, John, M.B. aud L.F.P.S.G.
29 Cumberland st. s.s.
Alexander, John, M.D. 3 Queen's
cres. W
Allan, James W. M.D. 18 India
Allan, Wm. M.B. CM. Gothic
cottage, Govan
/Anderson, J. Wallace, M.D., 23
Woodside place
Anderson, Jas. W.,M.D. 601 Duke
/Anderson, Dr. M'Call, 2 Wood-
side terrace
Anderson, John B. Blackenzie,
M.B. CM. 42 Lansdowne cres
Anderson, E. Yuill, M.B. CM. 88
Paisley rd. W.
Anderson, W. Donald, L.R.C.P.
L.D.S. 22 Sandyford place
Andrew, J. Grant, M.B., CM.,
12 Newton place
Barbour, Wm., M.B. CM., 203
Dumbarton rd, Partick
/Barlow, John, M.D.,F.R.CS.En.,
4 Somerset pi
/Barr, Thos. M.D. 13 Woodside pi.
Charing cross
Barras, James, M.D. 700 Govan
road, Govan
Barras, T. C M.B. CM. 7a Bell-
grove st
Barras, Wm. G. M.D. L.S.Sc.
563 Govan road
Baxter, Thomas, M.B. CM. 31
Apsley place, s.s.
Beatson, David, M.B. CM. 6 Hill
street, Cranstonhill

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