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Lawrio, Win. 222 St. James' rd
I.Inton & Son, 24(i Albert at
M'Ewen, AIex.& Son (Htepmakera)
35 I!i-iilfi;e Htroet, Parlick
Mailer, W. & D. 8 Hill st. Crnn-
National AKplialto Co. 124 and
12G Gt. Wellington et. Paisley
road toll
Pirie, Alex, worker, 120 W. Camp-
bell st
Uanltin, Jas. 77 Canal st. h.h.
lUmn, Andrew M. & Sons, 10 and
12 Ann st. city; branch, 381)
Byars road
Scllar, J. & Co. (layer), 19 Gard-
ner st. Particle
Stuart's Gniniditliic Paving Co.
Ltd. (') Torphiclien pi. p]dinburgh
Whito, P. & Co. (paviors) 9
('hatliatn pi
Wilson & Leitcb, 4 Charlotte st.
Dobbies loan
Bow, Wm. (I5ow'h JMnporiiirn), Gl
to 71 High St. corner of I'.cll st
Borland, Wrn. & Co. <) Croy place
Canlliold A Co. ;!1 Trongato
Dobbie, Forbes & Co. Sjl Waterloo
Dobbie, Jas. 100 Renfield st
Dyrnock, J. D. 2<12 Uiioliannn st
Etna Foundry (Watson, Gow, &
Co.), Lilybank rd.
Falkirk Iron Co. ;J2, .'54 I5o(bwell st
Finlay, .lolm & Co. IS Itonfield
st. and Overnowlon Works
Greenlees, R., & Co., 30 East
Howard street
Henderson, Osbert, 105, 107, and
111 Union st
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
King, David, & Sons, Keppoch
Ironworks, Possilpark
Kinnaird & Ferguson, 41, 43
Cavendish st
Macdonald, H. 15. 69^ Oswald st
Main, Thos. ] .'JO Sauchiehall st
Moorwood, Sons & (Jo., Shoflleld ;
agent, .J. Caird J'arkor, 40 Hope
Nisbet, A. & Son, 100 Portman st
Shaw, Walker, & Co. 14 and 18
Union st
Smith, Robert, & Co. 90, 92, and
92a Commerce street
Smith & Wcllstood, Ltd. 11 to 15
Dixon St.; worl(n, I'oniiybrldgo
Taylor & Miller, 2(il Argy'le st
Thomson, John, 102 Wcdt Kegent
Vulcan Grate Foundry; ware-
house, 52 Renfrew st
Waddell, Douglas & Co. 110 .John
Watson, Gow, & Co. Etna Foundry
Lilybank rd
Youden, John, & Co. 12 Bothwell
Learmoiitli A Ferguson, 93 Hopost
Bicic Ai.Ho i-atii;ni' <ii:icAHic
Alexander, Forgusson, & Co. 36 to
48 M'Aljiine street
P>aird, Arch. & Son, 59, Gl
Waterloo st
Blacklock A M'Arlhur, U;.'';-173
West St.; works, 9G, lOG Dalost.
'J'radoHton, and at ('urdiH'
Brown, I), i). WhiteiiKdi Oil and
Chemical Works, 40 North st,
Brown, Win., Sons, & Co. ware-
house, 20 St. Enoch square and
ParkliouHcWorks, Kinning park
Bryson, John, 22 Renfield lane
Carruthers, Son, & Co. 70 to 78
King st. 'IVadestoii
Clydesdale Oil Co., ISlantyre
Craig & J£ose, 85 to 89 Cadogan
Dalziel & Co., 8 Bothwell st
Dick & Parker, 7G Milton street
Dobbie, W. li. & Co., Kfili', (iijcntu
for .r(din Rogers, Belfast (loco-
motive and axle grease, tallow),
101 Waterloo st
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
54 Cook st
Ferguson, Shaw, & Sons, 39 Stock-
well st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. Lmtd., Ill
Waterloo street
Forbes, .John Gilbert, 12 York st
Forsyth, M'Kechnie & Co. 21 Hope-
hill road
Fyfe & Jackson, 68 to 70 Pater-
son St. Kingston
Graham, Mai. & Co. 1 Wilkiest. off
East John st. Gallowgate
Hall, C. Wihliart, & Co. Elder
Park Oil Works, off Crosaloan
road, (jovun
Hall, J'. W. 28 to 32 Kyle st
HJnshelwood, Thos. & Co. Glasgow
Oil and Colour Works, Glen-
park st
Hird, Hastie, & Co. Kinning Park
Oil Works, 73 Park St., Kinning
Jack, Joseph, 49 Vinegarhill street,
Kennedy & Reid, 14 Burgher st.
and Jlelcnvale st. J'arkhead
Lincolne & Co. 05 N. Wallace st
Liston, R. & Co. 51 Crawford st.
Logan, John, 145 Dumbarton rd
M'Gregor, Peter, & Co. office and
storea, 200, 202 George street
M'Kinnon, Thomas, & Co. brokers
and merchants, 2 Oswald st
MacLuchlaii, Peter, & Co. (tallow),
134 St. Vincent st
Maclollan, L. & J. C5, 67 Port
Dundas road
M'Ncill, Jas. & Sou, Ltd. Barrow-
Marks & Johnston, 121 to 145
Gt. Eastern rd
Mathers, Maclay, & Manson, 104
llydepurk st
Mica Lubricant Co. South Shields;
representatives, Jn. F. Borth-
wick & Co. 102 Hope st
Miller, Alex.jui). & Co. 50 Kerrflt.
Nimmo & (/()., 57, 59 Mains street
Parker, .John, 9 I'Vcdcrick st
I'attulli) I5ros. 177 ('rownpoint rd.
Percy & llalden, 19 to 23 I'ort-
mun st
Poynter, .John, Son, & M 'Donald,
72 (Jreat (Jlydo st
Rankin & Fyfe, 30 George h(|
Robertson, .lohn, 50-(i0 l>urdop st
Rogers, John, Belfast floriomotive
and axle grease, tallow), note
aiimU, W. L. Uohhio & Co. 101
Waterloo st
Rough, Walter G. & Co. 49 West
(Jeorge st
Sadler & Co. 48 French st
Sandernan IJros. Ruchill Oil Works
Scott, James, and .John G., Ltd.,
Crown Colour Works,28 Dobbic's
Scottish Oil and CherninalCo. Ltd.
Masterton st, Kcppochhill
Smith, Richard, 182 West St. S.8.
Stern Bros. 108a Hopi: st
Stevenson Bros. 212 IJroornielaw
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowtield
Works, Bridgeton
Slorar Bros., 11 Bothwell st
The White Lead Co. Ltd. Cale-
donia Works, Po8Mil(>ark
Thomson, G. & J. 48 French St.
Wormald & Co. 43 Victoria street,
Go van
Cameron, II. 10 Aik(^nlieud I'oad
(Jameron, Miss, 134 Mains st
Campbell, Mrs. A. 2GG Saracen st
Dorrnan, Mrs. C. & Son, 681 and
585 (iallowgate
Forlow, Alex. G7 Pine street
Galletly, Elizabeth, 13 Alexandrtv
Gordon, Agnes, 27G No. Woodside
Little, John, 291 Parliamentary
Lumsden, W. 61 Itaeberry st
M'('allum, Mrs. Agnes, 25 Dowan-
hill st. Parlick
M'Comish, Francis, Bazaar

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