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Cotterell, Wm. & Sons, plate and
other glass silvered and nnsil-
vered, 65 East Howard street ;
telephone No. 3522
Couper, James, & Sons, City Flint
Glass Works, 19 Kyle st
Couper, J. jun. 19 Kyle st
Couper, John E. 167 Bothwell st
Crownpoint Glass Bottle Co. manu-
facturers of pint & quart bottles,
green flasks, soda water bottles,
and all kinds of sauce, ketchup,
and pickle bottles, 121 Croft st.
CuUen, Jn. 88 Paisley road, W.
Cunningham, Jno. & Co. (home and
foreign), 90 Kinningst. Kingston
Currie, A. P. 644 Eglinton st
Currie, John, sole agent for red
star- brand sheet glass, Belgium,
93 Hope street
Dah-ymple, Jas. 26 Stirling road
Deans, Jas. G. (wholesale), 59 Ro-
bertson st
Donald Bros. 27, 29 Cadogan st
Downie, John, 114 Eglinton st
Drew, John, 78 York st
Drummond, A. & Co. 5 Watson la.
Drummond, James, 89 Aber-
cromby street
Eclipse Works, bottles of all kinds,
table glass for home and esport,
83 Dunlop St.; telephone, 4711
Elvin, Andw. juh. 148 Stirhng rd.
Elvin, A. & Sons, 127 Stirling rd
Erbe, H. & Co., 133 Dundas st
Evans, S. & S., plate-glass mer-
chants; office and works, 36
Abercorn st
Ferguson, Thomas, Cogan street,
Fletcher & Sons, 38 Dumbarton rd
Forrest & Son, 355 Argyle st
Gage, M. & Co. 73 Bell st. city
Gait, Thomas, 45 Buchan st
' Gardner, A. & Son, 36 Jamaica st
city workshops, Ann street and
Howard st
Gatherar & Co. (glass bottles) 4
York street
Geddes & Co. bottle, 3 Canning pi
General Window Glass Agency Co.
wholesale agents for French
polished plate, rolled plate,
embossed, rolled, and cathedral-
tinted glasses, bevelled and
silvered plate glass, Belgium
plate sheet and coloured glasses,
German patent plate, &c. 93
Hope street
Gentles, W. & Co. 338 Sauchiehall
â– Gibson, John G. & Sons, Firhill
Glass Bottle Works, Springbank
Glasgow Plate Glass Co., Firhill
Glass, P. 200 Hunter St.
-Glass Stainers (The) Co., 118 W.
Begent st
Glass (The) Supply Co. plate and
sheet, 79-99 Bishop st. Anderstn
Glen, James, 2 Douglas st
Graham, David, 13 Eglinton st
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Gray, John, & Son (bottle), 67
Garngad road
Guthrie, J. & W. 237 West George
Hamilton, Jas., 82 and 84 Great
Western rd
Hannay, Thos. 217 Buchanan st
Hard & Austin, 167 Holm st
Heller, J., 20 Renfrew court
Henderson, Francis (wholesale),
79 Candleriggs ; telegrams,
" Raffia."
Higgins, A. S. 133 Sword street
Humphreys, H. J. & Co. 83
Cambridge st
Hunter, George, 6 North Coburg
Hunter, Jas. P. 162 Eglinton st
Johnsen & Jorgensen (bottles for
all purposes), 71 Waterloo st.
and London
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st
Johnston, Mary L. 40 Sauch'I st
Kerr, George, 71 Hyndland st
Kier, W. & J. J. 368 St. Vincent
King, Alfred, 24 and 26 Union
Kirk, Geo. G. 7, 9 Stockwell pi.
Knox Brothers, 16 York st
Knox, Jas. & A. 163 W. Nile st
Levy, J. 37 Norfolk street
Livingstone G. B. & Co. 5 Oswald
Livingston & Miller, 99 King st,
Logan, Mrs. M. 6 Kildrostan build-
ing, Pollokshields
London and Manchester Plate-
Glass Co. Ltd. Sutton, St.
Helens, Lancashire ; agent for
Scotland, Robert Cowan, 29
Waterloo street
Louvre, 101, 105 Sauchiehall st
M'Callum & Co. 57 Bridgegate
M'Callum, Daniel, 44 Main st. s.s.
M'Callum, John, 197 Stirling rd
M'Combie, Wm. 21 Royal arcade,
and branches
M'Donald, Peter, & Co. 4 Carlton
Macdougall, Norman M, 132 Bath
M'Dougall & Sons, 77 to 79 Bu-
chanan st. and 8 to 22 Jail sq.
and branches
M'Farlane & Co. 57 Oswald st
M'Lachlan, Alex. & Co.; works, 87
Pitt St.; office and warehouse, 9
Bothwell circus ; telephone No.
4748 ; telegraphic address,
" Glasscutters," Glasgow
MacLachlan, Peter, & Co. (cobalt,
oxide, pumice stone, &c.), 134
St. Vincent st
Maclean, Wm. (and agent), 25
Wellington st
M'Leod, W. G. & Co. (bottles and
table glass of every description,
barrels, vats, and urns, flasks,
tumblers, wine glasses, confec-
tioners, show glasses, &c.), 5, 7
Nicholson st. s.s.
M'Nab, Robt. manufacturers' agent,
202 Hope st
M'Nish, N. D. & Co. 62, 64 Oxford
Macpliail & Co. Ltd. bevellers and
embossers, plate-glass silverers,
79 Finnieston St.; telephone No.
Macphail, J. & Co. 4 New Wynd;
telephone No. 4202
M'Phie, Jas, P. 6 Bishop street,
Malloch, C. & J. 304 St. Vincent
Blarshall & Miller, 591 Gallowgate
Maxwell, \V. S. and china, 293 New
City road
Meikle, Tertins, 69 and 71
M 'Alpine street
Meikle, Wm. & Sons, 19, 21 Wel-
lington St. agts. for silvered and
polished plate glass manufacts.
Milhgan, David, 47 So. Albion st
Mitchell, J. Dunlop, & Co, 205
Buchanan st
Montgomery, Daniel, & Son, 10 E.
Clyde street
Mcore, Edward, & Co., Tyne Flint
Glass Works, South Shields;
agents, S. Barclay & Co.; show-
rooms, 45 Hope street
Miiller, Otto & Co. scientific blown
glass manufacturers, 175a West
George st
Niven, John, (Craighall Bottle
Works), 61 Bishop st. Port-
Ogg Bros., Paisley rd toll
Paterson, Oscar, The Glass Stainers'
Co. 118 W. Recent street
Paterson, R. L. & Co. 42 to 46
Clyde t-treet, Calton; telephone
No. 2562
Pattison, Jas. M. 41 London road
Paul, Robt. (glais bottle) 74 Broad
St. Camlachie
Pilkington Bros. Ltd. 44 Robert-
son street
Pringle, Peter, 148 Argyle st ^
Rae, G. & J. (and glaziers), 21
Ingram st. and Shandon placs,
Ramsay, AVm. & Co. (embossed
lamp panes), 11 Jamaica st
Rankine, J. & J. 16, 17 Great Clyde
Rattray, C. & Co. 14-20 Candltf-

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