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Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Hamilton, Arclid. (outside lamps
and Siemens gas lamps), 35 Ann
St. city
Hamilton, Eobt. & Co, 122 Main
st, Bridgeton
Hanna, Donald, & Wilson, Abbey
Works, New Sneddon, Paisley
Holliday, Eead & Sons, Ld. patent
automatic "Acetylene Gas" gene-
rators, Esley's patent generator ;
W. Walker, manager, 188 W.
George st ; works, Huddersfield
Hurll, Peter & Mark, fire-clay
retorts, 144 W. Regent st
Incandescent Gas Light Co. Ltd.,
Eamsay & Co. 18|: Sauchiehall
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st
Johnston, Park, & Co. 15 Oswald
Eerr & Co., makers of cast-iron
pipes, Caledonia Foundry, Mary-
Mil rd
Kinp, Alfred, 24 and 26 Union st
Laidlaw, E. & Son, Alliance
Foundry, 147 East Milton st.;
show rooms, 16 Bothwell st
Laidlaw, Sons, & Caine, now The
Barrowfield Iron Works, Ltd.
Fordneuk st.
Leslie & Hall, 48, 50 Cadogan st
London Fire Appliance Co. (D.
MaoCallutn Gibb, manager), 40
St Enoch square
M'Fadyen, Peter, & Co. gas-burner
_ mnfrs. 77| Main st. Anderston
M'Haffie & Co. 13 Margaret st
M'Innes & M'Laclilan, 268 George
M'Leod, W. & Co. 56 to 60 Eobert-
son st
Main, E. & A. 27 Park st. Kinning
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot street
Milne, James, & Son, Ltd., Ill St.
Vincent street
Murray, R. C. & Co. 7, 9, and 11
Carlton court
Nelson, D. M, & Co, 53 Waterloo
Paterson, Wm, & Son, 65 Pitt st
Pintsch's patent railway carriage,
ship, and buoy gas lijiliting
system; sole agents for Scotland,
Wm, Lester & Sons, 11 West
Eegent st
Eamsay, Wm. & Co. outside
lamps, gasfitting, Siemens re-
generative lamps), 11 Jamaica st
Richmond, David, City Tube Works,
35 Eose street, Hutchesontown
Scotch & Irish Osyj^en Co. Lmtd.
seamless and lapwelded steel
gas bottles, regulators, fit-
tings, &c. (see Oxygen Manu-
facturers), Kosebill Works, 493
Aikenhead rd. Polmadie
Shaw, John, & Co. Maryhill Iron-
works, Maryhill
Stevenson, W. & Co. 72-80 Brown
st, city
Stott, Jas. & Co, 3 W. Eegent st
Tangyes, Ltd, 96 to 98 Hope st
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald street
The Patent Paraffin Gas Lighting
Co, Ltd. (for mansions, mills,
factories, villages, &c.), 40
Houldsworth st
The Scottish Acetylene Gas Co.
917 Garscube rd. and 1 Dundas
Trapp's Oil Gas Fuel Patent Syn-
dicate, Ltd. 21 Bothwell st
Watson, Gow & Co. Etna Fndry.
Lilvbank rd
Wylie', Brown & Co. Ltd. 136
Nelson st. s.s
Bray, Geo. & Co. Leeds ; agents,
William Paterson & Son, 65
Pitt street; telephone 980
Cameron, James, & Co. 169 Dum-
barton road
Clark, A. W. & Son. Victoria Brass
Foundry, 23, 25 Oxford st. s.s
Graham, Thos. 303 Parlmtry rd
Gilchrist, A. jun. 25 Eghnton st
Johnston, Park & Co. 16 Oswald st
M'Fadyen, Peter, 77j Main st.
M'Leod, Wm. & Co. 56 to 60
Robertson st
Milne, Jas. & Son, Ltd., Ill St.
Vincent street
Mint (The) Birmingham, Ltd.,
Birmingham; agt. , D. H. Barrie,
115 Waterloo st
Eamsay, Wm. & Co. (incandescent.
Bunsen , atmospheric),! 1 Jamaica
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st
Acme Gas Engine Co. 60 Mount-
blue st
Acme Machine Co. 163 Queen st
Allan, Uaoiel, 16 Union pi. North
Allison, J. & G. & Sons, Sunder-
land ; agents, J. Elsworth &
Sous, 7, 9, 65, 67 Commerce st
Black, Wm. "The Dongill Gas
Engine," 11 W. Regent st
B'air, Geo. agent fur Fielding &
Piatt, Ltd. Fielding's gas and
oil engine, 38 Queen st
Campbsll Gas Engine Co. Ltd.
(The), Halifax, Yorks ; manager
for Scotland, James Campbe 1,
87 Somerville drive, Mt. Florida
Carlaw, David, & Sons, 81 Dun-
lop 8t; works, 9, 11, 13 Finnies-
toQ st
Clarke, Chapman & Co. Ltd.
(Butler's patent), Gateshead ;
representative, W. A, Kinghorn,
81 St, Vincent st
Clarkson Bros., engines supplied,
fitted up, and repaired, 8 to 12
Little Hamilton St., and 95 High
John street
Crossley Bros. Ltd. The "Otto"
gas engine, 167 Hope st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Robert-
son street
Dick, Kerr, & Company, Britannia
Engineering Works, Kilmarnock
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd., 42 Cadogan st
Furnival & Co. " The Express,"
1 1 1 Bothwell st
Gillespie, Andrew, 43 Smith street,
Kinning park
Hill, Thos. consulting engineer and
expert, 66, 68 Eobertson st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st.; handbook
" Hints to Inventors " gratis
Johnstone, Park & Co. 15 Oswald
Key, Wm. patent silent exhaust
for gas engines, 109 Hope st
Melvin, Thomas, & Sons, St.
EoUos Iron Works, Charles St.;
branch, dO Moore street;
telephone No. 3639
Pollock, Whyte & Waddell, 335
Gallowgate; work-", Johnstone
Eae, Thos. 15-10 Carlton court
Eamsay, Wm. & Co. (and oil), 11
Jamaica st
Eobson, Geo. W. & Co (The Bir-
mi( gham), 22, 24 Batli st
Shiels, Elliot & Nelsod (Dr Shiel's
patent thermometer), 190 Bath
St. and 25 Gateside st
Sterne, L. & Co. Lim. Crown Iron
Works, North Woodside road.
Tangyes, Ltd. 96 to 98 Hope st
Wassell & Murdoch, 25 Centre
street, s.s.
Duehe', T. M. & Sons, 8 WelUng-
ton st
Explosives Works of Dr. E. Nahnsen
& Co. Hamburg ; sole agents for
Scotland and for the Northern
and Midland Counties of Eng-
land, A. J. Brown & Co. 70
Wellington st
Findlav, M. F. & Co. sole agents
for Nobel's Explosives Co. Ltd.
41 Ann st. and 58 Bank st.

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