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Thorns, G. W, 1073 PoUoksbaws
Walker, John, 245 Byars road
Walker, Robt. & Co. 10 Clyde ter
Walker, Thos. & Son, 306 Maxwell
Wasson, Robert, 482 Victoria rd.
Watson, D. 33 Fiiidlay street
Wotherspoon, Robert, 56, 58 Mar-
ket street, city
Wotherspoon, Mrs. Jane, 192
Main st. Andersion
Barlow, T. C. flag and banner
maker, flags for hotels, missions,
schooln, ships, societies, trades ;
also banners and bannerets, 66
Rose street
Bishop, Thomas, 52 Clyde pi
Black, A. & Co. 126 Broomielaw
and 2 York st
Campbell & Hall, ship and hotel,
136 Broomielaw
Christie, Andrew, 27 Clyde place
Dobbie, Alex. & Son, 44 and 45
Clyde place
Kenning, George, & Son, fing^far
shipt,^ trades, schools, and socie-
ties, also banners and bannerets,
9 West Howard street, Glaigow;
and at London, Liverpool, and
Lamberton, H. &Co. 133, 135 Een-
lield street
Lang, Chas. (and banners for all
societie-), 108 Trongate
M'Gregor, D. & Co. for merchant
vessirls, yachts, and land pur-
poses, 37 and 38 Clyde pi. Tele-
phone No. 1505
M'SymoD & Potter, 26 Clyde pi
Mitchelsnn, Wm. H. banner and
bannerette painter, 136 Cale-
donia road
Simpson, Robt. & Sons, Jamaica
street corner
Stevenson, James, & Sons, 197
Dumbarton road
Whyte, Thomson, & Co. 141
Wright, WiD. (and banners), 315
x\rgyle street
Adams, J. & W. Y. Dalmarnnck
Flax and Jute Works, Biidge-
ton ; warfhouse, 45 Mitchell st
Boase (Tht-) Spinning Co. Lmtd.,
spiniicr^, Leven, Fife; Glasgow
office, ti Hobertson street
Barrow Flax and Jme Coy.,
187 E. George st
Ewart, Wm., &, Son, Ltil., also
spinners, Belfast; Glasgow office,
85 Queen street
Finlayson, B.msfield, & Co. 14
George square
Fleming, J. W. & Co, 109 Ingram
Knox, W. & J. 14 Prince's sq
Mackay, Donald, 51 Ingram St., E.
Millar, Hamilton, & Co., 73
Hutche'on street
Stewart, John, & Co. 7 Royal
Bank place
Thomson, M. C. & Co. 98 and 100
Holm st
Young, Falconer, & Co. 128 In-
gram st
Adams, Geo. 779 Gnllowgate
Adam, James, 18 Marquis st
Aitchison, John,15.^ Cowcaddensst
Aitken, John, 192 Kilmarnock rd.
Alexander, Wm. 678 Cathcart rd
Allan, Jas. 2 Hampden pi. Moant
Allan, Peter, 105 Crown st
Anderson Bros. 159 New City rd
Anderson, C. 4 .'8 Victoria road
Anderson, David, 18 Kilmarnock rd
AndersOD, John, 310 Crown street
Anderson, Wm. 51 Stevenson st
Anderson, M. 141 Nelson st. s s.
Anderson, Robt. 112 Woodlands rd
Anderson, T. 666 Eglimon st
Anderson, Wm 107 Norfolk street
Anderson, Wm. 727Poliok&hawsrd
Anders'in, Wm. 51 Stevenson st
Angus, Mrs. 322 Nuneaton st
Annacker, W. 5 1 1 Sauchiehall st.
Cbaring Cross, 2 Wellington
arcade, 3 Belmont place. Hill-
head, 16 Grosvenor place, Byars
road, and 30 Howard street;
factory, 17 William street and
32 Main st. Anderatf-n, 98 Can-
ning s'. Btidgeion, 451 Pai-ley
rd., 1 Ki droitan bdgs. Glencairn
drive, and 419 New City road
Arbuckle, Jas. 7 Elderslie .-trtet
Arnott, Adam, 156 St. George'srd
Auld, Ji.ho, Shandon pi. Yoker
Biin, Wm. 16 Kmgst. city
Baird, John, 87 Raeberrj' st
Biird, Robert, 434 Duke street
Baird, Th'.s. 192 Oxfoidst
Balfour, D. 7 St. James' street,
Barbour, Thos. 346 Dumbarton rd
Barnet, Abraham, kosher, 36
Dunmore street
Barr, Gc'^rge, 64 John Knox street
Ba.r, Thos 629 Gallowgate
Bell, F. & Sons (shipper), 259
Argyle street
Bell, Fin lay, 685 Great Western
rd. Hillhead
Bell, Thomas, pork, 135 Moore st
Bennie, Wilna^n, & Suns, 72
Nithsdale road.
Black, James, 69 Bedford st
Black & Walker, 109 Main street,
Blaokie, Wm. 85 Paisley rd. W.
Blackstock, G. 724 New City road
Borland, Robt. 324 Cathrart rd
Borland, Wm. 1028 Pollok=haw8
Brechin Brothers, 269 Sauchiehall
St., 52 Caiidleriffgs, 32 Stirling
road, 75 Elderslie st. and 52*5
Great VVesiern rd., Hillhead
Brog-m, John, 365 Artiyle st
Brown, Cornelius, 148 Dambar-
ton road
Brown, Davidj 107 Parliamentary
Brown, David, 40 Findlay st
Brown, John, 431 Argyle st
Brown, .1. 1068 Dumbarton road,
Brown, M. 337 Saracfn street
Brown, P. 4 E. Vermont st
Brown, Peter, 164 GallowKate
Brown, Peter, 114 Caledonia road
Brown, Wm. 498 Duke street
Bryce, John, 380 (iovan st
Bryson, John, 189 Ealinton st
Buchanan. John, 204 N. City rd
Burgess, Robt. 475 St. Vmteat st
Burgess, Wm. 5 West Miltou st
Burgess, W. & R. 325 Garscube
Caldwell, John (wholesale). Meat
Maiket, Moore st
Cameron, R. 399 Garscube rd
Cameron, Thomas, 176 Dumbar-
ton road, Partick
Campbell, Alex. 6*6 Govan rd
Campbell, Jas. 497 Gf. Western rd
Campbell, Mrs. D. 458 Ruther-
gleo road
Capie. John, 213 Duka street
Caimichad, E. S. &M. 312 Cath-
c>!rt road
Carmiclia-1, J. & J. 230 Siracsn st
Carinicbael, J. & J. 550 New City
Carruthers, Wm. 469 Cathcart rd
Catrutliers, Wm. 5 Temple place
Ca'sweil, Allan, 136 Allison street,
Chalmers, Thos. 292 Duke at
Cheyoe, J., 965 Govan road
<-liuj;g, George, 357 New City rd
Clark, Herbert, 80 North st
Clark. Jas. 268 Dalmarnock road
Cochran", John, 1B2 Cr.'Wn st
Cochrane, J P. (shipping), 176
Kelvinhaugh street
Cckburn, J. C. 184 Stirling rd
Cole.v, F. H. 135 Albert street
Couper, H (wholesale). Meat Mar-
ket, Moore street
Cooper, Jas. 15 Abercorn st
0- uper, Ja.s. 84 Neis-n nt., s.s.
Coventry, Wm. 67 Bell st
Cuwlairs Co-operative Soc. Ltd.
regibtered office, 19 Angus st
Craig, Mrs. Isa. 256 Stobcioss st
Cianstun, St rling, 134 Nithsdale
road, Pollokshields

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