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Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordon
Currie, ThomsoUj & Co. India
rubber, 43, 46, 47 Jamaica st.
and 56 Buchanm st.; wholesale
dept. 9 Howard street
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. 149, 151
Argyle street
Goudie, John, N. & Co. 55 Bu-
chanan i*t
India - Rubber, Gntta - Percha,
and Telegraph Works Co Ltd.
8 Buchanan St.; wks. Silverton,
London, E
MacLellan, Georgp, & Co. Glasgow
Rubber Works, MaryhiU ; ware-
house, 'i5S Argyls st
Macphe'snn, Durilop, & Co. Gor-
bals Rubber Works, 160 Main st
Mnnro, R"bt. & Co. 195 Argyle
St.; works, Partick
North British Rubber Co., Ltd., 60
Buchanan st
Robertson, Peter, 32 Queen st
Robertson, Wm. 6 Boihwell st
The Sc'itiish India Rubber Co., 45
Queen st
The Victoria Rubber Co., Ltd., 40
St. Enurhsq; works, Edinburgh
Thornton & Co. 90 Gordon st
Allan, Arthur, 144 Trongate
Carswell, M. & Co. (silkworm
fishing-gut), 90 Mitchell st
Lawson & Co. 85 Buchanan street
Panton, Geo. & Son, 24 Mdlerst
Robertson, Wm. 6 Bothwell street
Buchanan, James, 60-62 Dale si.
Trades' on
Fraser, .lobn, & Sons, fishing hair,
Adi-ljjhi HairFaciory,247 Govan
street s.s.
Lawson & Co. 85 Buchanan street
M'Leod, Duncan, & Son, 46 Clyde
Panton, Geo. & Son, 24 Miller st
Eobertson, Wm. 5 Bothwell st
Carswfll, M. & Co. 90 Mitchell st
The Edinburgh Roperie and Sail-
cloth Co. Ltd. 66 Broomielaw,
and 3 and 6 Oswald st
Thomsim, Archd. & Co. Glasgow
Rope Works ; office and ware-
house, 68 W. Howard st
Allan, Arthur, 144 Trongate
Blair, Alex. 31 Gordon street
Bryson, Robert, 12 London st
Buchannn, .'as. 62 Dale st. Tradest.
Carsw^dl, M. & Co. 90 Mitchell st
Creighton, A. book, 40 Union st
Dobie, John, & Co. 205 Argyle st
Dougall, Jas. D. & Suns, 23 Gordon
Edinburtih (The) Ropery and Sail-
cloth Co. (Liiii.) 66 Broomielaw
and 3 and 6 Oswald st
Hay, T. 23 Nelson st. city
Hillier, F. A. G. & Co. 7 York st
Hislop, M. 31 and 32 â– Argyle arcade
Horton, Wm. 98 Buchanan st ;
faciory. 11 Prince's sq
Ingram, Cbas., 18b Rentield st
Kenning, Geo. & Son, 9 West
Howard st
Kent, Wm. 519 G^llowgate
Landell, Wra. lOH Trongate and
Silvan Works, 187 BrOdd street,
Mile- End
Lawson, James, 70 Argyle street
Lawson & Co. 85 Buchnnan st
M'Pherson Brothers, 78 and 156
Argvle st
Marshall, Alex. 213, 277 Argyle st
Martin, Ales. 20, 22 Royal Ex-
change square
Napier & Craig, 247 Paisley rd
Panton, G. & Son, 24 Miller st
Robertson, Wm. 5 Bothwell street
Stirling & M'Leiland, 38 Queen st
Tne iSpoitsman Emporium, C. J.
Annan, proprietor, 99 St. Vin-
cent st
Thomson, J. C. & Co., 60 Queen
Wilson, Jas. 62 Argyle st
Creighton, A., 40 Union street
Lawson & Co. 8.'> Buchanan st
M Pherson Brothers, 78 and 156
Argyle st
Pantoo, G. & Son, 24 Miller st
Robertson, Wm. 5 Bothwell street
Anderson, H. S. 37 St. George's rd
Anderson, T. 58, 60 W. Nile st
Armstrong & Ttomson, 635 Great
Weslern rd
Brown, J. & S. 623 Gallowgate
Brown, Wm. 12 Qufcn Margaret dr
Brownlee, J. 335 Springburn rd
Burgess, David, 66a and 103 Gt.
Hamilton st.
Butters. Joseph, 378 Byars rd
Cairpbell, Mary, 301b Parliament-
ary rd
Cochrane, Wm. 69 Cowcaddens st
Colquhoun, W. & R. 497 Sauchie-
hall street
Davidson, Wm. 109 No'folk st
Finlayson, Jane S. 740 G-.llo^Tgate
Fini.ie, W. B. 199 Paisley rd. W
Fisher, John, 13 lona pi. Clydebank
Garrowav, John, 2H2 Duke st
Gibs<.n, k. 192 Caledonia rd
Gifien, Miss E.L. 242 St. George's
Gdmore, A & Son, 83, 85 St.
George's place
Graham, James, jun. 389 Dum-
barton road, -Partick
Green, Daniel, 391 Caihcartrd
Hails (ones, Andw. (poulterer), 3i
Morrit^on st. Govan
Hart, J. (a-id poulterer), 3 Hyndr
laiid St. Pariick
Hiidge, Miss A. 653 Duke st
Johnstone, P. 62 Elmbank street
Kilpatricb, A. 87 St. George's pi
Lang, J. 17 Clyde st. Partick
Lig«rtwood, Geo. 677 Cathcart rd
Little, R. A., 219 Albert road,
Low, Janet, 240 Dumbarton rd
M'Cluskey, Peter, 161 Bridgegate
M'Culloch, John, 667 New City rd
M' Donald, A. 367 N. City road
M'Donald, Mrs. 125 Dumbartonrd
M'Glishan, J. D. 207 Great
Western road
M'Kendrick, John. 36 East Clyde
M'Lachlan, Wm. & Co. salesmen,
94 to 100 Bridgegate
M'Lay, Wm. & Co. 128, ISO
Stockwell street
M'Milian, Alex., 327 Byars rd
M'Nab, James, 490 Duke st
M'Niven, J. & Sons, 133 Mains st
M Pherson, John, 113 Castle st
M'Taggart, 649 Govan road
IVlairs, John, 212 Gallowgate
Malcolm, Wm. 7 and 9 Stockwell
Melffdle, A. 1083 Pollokshaws rd.
Melville, A. C. 5 Skirving street,
MUler, A. 69a West Nile st
More, John, 383 Argyle street
Muller, E. 632 Gadowgaie
Munroe, A. 222 No. Woodside rd-
Niiirn, John, 39.5 New Ciiy rd
Neil, S. L. 130 Duke str«3t
Parker, H. 215 North st
Paterson, John, and poulterer, 7
Albert rd. Crossbill
Pater.5on, Peter, 23 Greit Westsra
PatHrson, Peter, 45 M'Farlane st
Paul, J. & A. 421 Gt Western rd
Reid, Alex. 437 Victoria rd. and
127 Nithsdale rd. and 28 Col-
quhoun st, Polli kshields
Rootrtson, Thos. 5a Allison st
Kyder, John. 160 New dty rd
St. Enoch Fish Co. 41 and 43 St,
Enoch squnre
Sawers, J. & T. 11, 13 and 15 W.
Howard St. and branches
Shanks, Robert W. 1 iMauldslie pL
Shepherd, Jas. 13 Conper st
Simp-on, R. 183 Albert road,
Symington, M. 576 Gallowgate^

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