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WaltoD, John, & Sons, City Leather
Works, 36 Charlotte lane
Warne, Wm. & Co. Ltd. London ;
agent, G. A C. M'Neill, 20
Union st
Wotherspoon, James, & Sons, 41
St. James' st. s.s.
Anld & Donaldson, 32 Possil rd
Glasgow Firelighter Co. Rockvilla
Laird, Andw., 142 Trongate
N. B. Coal & Firewood Co. (Currie
& Co.) firewood split and bundled
by patent machinery (telephone
Nos. 544 and 552), 27 Well-
ington St.; depot, Cook st. Sta
Paton, James, Rockvilla Bridge
Templeman, & Dudgeon 283 X.
Woodside rd.
Waldie, John, 369 London rd
Wilden, S. & Co., 399 Old Kep-
pochhill road
Young, J. & R. Broomloan road,
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Vincent St.;
works, Parkhead
Cochrane & Co, Eclipse Iron
Works, Shettleston
Connell, Geo. R. (Potter & Co. Ltd.
patent fireproof floors), 7 9 Kobert-
son st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Dorman, Long, & Co. Lim. Mid-
dlesborough (W. H. Lindsay's
patent fireproof flooring) ; sole
agents for Scotland, W. Lester
& Sons, 11 West Regent street
Fleming, P, & E. & Co. 29 Argyle
Forbes, Geo. W. terra fuego cement
for furnaces, retorts, ovens, &c.,
&c. 17 to 23 Port-Dundas rd.
Telephone No. 4271. Tele-
grams " Gypsum," Glasgow
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd.; reg.
office and works, The Glasgow
Eolling Stock and Plant Wks.
Motherwell ; Glasgow oiEce, 160
Hope St.; London office, 11
Queen Victoria st. E.G.
Iron and Steel Fencing and
Buildings Co. 11 Bothwell st
M'Ara, Alex, (hydraulic plaster
fire proof and damp proof), 65
Morrison st. s.s. — See Advt.
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
gate; Clutha, Plantation
M'Millan, Jas. Vulcan Ironworks,
57 Scott St. Port-Dundas
Murdoch & Cameron, Progressive
Works, 60 Charles street
Somervail & Co. Dalmuir bridge
and roof works, Dalmuir, — See
Adv. in App.
Speirs & Co. 125 W, Regent st
Stoffert, Rud. A. (Fawcett's patent
fireproof floors, partitions, &c.),
4 W. Regent st
Templeman & Dudgeon, 283 and
285 N. Woodside rd
Barlow, Thos. C. 66 Rose street,
end of Cambridge st. — See Adv.
in App
Pain, James, & Sons (of London);
sole agency, 61 Cadogan street;
telephone, 4474 ; teleg. address,
" Stephanos"
Alexander, James, salesman, Fish
Market, and 115 Bridgegate
Anderson, H. S. (ice merchant
and poulterer) 37 St George's rd
Anderson, T. 58, 60 W. Nile st
Bissett, D. Old Mosesfield house,
Boyle, John S. salesman, 20 E.
Clyde St. and Fishmarket
Brown, John, shell-fish, 30 James
Walt fet
Brown, Wm. 131 Bridgegate
Brownlie, John, 335 Springburn rd
Butters, Joseph, 378 Byars rd
Christie, Geo. 53 Candleriggs
Cochrane, Jas. 50 Commercial rd.
and 57 Main st. Anderston
Cochrane, John, 128 Canning st
Davidson, Jas. M. 372 Pollokshaws
road and Fish Market
Davidson, Wm. 109 Norfolk st
Duncan, Geo., 75 Clyde st., Calton
Ferguson, John, 165 Eglinton st
Forbes, John (salesman), Fish
Eraser, Alex. 86 Dundas st
Gallacher, Robert, salesman, 96
Garroway, John, 282, 378 Duke st
Gibb, Jas. Fishmarket
Gibson, E. 59, 61 Commercial rd.
and branches
Gilmore, A. & Son, 83 and 85 St.
George's place
Grierson & M 'Donald, 64 Robert-
son st
Halliday, Jas. 682 Gallowgate
Hailstones, A. 9 Fairley st. Govan
Hailstones, And. (poulterer), 35
Morrison st. Govan
Hailstones, J. 165 Garscube rd
Henderson, W. & Son, 65 to 55
Errol St. s.s.
Hewat & Co., ."ialesmen, 143 Bridge-
gate and Fishmarket.
Jamieson, John, & Co, 66, 60 East
Howard street
Johnston, Jas. Fishmarket
Johnston, Peter, 62 Elmbank st
Kelly, James, Fish Market
Kinning Pk. Co-operative Society,
Ltd. 4 Ardgowan st
Lament, D. & A. 60 and 52 East
Howard street
Lang, J. 17 Clyde st. Partick
Logan, Jas. Fish Market, 145
M'Cnlloch, John, 667 N. City rd
M'Dougall, John, 149 Biidgegatfr
M'Kendrick, John, salesman, 36
East Clyde st
M'Kinney & RafTerty, salesmen^
31 East Clyde street
M'Lachlan, Wm. & Co. salesmen,
96 Bridgegate
M'Lay, Wm. & Co. 128 and 132
Stock well street
M'Millan, Robt. Fishmarket
Malcolm, W. 7 and 9 Stockwell st
Martin, R. & Jas. 85, 87 Dunlop si
Michie, Alex., salesman, Fishm'ket
Miller, Alex. C. 22 E. Howard st
Milne, Fran., & Co. Fishmarket
More, John, 383 Argyle street
Munro, A. L. 222 N. Woodside rd
Munro, James, 47 St. Ninian st
Ovenstone, John, Fishmarket and 8
Aird's lane
Parker, H. 215 North street
Paterson, Peter (salesman), 156-,
168 Graeme St. and 45 iilacfar-
lane st
Paterson, P. 21 Great Western rd
Paterson, Thomas, 29 George st
Paton, C. F. & Co., Fishmarket;
office, 136 Bridgegate
Paton, Chas. F. (salesman), Fish-
Paul, J. & A. 421 Great Western
Eeid, Alex., 437 Victoria rd
Reid, Wm. 7 and 9 Stockwell st
Sawers, J. & T. 11, 13, 15, West
Howard street
Shepherd, James, 13 Couperst
Smith & Ritchie, Fishmarket
Sutherland, Daniel, 8, 10, and 12
Dunlop st
The Glasgow Fish Curing and
Bivalve Co., Ltd., Logan st
Thomson, John, 260 London rd
Thomson, Janet, 22 Stevenson st
Thomson, Miss, 216 London rd
Walker, R. & Co. 10 Clyde terrace
Wallace Bros. 9 Govan st
Wotherspoon,Mrs. Jane, 192 Main
street, Anderston
Wotherspoon, John, salesman, 58
Market st
Wotherspoon, R. 58 Market st. city
Wotherspoon, Robt. jr. Fishmark.
Achnacb & Co., Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110 Commerce st
Argyle Rubber Co. 17 Renfield st
Campbell, George, & Co. lO-S
Argyle street; retail, 33
Jamaica street

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