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Wallace & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
sq and branches
Watson, Henry, & Sons, Kewcastle-
on-T)'ue; aj^ts. Morris, Warden,
1 & Co. 26 Gordon street
Angus, Craibe, & Sons, 159 Queen
Bennett, J. B. & Sons, 50 Gordon
Brand, David, 284 Sauchiehall st
Connell, Jas. & Sous, 31 Ktnfield
Connell, Jas. & Sons, 116 St.
Vincef.t st
Duthie, Andrew, 6 Renfield st
Guihrie, J. & W. dealers in
antique furniture and falirics,
237 W. George st. and 27 Edge-
ware rd. Hyde park, London, W
Huntly, W. A. 124 W.iodlands rd
Lawrie, Tdos. & Son, «5 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Ewan, James, 166 Buchanan st
Meikle, Win. & Suns (industrial
art siudios) 19 Wellington st
Minto, Jas. 6H, 68 WoodUnds rd
Moodie, Chns. 61 Renfield st
Muirhead, Moffat, & Co. 618
Eglintun st and 113 W. Rfgent
Paterson, Wm. B. 83 Renfield st
Shearer, Loudon, 496 Sauchiehall
Stuart, John, 51 W. Regent st
Society (La) dea Beaux Arts, 124
St. Vjnct-nt street
Socie'te (La) des Beaux Arts, 232
West George st
Dowson, Taj lor & Co. Limited,
automatic sprinklers, 69 Bu-
chanan street; "Ihe Grinnell
Sprinkler; " J. H. Watson, re-
sident manager for Scotland and
Mills, Geo. & Co., Radcliffe, Man-
chester, The "Titan" Sprintler;
agent for Sco'land, Jas. M. Sim,
2 Royal Exchange ct, 85 Queen
Wylie, Brown & Co., Ltd., 136
Nelson st. s.s.
Adam, Jas. (goods merchant),
Govan station, Govan
Adams & Co. 107 St. Vincent st.;
manager for Scotland, H.
Roberts; also at London, York,
Leeds, Manchester, Birujingbam,
and Dublin
Allan, John, & Son, enamellers,
Barlinnie Fire Clay Works
Baird, J. F. 10 Canal street, Port-
Baird, Thomson & Co. 20 Union
St. ana at London
Bnxter, Ja-*. & C). Govan S'ation
Bourtreeliill Coal Company, munu-
facturera cf every desciption of
fire-clay goods for home and ex-
P'Tt trade; specialties, white and
yellow enamelled scullery sinks.
wa.sh-tubs,baths, closets and milk
conlers, enamelled bricks, whiie
and coloured, enamelled tiles for
conservatories, &c. ; works,Dreg-
horn, Ayr'-hire; Glasgow office,
120 to 130 Salkeld street: tele-
phone No. 4770
Brown, R. & Sun, Fergnslie Fire
clay Works, Paisley; depot, 360
Eglinton st
Browulie, P. S. & Co. makers of
enamelled bricks, enamelled
sii'ks, wash tubs, and all de-
scriptions of sanitary ware,
Crown Fireclay Works, 20 E.
Nelson St.; telegraphic address
'' Corona ; " telephone No. 26»0
Burns & Glover, 23 and 25
Oswald st
Calder Fire-clay Cn. Calder Brick
Works, Coatbridge
Caledonia Fire c!ay Works, Canal
St. Poit-Eg'inton
Craig, J. & M. (telephone No.
966), makers of enamelled
bricks, enamelled sinks arid
washtubs, Buchan's sanitary
appliances, sewerage pipes, and
every description of fire-clay
goods, 98 Commerce st.
Currie & Co. (Telephone No. 544
and .^52), 27 Wellington st. city;
depot. Cook St. rriineral .sfjition
Darnley Fire- Clay Works, Nitshill;
office, 109 Surrey St.; depot,
101 Pollokshaws rd.; telephone
No. 34!i8 ; telegrams " Kirk-
wood," Nitshill
Dun lop, James, & Co. Ltd. 7
Royal Bank pi
Farnley (The) Iron Co. Ltd.,
Farnley, near L'-eds ; manufac-
tures of porc-Jain b^ths, glazed
biiiks sinks, wash tubs, mai'gers,
lavatories, &c.; agent, Julius V.
Scott, 40 St. Enoch sq
Feldtniann, R. & Co. foreign agents
for the Garnkirk Fire-clay Co.
104 W. George st
Forben, Geo. W., 17 to 25 Port-
Dundas rd.; telephone No. 427 1 ;
telegrams, " Gyp.-sum," Glasgow
Garnkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan St.; depot, head of Giebe
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. makers of
white and coloured enamelled
bricks, white facing bricks,
sewerage pipes, and all kmds
of fire-clay goods, 18 Charles
st St. Rollox; depot, VIonkland
Canal basin ; works, Gartcraig,
by Shettleston ; telegraphic
address, " Gartcraig ;" telephone
No. 1299
Gartverrie Fire-clay Co. Glenboig
Gilmour, John, & Co. manufac-
turers of glazed sewerage pipes,
chimney cans, parent vents,
wall cooing, white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white facing
and tire biicks, enamelled sinks,
wash-down closets, garden edg-
ing, &c. 10 Cook St. S.S.; works,
Bounyton, Kilmarnock; tele-
phone No. 1651
Glenboig Union Fire- clay Co. (Ld.)
(The), gas retorts, fire-bricks^
and sewerage pipes, &c.; offices,
48 W. Regent st; depot, head
of Glebe St. St. Rollox. — SeeAdv
Goldie, James & Son, 52 St.
Enoch square
Heathfield and Cardowan Fire-clay
Co.; offices, 52 R bertson st.
Hillhead Fire-clay Works, Kilmar-
nock ; telephone No. 965 ; depot,
98 Commerce st
Howie, J. & R. Huriford Fire-clay
Works; agents, Currie & Co.
27 Wellington st. city ; manu-
facturers of fire bricks, facing
bricks, enamelled bricks, baths,
sinks, wash tubs, closets, cis-
terns, chimney cans, sewerage
pipes, and every description of
sanitary fireclay goods
Hurll, Peter & Mark, compo-
sition and plastic clay build-
ing bdck, white, b'ue, and
red terra-cotta facing bricks,
terra-coita and chimney cans,
glazed sewer pipes, sewer bot-
toms, &c. ; works, Garscube and
Knightswood, Maryhill ; office,
144 W. Regent St.; depot, St.
Hurll, Peter & Mark, Garnqueen
and Gartliston Fireclay Works,
Glenboig; office, 114^. Regent
st ; depot, Glebe st. St. Rollox j
telephone No. 147
Kirk wood, Allan, Daroley Fire-Clay
Works, Nitshill ; office, 10&
Surrey st.; depot, 101 Pollok-
shaws road; telephone No. 3458j
telegrams " Kirkwood," Nitshill
Larkhall Brickfields, Ltd. mnfrs.
of enamelled bricks, tire bricks,
chimney cans, and o'her fireclay
goods; works, Birkenshaw,
Larkhall; office, 3 W. S otl. st
Lylestone Quarry Co. Ltd. Kilwin-
ning ; John Shaw, 26 Apsley pU
Lylestone Quarry Co. Ltd. makers
of sewer pipes, enamsUed basins,
&c. and ganister merchts., 102

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