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Trapp's Oil Gas Fuel Patent Syn-
dicate, Ltd. 21 Both well st
Adam, J. M. Ibrox Works, Govan
Amot, James L. 116 West Camp-
bell St
Bain, W. B. & J. agents for the Row
• calorifierand feed- water heaters,
Royle's iraps, 65 Waterloo st
Baird, Thompson, & Co. 20 Union
St. atid at London
(Blackman Vemilaiing Co. (Ltd.),
101 Bothwdl Street
Boyd, J as. & Sons, Macdowall St.
Brown & Co. 30 Carrick st
Bryden & Middleton, Merlin Iron
Works, Windsor st. Scotstoun,
Whiieinch— (See Advt. in App.
Bruce, Arch. Bruce's heating sys-
tem, h7 and 73 Catherfral st
Clark, Wm. & Son (ventilating),
ofiice, 46 John St.; works, lOU
John st
Combe, James, & Son, heating
and ventilating engineers by
steam, high and low pressure,
' direct and indirect apparatus,
mechanical ventilation, radiators
by bnt-t makers (established
1840), 103 N. Hanover st
Cormack, Jas. & Sons, heating &
ventilating engineers, patentees
and makers of direct heating
radiators for heating public or
private buildings with steam,
hot water (h'gh or low pressure),
or hot air, 36 Abercorn st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co , snle agents
for John l^Of^ers, Belfast, dry
hair felt, wire cloth, all kinds,
perforated zinc, grease and
tallow, 10 1 Waterloo st
Donald & Sime, and ventilating.
60 Boihwell circus; works, 27
Douglas st
Fulton, D. & R. 104 and 106
Woodlands road
Hamilton, Claud, Ltd. 247 St.
Vincent st
-Hendry, Wm. & Son, 87 Bothwell
Hunter, M' William & Co. manu-
facturers of steam and hot water
heating apparatus (high and low
pressure) for churcbes, schools,
hospitals, mansion houses, green-
houses, laundry and cooking
ranges, 28 Milion lane
Ingleton, Jas & Co. 166,168 George
Jamieson, Professor Andrew, M.
Inst. C. E. F. R.S.E. laboratory,
38 Bath st; ho. 16 Rosslyn ler.
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st ; handbook,
i " Hints to Inventors," gratis
Johnston, J. D. & Co., hot water
(high and low pressure) for
churches, schools, &c., 9 Shuttle
Key, Wm. ventilating and warming
by Key's p<ient method, steam
boilers, steam and g^s engines,
air propehors, swimming baths
warmed, hot water supply ;
central chaaibers, lOiJ Hope st ;
London, 11 Victoria st, E.G.;
works, 93 Upper Moss lane,
Manchester, and 75 Waddell st.
King, U. & Sons, Keppoch Iron-
works, Fossil park
Lees, Anderson & Co. 100 Clyde st.
Leitch, Arch. 40 St. Enoch sq
Low, Isaac, 60 Weaver st
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. Saracen
Foundry, Possilpark
Mackenzie & Montur, 43 Victoria
rd. — See Ad. in Ap.
Mackinnon, Jas. 150, 152 James
St. Bridgeton
Mavor & Cnulson, Ltd. (electrical),
47 King St. Mile end
Meighan, Jas. & Son, 62-64
Clyde st. Calton
Miller, A. B. 101 Bothwell st
Miller, G. & Son, 367 Byars rd
Muir, John, 65 St George's rd
Munro, Geo. 12 Catherine lane
Munro, R. D. M.LM.E. 13 Dundas
Murdoch & Cameron, Ltd., Pro-
gressive Works, 50 Charles st
Paierson, John, & Co. 40 C'andle-
riggs, 228 Duke st. and 673 Gt.
Eastern rd
Phillips, Robt. 274 George st
Phillips, Robert, sen. 274 George
Purdie, Thos. jun.,95 Bath st
Purnell, H. A., steam, high and
low pressure, hot water and hot
air heating (established 1829),
102 Hill street. Garnet hill
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (hot water do-
mestic supply), 38 Elliot st
Ramsay, Wm. & Co., 11 Jamaica
Ritchie, James, 48 N. Frederick st
Rose's Patent Co., patent air lamps
and steam heating appliances,
Russell, R<-bt. 277 Byars rd
Scott, Thomas, Sons, & Watts, 64
Lancefield st
Scott, Thos. 64 LaDcefield street
Shaw, John, & Co. Maryhill Iron-
works, Mar) hill
Speirs & Co. 125 W. Regent st
Speirs, Moses, & Sons (and venti-
lating), 95 Bothwell st. and 1016
Cathcart rd
Spence, John, & Sons, 9 London st.
Stalker & Daye, 112 Gt. Western
road and Bearsden
Stewart, Duncan, 111 Main street,
Stoti, Jas. & Co. heating and ven-
tilating, 3 W. Reg-nt st
Sturievaut Engineering Co. (and
ventilating), '11 We-t Nile st
Symington, James M. L.K.P.C.
571 Cath<-art road
Tullis, I). & J. Kilbowie Ironworks,
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. St. Mungo
Woi ks, Bishopbriggs. — See Adv.
in App.
WalUce & Connell, 44 St. Enoch
square, 190 North street, and
723 Great Western road
Wilson, Wm. & Alex., Broad
st. Bridgeton cross
Wylie, Brown &Co. Ltd. 136 Nelson
street, s.s.
Young, Thos. (ventilating and
consulting), 4 W. Regent st
Black, Wm. II W. Regent st
Blackwood, Ludovic, 15 Prince's s^
Bojd, J. W. M.LMech.E. 59 St.
Vinceiit st
Brown, Matthew Taylor, 194 St.
Vincent st
Brown, Robt. 15 Wellington st
Buchanan, John H. M.I.N.A. 5
Oswald st. and 44 Constitution
St. Leith
Burns, J. W. 74 Broomielaw
Cameron, JobnB. & Co. Ill Union
street •
Cla-kson Bro3. 8 to 12 Little
Hamilton st. & 95 High John st
Clarkson, Thos. 65 Dunlop st
Coutts, Muir & Co. 14ii Bath st
Crossley, Arthur M. 32 St. Enoch
Dougun, Ji'hn, 196 St. Vincent st.
a d 13 Leven st
Ferguson, Daniel, 27 Osvrald st
Fia-er, Wm. 121 No. Montrose
Fukon, T. Crichton, A. Inst. E. E.
electric-il, 44 West George st
GifFord, Paterson (Bell Bros. &
M'Lelland), 101 St. Vincent st
Gillespie, And. 34 St Enoch sq
Gille-pie Jas. (at Donaldson Bros.)
Gray, David, 77 West Nile st
HaMiilton, Claud, Ltd. 247 St.
Vincent st
Hamilton, David C. Clyde Ship-
ping Co.
Harman, Bruce, & Co., 48 West
Regent St
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66, 6K Robertson
St.; stores, Spoutinouth, Gallowg.
Houston, Campbell, 93 Hope st
Jackson, P. 109 Hope 8t

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