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Johnston, Park & Co. (electric
lighting and contractors), 15
Oswald st
Johnsons, Messrs, office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st ; handbook
" Hints to Inventors '' gratis
Lees, Anderson, & Co. 100 Cl;^de
St. Anderston
Leitch, Arch, (consulting) 40 St.
Enoch sq
M'Donald, John, 146 W. Regent st
M'Ini.es, T. S. & Co. Ltd. 41
Clvde pi
MacLellan, A. & Co., electric light,
power, and telephone engineers,
54 and 56 Waterloo st.
M'Wbirier, Wm., Campbell street,
Mavor & CoulsoD, Ltd. makers of
djnamo-electric machines for all
purposes, contractors for erection
of couipleie electric lighting and
power btauons,with ttreet mains,
house -wiring, and fittings, 47
Kina;st. Mile-end
Mavor, Henry A. Asso.Mem.I.C.E.
M.l.E.E. 47 King st. Mile-end
Mavor, Sam. M.l.E.E. 47 King
St. Mile-end
Miller, Richard, 6 Dixon st
Miine. James, & Son, Ltd. Ill
St. Vincent st
More, James, 77 Renfield street
Morris, Warden & Co. 26 Gordon st
Munro's Electrical Manufacturing
Co. Lmd., makers of electric
light fittings, 9 Holland pi
Murray, Richard, 109 Hoj e street
Norman, John, 131a St. Vmcent
Otis Elevator Co. Ltd. 93 Hope st
Paterson, Cooper & Co. electric
light engineers and contractors,
agents for Paterson & Cooper,
manufac'rs of dynamos, motors,
&c. search light projectors, arc
lamps, instruments, switches,
&c. &c. ; agents for Messrs.
Richard Fteres, electrical re-
cording instruments, owners of
the Hermite Patents fur the
electrical treatment of sewage,
contractors to H. M. admiralty,
. war office, and India office ; tele-
grams "Patella, Gia->gow;"
head office for Scotland, 137
West Regetit street
Pearce, John, & Co. 180 and
182 W. Regent st
Pollock, James, 196a St. Vincent
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. (gas and
healing), 11 Jamaica st
Ross & Co. 95 Bath st
Rudd, J. A., 30 Hope st
Sayers, W. B. M.LE.E. 189 St.
Vincent st; telegraphic address
"Winding," Glasgow; telephone
No. 6044
Scott, Ernest, & Mnuntain, Lmtd.
Close Wo'Ijs, Newcatile-upon-
Tynp; resident representa'ive, J.
Hood Haggle, jun. 137a St.
Vincent st
Sharp, Sidney, 82 West Nile st
Sharp, W. R. & Co. 164 West
Regent st
Siemens Bros. & Co. Lmtd., 261
W. George bt
Smillie, R. D. & Co. 80 Mains st ;
works, 16 Botbwell lane, 97
West Cairipbell st
Sunderland Furgeand Engineering
Co. Ltd.; representative, Albert
J. Kinghoni, 12 Rentield st
Tangyes, Ltd. 96 and 98 Hope
The Edison & Swan United Elec-
tric Light Co. Ltd. 158 W.
George street
The Faraday Electrical Engineer-
ing Co. Ltd. maker:'.of dynamos,
motois, meters, and electrical
appuratiis, &c. ; speciality of
colliery work and soip lighting,
Campbell st Govan ; tele>;raphio
address '' Faraday," Glasgow,
telephone No. 1703
Tid.l, E. Geo. A LE.E. A.M.LC.E.
25 Gordon bt
Trotter, John, 28 Gordon st
Walton, John, & Sous leather link
hehing, 3rj Charlotte lane
Warde, Henry W., 71 Waterloo st
Waikinson, Professor W. H. 38
Bath st
Watson, Harold, 9 Holland pi
Wilson & M -Lellan, 104 Keiifrew st
Winthorpe, Wm. 44 and 46 Elm-
bank st
Wrench, Wm. G. 27 Oswald st
Yorke, R. Fred. 51 W. Regent st
Young, Thus, (consulting), 4
W. Resent st
" Acme" Machine Co. 153 Queen st
Air Burning Co. (The) Ltd. (and
Laundry), 49 North Albion st.
Airdrie Iron Co. Airdrie
Allan, Daniel, 16 Union pL off,
North street
Andrew, J. E. H. & Co. Ltd. 49
Robertson st
Barrowfield Ironworks (The), Ltd
(gas & steam), late LaidUw,
Sons, & Caine, Lmtd. Foidneuk
Blacis, Wm. "The Dnngill Gas
& Oil Engine," 11 W. Regent st
Carlaw, D. & Sons, 81 Uuuiop st;
wo ks, 9, II, & 16 Finnie-iton st
Clark, A.W. & Sou, Victoria Works,
23, 26 Oxford st
Clarkson Bros, (engines supplied,
fittea up, and repaired), 8 to 12
Little Hamilton st. and 95 H.
John street
Copeland & Foulis, 146 W. Regent
Dempster, Moore & Co. 49 Rob-
eribon st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. 345 Ai-gyl&
Furnival & Co. Ill Bothwell st
Gillespie, Andrew, 34 St. Enoch sq
Hamilton, Arch. Sietneus' gas
lamps, &p. oft Ann st, city
Hanna, Dona'd, & Wilson, Abbey
Woiks, New Sneddon -t. Paisley
Innes, Peter, 11 Bothwell st
Johnsons, Messrs. > ffice for pa-
tents, 116 St. Vincent street.
Handbook, " Hints to Inven-
tor.-;," gratis
Johnstcm, Park & Co., 15 Oswald
Kerr & Co. makers of cast-iron
pipes, Caledonian Foundry^
Maryhill rd
Key, Wm. 109 Hope street
Laidlaw, R. & Son, 147 E. Milton st
Laidlaw,Sons, & Caine, Ltd. (gas &
steam), (now The Barrowfield
Iron Works, Ltd.) Fordneuk st
Macfarlaue, Strang, & Co. Ltd,
makers of cast irr-n gas antj
water fittings, L>chburn Iron
Works ; office, 204 St. Vincent st
Main, R. & A., 27 Park street, s.s.
Manlove, Alliot & Co. Ltd. "Cycle"
Gas Engine, 101 St. Vincent st
Melvin. Thos. & S ns (Melvin Gas-
Engines), St. Roliox Iionworks>
Charles st
Milne, Jas. & Son, Lmtd. Ill St.
Vincent street
Muirhead, Wm. 37 W. George st
Nelson, D. M. & Co., 53 Water-
loo st
Nutter, John, 134 Renfield st
Patent Paraffin Gas. Lighting Ca.
Ltd. 40 Houlds worth street
Paterson, Wm. & Son, 65 Pitt st
Pintsch's Patent Lighting Co., Ltd.
11 West Regent st
Pollock, White & Waddell, 335 Gal-
Rae, Thomas, IS Carlton court
Ramsay, Wm. & Co. Siemens re-
generative lamps, for shops, halls
and churches, 11 Jamaica st
Ritchie, James 48 North Frederick
Scotch & Irish Oxygen Co. Ltd.
seamless and lapwelded steel ga&
bottles, regulators, fittings, &c.
(see Oxygen Manufacturers),
Rosehill Works, 493 Aikenhead
rd. Polmadie
Stewart, D. Y. & Co. 80 Charles
street, St. Rolox
Stott, James, & Co. Stott-thorp
reflex sunlights, 3 West Regent
Tangyes, Ltd. 96, 93 Hope street
Taylor, Andrew, 47 Oswald st

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