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Gray, Charles & David, 4 M air-
head street
Greenlees Brothers, 12 Hanover st
Greenlees & C ilvill, Lmd. Hazel-
burn Distillery, Campbeltown ;
agents, Greenlees Brothers,
12 Hanover st
Greenshields, Jas., & Co. (tar and
naphtha), 42 Bath street
Greer, Wm. & Co. (Limtd.), 89
Maxwell street
Guthrie, Martin, & Co. Limited,
Brechin; agents, Archd. Camp-
bell, Hope & King, Ltd. 154 St.
Vincent st
Haig, John, & Co. Ld. Markinch ;
Thos. Brown, district manager,
45 Waterloo street
Harvey, J. & R. & Co. Dundashill
Distillery, Port- Dundas
Hay, Wm. Fairman & Co. Little-
mill, Bi'wiing; agent, Ttiomas
Mackenzie, 17 Oswald st
Hay, Wm. Fairman, & Co. Little-
mill Distillery, Bowling. N. B. ;
office, 36 Douglas st. Giaf^gow
Hendersof, John, & Son, Ltd.
(artesian well sinkers), Gen^ral
Terminus, Paisley road toll,
Henkes. J. H. (Geneva)Delftshaven,
Holland; agents, Robertson &
Baxter. Ltd. 48 W. Nile street
Highland (The) Distilleries Co.
Ltd. BuiiDahibh=iin Uihtillery,
Islay, Glen Rothes Disdllery,
Glenliver, and Gl^nglassaugh
Distillery, Banffshire ; agents,
Eobertson & Baxter, Ltd. 48 W.
Nile street
Hird, Hastii & Co. (<vil and ta-),
Kinning Park Oil Works, 73
Park st
Hopkins, John, & Co. Tobermory
Distillery, Island of Mull;
office, 66 York st
Islay (The) Distillery Co Limited
(successois, The Highland Di;i-
tiUeries C i. Ltd.), 48 W. Nile st
Jameson, Wm. & Co. Dublin; agt.
Archd. Mdcmillan, 4 VV. Nile st
Johnsons, Messrs. office for regis-
tering trade marks and labels,
115 St. Vincent st; handbook on
registration, tjratis
Jura Distillery, Island of Jura;
office, 9 Oadoaan st
Kennedy & Reid (rosin), Parkhead
Kirker, Greer, & Co. (Limited),
Belfast; agents, Moses Kisk &
Sons, Ltd. 58 Dundas st
Komer, Chas. H. & Co. (tar and
naphtha), 137 W. Recent st
Kuyper, John de, & Son, Rotter-
dam ; atrenf, Arch. MacMillan,
4 W. Nile st
Lagavulin and Lapbroaig Distil-
leries, Islay; office, 217 West
George st
Lamb, Colville, & Co. Kinloch
Distillery Campbeltown , agents,
Ttios. Train & Co., 13 Madeira
Lamont & Co. (sole proprs. of the
" Fe'i .t sh " old Scotch whisky),
49 Virginia st
Lang Bros. Glt-ngoyne Distillery,
office, 10 10 20 Oswald street
Limerick Distillery; office, 4 Muir-
head st
Linkwood Distillery, Glenlivet ;
agt-nts, J. T. Townsend & Co. 47
Hopn st
Loch Katrine Distillery Adelphi.
4 Muirhead st
Loch Katrine, pure malt, Distillery,
Camlai'hie, Glasgow ; office, 4
Bothwell st
Lochruan Distillery Co. Campbel-
town, W. P. Lowrie, & Co. agts.
45 & 49 Hope st
Long Jiihns, Dew of Ben Nevis,
Donald P. Macdonald & Sons,
distiiUrs. Fort Wiliam; agent,
James Menz'es, 68 Bath street
M'Connell, J. & J. Ltd. distillers,
Belfast; agent, R. H. Arnott,
101 W. Re;;ent street
M'Donald. Donaid P. & Sons
C' Long John "), Fort-William ;
ayent, James Menzies, 68 Bath
Macdoiigall, Alex. & Co. Ardbeg
Distillery, Islay; agents, Bu-
chanan, w iiaon & Co. 40 St.
Vii'Cent p'ace
M'Glashan, J. & Co. corking, bot-
tling, capsuling machines, cap-
sules, rotary racking pumps, and
every requisite for the cellar,
Albany Woiks; showrooms, 15
Drury street
M'Grejior, Campbell & Co. (and
blenders) 58 Renfield st
Macki" & Co. distillers, Ld. Islay ;
head office, 2 17 W. George st
Mackie & Co. distillers, Ltd.
Lagavulin Distillery; head office,
2 1 7 W. George st
Mai'kinlays & Birnie, Glen Mhor
Disiillery, Inverness; agents, R.
Brown & Co., 45 Washington st
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. (straw
envelope", opsules, corks,
sample bottles, machinery, post
boxHS, &c.), 134 St. Vincent
MacLeod, W. G. & Co. show
buttles, bairels, vauts and urns,
sample biitiles for posting pur-
poses, &e. 5, 7 Nicholson st. s.s.
Mayo, Patrick, & Co., Belfast ;
agents, Greenlees Brothers, 12
Hanover street
Melr se, Drover & Co. Leith ;
office, 33 Baih street
Menzi-s, Janies (" Auld Scottie"),
68 Bath st
Mltl•h^ll Bros., Limited, 93 to &»
Holm street
No'th of Scotland (The) Distillery
Co. Aberdeen; agents, Thomaa
Train & Co 13 Madeira court
Old Bushmills (ThH) Distillery Co.
Ltd. Hill St. Btflltast; agents,
Mnlcolm F- rgu-on & Co. 67 Gt.
Clyde street
Park ' ore Distillery Glenlivet,
95 Bath st
Port hll.n .'istillery. Isle of Islay;
Glasgow office, John Rimsa'y,
5 Dixon St.; telegraphic address,
" Kddalton ; " selling agents,
W P. Lowrie & Co. Glasgow;
Glazehrooke& R'ghy, Liverpool;
H. A. Ra-jer & Co. New York
Power, John, & Sun, John's
Lane I'isiillery, Dublin ; agents,
Rotierts.in & Baxter, Ld. 48 W,
Nile street
Risk, Moses, & Sons, Ltd. Provan-
mill Distillery, by Millerstoii,
Lanatkshire ; Glasgow office,
68 Dundas st
Ritchie, Wni. & Co. Ld. Glennry
Royal Distillery, Stonehaven ;
agents, Archd. Arrol & Sons,
Limited, 16 Dixon street
Roe, Ge^o., & Co., Ltd., Thomas
st Distillery, Dublin; agent, A.
Macinillan, 4 West Nile street
Ross, Jolin, & Co. Campbeltown;
agents. Mackie & Co. dstillers,
Lmtd. ; office, 217 West George-
SauceJ Distillery, 83 Jamaica st
Scapa Disiillery. Orkiuy; J. T.
Townsend & Co., 47 H-pe st
Sco'ch Distillers' Union, 81a GC.
Clyde s'reet
Sherriff. J. B, & Co.Ld. 117 Well-
ington st
Speyside(rhe)Distilleryro.Ld. Kin-
gussie . agents, Greenlees Bros,
12 H mover st
Stewart, Galbr*iith & Co. Ltd.
proprietors of D. M 'Galium &
Co. Glen NevisOistillery, Camp-
beltown; agents, M. Ferguson &
Co. 67 Gt. Clyde st
Stewart, J. & (t. ; agent, Jamea
Wright, 104 Bath street
Stewart, R. H. agent, 51 West
Ke^en' strpet
Isle of Snye; agents, Toomas
T ain & Co 13 Madera court
Taylor, John, & Co.di.-^tillers'agents,
wine and wtiisfey brokers and
blenders. 75 Hope st.; telephone
No. J 6.^0; telegrams, "Aqua."
Taylor, Wm. & Co. 117 Welling-
ton street
Teacher, Wm. & Sons, 14 Si.
Enoch sq
Thomson, A. G. & Co., Lmtd., 44
to 64 ja lies Watt at

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